Top 10 best Vietnamese percussion: Unikey, OpenKey, GoTiengViet

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There are quite a few now Vietnamese percussion for Windows computers 10 easy support for you every time need to enter text in Vietnamese on Word, Chat, etc. These percussions exist in free and paid versions that sometimes you will find it very difficult to choose the right suite of applications.

If you are looking for a The best Vietnamese percussion and suitable for your needs, let’s take a look at the list of the best Vietnamese percussion in the content below!

See also how to type Vietnamese in Telex style to quickly learn how to type common Vietnamese on most phones, including Android and iOS is the “Original Shop”

Currently, every time you reset your computer or just bought a laptop, one of the first steps is to find Vietnamese percussion Unikey on Google.

Every time you do a search with the keyword Unikey, off-site is There will be many other impersonating websites below in the list of Google results. And this leads to many of you still not typing where is the original homepage of Unikey software

the best way to learn vietnamese

Unikey is one of the necessary software and almost every computer must install it to support the input of Vietnamese text, and if you are not careful to use Unikey from other sites, you will be infected with malicious code. , Keylog on the computer is very high. That’s why I want to emphasize that you should use Unikey at Unikey.ord homepage to limit the risks!

You can see details about the author as well as instructions for installing and using the original Unikey percussion through the article that I have written. share here. Or you can also quickly access the Unikey page in this link.

Whether you use the 32bit or 64bit version depends on the version of Windows you selected when you installed it. If you do not know if you are using Windows 32bit or 64bit version, please post about How to distinguish Windows 32bit and 64bit right.

What Vietnamese percussion do I use when typing?

the best way to learn vietnamese

Unikey is the percussion that I often use on computers and phones

In the past, my favorite percussion still used is Unikey because it’s quite light, compact, Portable support (no need to install when using) and compatible with most current text editors, including Word or similar software like Word.

Recently, I have experienced a new Vietnamese typing support software, which is EVKey, I personally think this is a pretty good software because its nature is still Unikey, but it’s okay Lam Quang Minh, who have improved the features as well as fixed a few minor bugs.

In addition to these 2 Vietnamese percussion, if you want to learn more about other percussion, let’s explore the list below.

What percussion are you using for macOS


Recently, I tried EVKey percussion and it can be said that this is the best and most stable percussion for macOS that I have ever experienced. You can download and use this percussion right away!


Currently, I am using both Windows and macOS in parallel, currently the application I am using for typing text on macOS is OpenKey. This is an open source Vietnamese percussion for macOS built by a Vietnamese programmer.

The keyboard uses Backspace technique to remove the annoying underline in the default percussion. Percussion also provides 2 main typing methods, Telex and VNI. Common ciphertexts include:

  • Unicode (Unicode builtin).
  • TCVN3 (ABC).
  • VNI Windows.
  • Unicode Compound (Unicode Compound).
  • Vietnamese Locale CP 1258.

Author information:

There is good news for Windows users that now this percussion also supports this operating system, details can be viewed. here.

Note: When using OpenKey, you should turn off other percussion to avoid possible conflicts and incorrect typing.

Top 10 best Vietnamese percussion you need to know today

I can't speak Vietnamese

1. Unikey percussion

This is the software whose main author is Pham Kim Long, Unikey used very commonly and present in most computers in Vietnam today. Moreover, Unikey is also recommended by the National Committee to be used in Vietnamese state agencies.


2. EVKey Percussion

EVKey is a free and compact Vietnamese percussion developed by the author Lam Quang Minh, this percussion is developed based on the open source code Unikey, so in general it is quite stable and overcomes a few weaknesses. that Unikey is facing.

Home page:

Link download: [Tại đây]

3. Vietkey percussion

Vietkey percussion is one of the earliest percussion instruments born in Vietnam and developed exclusively by the author Dang Minh Tuan.

Home page: []

4. GoTiengViet percussion

GoTiengViet is also a name quite familiar to us, especially those of you who are using Mac or Linux. This percussion supports today’s popular platforms including Windows, macOS and Linux.

Home page:

5. TocKyVNKey percussion

TocKyVNKey is a Vietnamese percussionist by author VanTran, the advantage of the software is that it comes with a built-in dictionary of 200 thousand words.

Home page:

6. BoGoViet percussion

Similar to EVkey, BoGoViet is also Unikey’s open source based percussion, it is compatible with most Windows versions today, including Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.


7. X-Unikey Percussion

Percussion X-Unkey is a dedicated percussion and is only for the Linux platform.

Home page:

8. FVIK . Percussion

FVIK Full name is F – Vietnamese Input Keyboard, and is a percussion built and developed by author Ngo Duy Nguyen. Overall, this is a pretty simple and stable percussion.

Home page: Unknown

9. BlackCi Percussion

BlackCi is percussion developed by SoftField, distributed and supported by Microsoft Innovation Center Vietnam.

Home page: []

10. VTKey

VTKey is considered a fairly new Vietnamese percussion today and is developed by an individual (I still don’t know who). This is a percussion quite similar to Unikey and fully supports today’s popular ciphertexts and typing methods.

Home page: Unknown

Above is a list of software that supports Vietnamese typing for both Windows, macOS and Linux. If you are looking for a Vietnamese percussion for Android Smartphone devices, please continue to see the list below.

Top 3 best Vietnamese percussion for Android

the best way to learn vietnamese

1. Laban Key percussion

Laban Key percussion is one of the most used Vietnamese percussion for Android today in Vietnam. It has a friendly interface along with good support features for Vietnamese typing, so it has received the trust of the majority of users.

2. Gboard Percussion

Gboard is Vietnamese percussion developed by Google, so it’s very smart and stable, moreover, Gboard has been upgraded and corrected by Google, so you can feel secure when using it.

3. GoTiengViet percussion

Percussion GoTiengViet for Android Also an application developed by author Tran Ky Nam, GoTiengViet is currently being used by quite a few people and is no less than the 2 percussion above.

Also you can see more percussion in this paragraph that I have compiled in the past.

How to type Vietnamese on macOS and Linux?

This is a question that many of you are interested in if you are experiencing these operating systems for the first time. I have shared quite detailed articles on how to install Vietnamese percussion in both Linux and macOS that you can review in this list of articles:


So, you already know the list of Vietnamese percussion available on the Internet, right? Depending on your needs, choose a suitable percussion for yourself. So what Vietnamese percussion have you been using on your computer and why are you using it? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

Good luck!