Compare the Best Online and High Interest Savings Deposits 2022

Savings accounts are considered the most popular form of "conservation" of idle money, which is both safe, effective and has a high interest rate. However, many people are still wondering whether to deposit their savings online or at the counter.

Therefore, today's article nganhangonline will proceed Compare the Best Online and High Interest Savings Deposits 2022. Please read through the content below to have the most suitable choice.

Compare online and over-the-counter savings

First, let's compare the two methods of saving online and at the counter to see what stands out.

Send savings onlineDeposit savings at the counter
Saving methodOpen a savings account right on the website/e-banking app on your phone.Go directly to the bank branch/transaction office to request to open a passbook.
Savings deposit conditions

  • Register to use electronic banking services (Internet Banking / Mobile Banking) at a savings bank.

  • The balance in the checking account must be enough to save money.

  • Secure cash for savings.

  • Present your ID/CCCD to open a passbook.


  • High security.

  • Customers can manage their savings books 24/7 on their phones.

  • High security.

  • However, there are still many cases where the passbook is damaged/lost during the time the customer keeps the book.

Interest ratesOnline savings will usually have a higher interest rate of 0.1% - 0.3% compared to over-the-counter deposit.The interest rate will depend on the term selected by the customer. Typically, demand deposits have lower interest rates than term deposits.
Sending timeAnytime, anywhere and extremely fast.Depends on the working time frame of the savings bank branch/transaction office.

Thus, through this comparison table, people can easily see that online savings have many outstanding advantages compared to over-the-counter deposits. Moreover, in the current 4.0 technology era, most people are busy and want to make transactions quickly and conveniently. And, online savings is a perfect choice.

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Update online savings interest rates at some banks in 2022

Currently, most banks are implementing online savings deposit on the app for everyone to experience and reduce the workload at the counter. Let's find out the interest rates when saving online at some typical banks below.

BankThe online deposit term corresponds to the interest rate (%/year)
01 month03 months06 months09 months12 months


*Note: Above is the current VND savings interest rate table at the time of writing. And you can already know the "title" online savings with the highest interest rates Which unit do you belong to? Of course, at each stage, banks will have to increase/decrease this interest rate. Therefore, when there is a need to send savings online, people can contact the hotline of the bank they want to send money to for information support.

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Online savings experience

To limit the Risks when sending savings online may occur, people should pay special attention to the following points.

Choose a reputable bank

The very first step is to choose a reputable bank to save money online. Currently, most banks apply this savings policy, for example: Vietcombank, Vietinbank, VIB, MBBank, Sacombank, etc. Therefore, you can open any online savings book at any bank. above goods when having a payment account.

Determine the amount to deposit

According to experts, people should only deduct 10% of their total income to make savings transactions. This will be a safe and effective solution for you to balance your finances, ensure reasonable spending and save money after a long time.

Review terms when sending savings online

There are still many customers who are in a hurry to deposit their savings without carefully understanding the relevant information. Such as:

+ Time to maturity.

+ Time of settlement.

+ Support forms of banks.

Failure to understand these regulations will easily lead to difficulties in deposit management/withdrawal problems.

Do not reveal login information

One of the main reasons for losing money on an online savings account is revealing login information. Cases that may be exposed need to be very careful such as:

  • Accidentally letting strangers know/see information.

  • Borrow someone else's mobile device and after completing the transaction do not exit the banking application.

  • The device that logs into the account is infected with the virus.

These will be loopholes for fraudulent objects to have the opportunity to use and steal information as well as money in your account. Therefore, when you suspect that someone has logged into your account, you should immediately contact your bank / change your password immediately.

Do not click on strange links impersonating banks

With the current state of fraud to appropriate assets very sophisticated, bank fraud with strange links is very common. For the purpose of "inducing" customers to click on the link and the crooks will attack directly to access the account. Here, they will execute trading orders to steal and appropriate assets blatantly.

Check your account regularly

When depositing online, all transaction information, balance changes in terms of principal as well as interest rates will be updated on the banking app. Therefore, everyone should regularly check the account to be able to control the balance as well as the transactions made.

Install a virus scanner

Currently, there are many reputable software companies that provide virus scanning to ensure absolute safety for customers. Therefore, people can install this program on their computer to perform monthly/quarterly/yearly.

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Why do online savings accounts have higher interest rates?

You can see that online savings will have a higher interest rate than direct deposit at the counter. So what is the cause?

  • The first: The purpose that banks aim at is to encourage customers to save online instead of traditional methods.

  • Monday: All online savings transactions are done by customers themselves without help from bank staff.

  • Tuesday: This is the optimal solution to help banks save their human resources.

Thus, normally, when saving online, customers will enjoy a higher interest rate of 0.1% - 0.3% compared to depositing at the counter. Therefore, why do you hesitate to choose to send online instead of this "outdated" form of over-the-counter deposit?

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Frequently asked questions about online savings

Saving money online lost money?

There will be many customers asking the question, is it? Is online savings account hacked?? Lost money or not?

The answer here is No. On the contrary, this form also ensures the maximum level of safety and absolute security for customers' accounts and personal information.

The transaction process will be done by the customer himself with the support from modern technology without anyone's intervention.

At the same time, every deposit / payment operation, the customer will be sent an OTP code by the system to verify the identity. So, if you have chosen to deposit online, you can rest assured about your money, ensuring that no hacking or money loss occurs.

Do online savings accounts have a book?

When sending savings online, customers will not be issued a book like the method of depositing at the counter. Instead, every transaction will be encrypted and stored on an electronic savings account. To put it simply, this is an electronic passbook.

By not granting this savings number, there are many benefits, such as:

  • Customers do not have to preserve and keep the passbook, do not worry about losing/losing the passbook to have to report for a new issue.

  • Allows customers to make transactions anytime, anywhere without having to carry a book.

  • Actively manage savings accounts right on Internet Banking/ Mobilie Banking with absolute security.

Compare bank savings with other forms of investment

In addition to bank savings, there are still many other forms of investment, let's find out details through the following comparison table.

How to sendCharacteristics
Bank savings

  • Safe investment channel, stable profitability based on bank interest rates.

  • Less potential risk, deposits are certified by the bank.

  • High liquidity, customers can withdraw their deposit at any time.

Invest in gold

  • International liquidity when you can buy – sell gold in any country.

  • Gold prices in general tend to increase.

  • Gold is considered a safe haven when there is an economic downturn.

Stock investment

  • Initial investment capital is not required too much.

  • Profitable quickly if customers invest in the right industry and at the right time.

Real estate investment

  • Real estate can be used as collateral for loans at banks.

  • Big profit if land is sold at a time when the price is high.

Thus, you can see that each form of investment will have different characteristics. However, for those who want absolute safety and do not like to take risks, they will often choose to save money online at a bank.

Here is the information Compare the Best Online and High Interest Savings Deposits 2022. Take the time to learn to be able to choose a reputable unit with an optimal savings plan to help ensure financial safety. If you still have any questions, please leave a message in the comment section below, the website will receive and respond promptly.

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