How to identify (verify identity) ViettelPay details 2022

When using ViettelPay e-wallet account, the ViettelPay identifier is necessary. If you do not perform the identification, the account security will be poor. Let's take a closer look at how to identify viettetlpay simply in the analysis below.

Why is it necessary to identify ViettelPay?

When using any type of e-wallet, it is always necessary to identify - verify the user's identity. Customers need to conduct account identification right after opening the wallet for the following reasons:

  • Accounts and e-wallets need to be verified to confirm accurate user information with the State bank. This is also a mandatory thing to do according to the provisions of Circular 23/2019 of the State Bank.

  • When performing identification, your account will be safe and increase better security. Account identifiers as a second layer of security for your account.

  • After identifying the account, the account holder will be able to increase the transaction level from 5 to 200 million VND.

  • Shorten the time to complain if there are problems directly related to the account.

What is the account identifier?  Why do you need to perform account identification?
What is the account identifier? Why do you need to perform account identification?

Instructions on how to verify the identity (identity) of ViettelPay in the most detail

To perform account identification, customers need to bring ID/CCCD directly to the nearest viettel branch to request implementation. The method of implementing identification at a specific store is as follows:

  • Step 1: Bring your ID/CCCD or other valuable identification documents to the nearest Viettel stores. Along with that, you need to bring a phone containing the phone number to register for an account to be supported by the staff.

  • Step 2: Fill out all personal information in the request form to confirm the identity of Viettel provided. After filling in the information correctly, it needs to be checked and submitted to the counter staff.

  • Step 3: When performing account identification, Viettel will send an OTP code to the phone number you have registered to use the card service from the beginning. You only need to provide this OTP code to the transaction staff to complete the identification and verification procedures.

Some questions when verifying ViettelPay's identity

Now when doing identifier ViettelPay How, some questions around this issue such as costs, information security issues are also concerned.

Does ViettelPay identifier cost anything?

Currently, when implementing ViettelPay e-wallet identification, customers do not have to pay any fees. You will not have to pay any costs when performing account identification as well as to maintain the use of ViettelPay e-wallet. You also don't need to keep any balance in your wallet to confirm you keep your account active.

Is it possible to identify ViettelPay account at home?

To perform ViettelPay identification at home, customers can simply follow these steps: Access ViettelPay application => Verify now => Fill in personal information => Successfully authenticate.

To be more specific about how to do it, you will apply the following steps in turn:

  • Step 1: Access ViettelPay application then select Verify now

Choose to verify your account identity
Choose to verify your account identity

  • Step 2: Fill in all personal information including ID card, date of birth, ... according to the form => Select Verify now

Fill in your personal information completely and accurately
Fill in your personal information completely and accurately

  • Step 3: Receive notification of successful account verification

Fill in your personal information completely and accurately
Fill in your personal information completely and accurately

Can the information provided to verify the identity of ViettelPay account be exposed?

All information that consumers provide to Viettel units, including ViettelPay identification, are absolutely guaranteed. All customer information will be encrypted and stored securely.
When you make a payment or perform any account protection, your information is also encrypted according to the PCI DSS standard of the International Security Standards Council as well as the only 3DES technology in Vietnam. South to expand the safe area for consumer information.

Customer information security is always a top priority for Viettel. Therefore, consumers can be completely assured when choosing to use any of Viettel's services. The problem of exposing Viettel's consumer data will not happen at all.

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Above is the information about ViettelPay identifier that many people are most interested in today. For those who have been using ViettelPay service but have not yet identified their accounts, quickly perform identity verification to better protect their accounts.

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