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Traveloka – Top choice when booking hotels online

As the leading hotel booking agent in Southeast Asia, since its launch, Traveloka has made every trip of more than 20 million travelers simpler than ever. Not only operating in Southeast Asia, Traveloka is now a partner of over 200,000 hotels worldwide, ready to accompany you anytime, anywhere.

With an extensive hotel network, Traveloka offers a wide range of options, ranging from high-end hotels and top resorts, to modern and personalized hostels and homestays. Whether you have to book urgently for a business trip, or looking for a dream paradise for a romantic honeymoon, Traveloka will satisfy you with the best hotels and the best prices.

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All you need to do is three steps: search, book a hotel and pay. Everything else was taken care of by Traveloka.

Integrating advanced features, booking hotels on Traveloka is simpler than ever

Start with entering destination information in the "Find a hotel" field, hundreds of results will be displayed in a split second according to your needs. The Traveloka app will categorize results into two segments – Economy and Premium, helping to shorten search time. In particular, when choosing a check-in date, Traveloka will notify you which days have the lowest rates. No need for back-and-forth comparisons, cheap hotel bookings now only need a few steps of customization.

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All the most detailed information about the hotel is always updated regularly. The facilities, neighborhood, and reviews from previous guests will help you get an overview of the hotel under consideration. The price shown is also the final price you pay, including taxes, no transaction fees or hidden costs. You only need a single interface to compare multiple choices and easily cheap hotel booking with full amenities.

If you often have impromptu trips, or your schedule changes unexpectedly, so you don't have to prepare a comfortable place to rest in advance, don't worry. The “Last Hour Hotel” feature will be your savior. Traveloka will filter out available hotels for the day with the best prices, sometimes up to 50% off, hard to find anywhere else.

After completing the booking and payment, all information will be emailed and saved in the “My Bookings” section, helping you to easily manage your transactions in chronological order. In addition, the hotel reservation code details also include a local address translation, a map of directions, and a contact phone number, for those traveling to non-English speaking countries.

Friendly user experience at Traveloka

With such preeminent features, Traveloka wishes not only to accompany you on every journey, but also to bring you friendly user experiences, and the most comfortable moments of rest.

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The interface of the website and Traveloka application both focuses on simplicity, saving time and making it simple, even for those who are not tech-savvy. You can manage all your booking information with just one app without any troublesome paperwork.

Payment at Traveloka is also very simple with 5 diverse forms: international payment card, domestic ATM, transfer, payment at the post office and store system associated with Payoo. Particularly for online payments, the TravelokaPay feature allows to save information for future payments. To avoid risks when transacting online, customer's card information is encrypted and managed by one of the world's largest online payment transaction management service providers, belonging to VISA card organization – CyberSource.

With Traveloka, you not only book hotel room with the best price, but also have the opportunity to "catch" the most attractive offers. Promotions are continuously updated in the "Current deals" and "Hotel deals". Reservations cheap hotel It is no longer a difficult or time-consuming task. In addition, to make your travel experience more interesting, you can also book cheap sightseeing tickets and tours with many promotions with Traveloka Xperience above

Traveloka's customer support service is also available 24/7 to monitor all transactions, and answer customer questions. Contact Traveloka directly at the following three portals: hotline 1900-6978, chat online or send an email to the address [email protected]

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