Interference territory-Setting the robot interference area nachi

Setting up the workspace for the robot

What is the nachi robot interference zone?

Currently, with the strong development of automation in manufacturing enterprises, we cannot help but mention the application of robots such as nachi robot, abb robot, scada, … in factory factories. To meet that need, a lot of engineers who are knowledgeable about robotics and engineering are needed. So what are you waiting for when you don’t add that knowledge and foundation to keep up with the trends and needs of the labor market.

In this article, I will show you how to install it nachi . robot interference zone. So what is the interference zone of the robot?

nachi . robot interference zone is an area that is created by the programmer so that when operating the robot, it works within the allowed range. For each interference zone, we can set up different signals to detect

The meaning of the interference zone signal is a signal that indicates that the robot of another control device or the moving part on the device side has penetrated the interference zone。

Works when ON
The robot of another control device or the moving part on the base side relative to it is operating outside the interference zone and continuing the robot’s work
Works when OFF
Considering that the robot of other control device works in the noisy area, the robot will wait

Setting the nachi . robot interference area

  1. Chọn Constant setting >>> 9. Territory Definition >>> 2.Territory Field
  2. Adjust the parameters as shown above:
    1. Set the region to use
    2. Select program parameters
    3. Choose a rectangle, box or sphere
    4. Set the coordinate and extent values ​​of the area
    5. Set the input and output signals for the robot
  3. After setting the above parameters, select “Complete” to complete the installation for interference zone of the robot.