Sausage makes delicious food? Summary of 13 delicious dishes from attractive sausages, easy to make

1. Spicy Cheese Sausage

Spicy cheese sausage when finished will have an attractive aroma of cheese mixed with the passionate scent of chili sauce and ketchup.

When eating, we will feel the attractive crispy taste of sausages mixed with greasy yellow cheese, the sauce is spicy, stimulating the taste buds at the tip of the tongue.

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This dish you can drink with milk tea, peach tea or lemon tea is also very attractive.

2. Garlic Butter Fried Sausage

It only takes a little time and you will have your own delicious garlic butter fried sausage right away. The taste of cheese and butter is mixed with a little salty taste of fish sauce.

When eating, we will feel the delicious crispy sausage with a mild pungent garlic flavor, stimulating the taste buds of the eater.

This dish you can dip with chili sauce and enjoy with 1 cup of cool sweet and sour kumquat tea to increase the flavor!

3. Octopus Sausage

With the shape of funny and super cute mini octopuses. This dish is guaranteed not only to make children love it, but also to make adults enjoy the loveliness of this dish.

In addition to the eye-catching shape, the octopus sausage also has an extremely attractive taste with the dough being fried to a crispy golden color and seasoned with spices to taste.

This dish will be more delicious if you eat it with chili sauce and mayonnaise. In addition, a cup of sour, sweet, and cool passion fruit tea will add more flavor to this dish!

4. Korean sausage hotdog

The Korean sausage hotdog is presented on a plate with the aroma of cheese mixed with the crispy crust and the warm, greasy cheese melting from the inside. Just spray a little chili sauce in and we can enjoy the full flavor!

5. Stir-fried sweet and sour sausage

Unlike the above sausages used for snacks, in this sausage you can make the whole family to enjoy in a family meal to change the taste.

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Sausage fried sweet and sour when finished will be coated with a layer of sweet and sour sauce, the. When eating, we will feel the soft and attractive taste of the sausage.

To increase the deliciousness of the dish, you can eat it with raw vegetables with a cup of hot rice. Try it now!

6. Grilled Vegetable Sausage

This baked vegetable sausage dish when finished, the sausage will have a beautiful, pink-red color. When eating, we will feel the delicious and soft, chewy sausage.

Besides, sweet potatoes and carrots are cooked together to give us a delicious crispy feeling, adding pieces of melted grilled cheese that evenly cover the surface to look very attractive.

With this dish, you can dip it with chili sauce, ketchup, drink it with a cup of lychee tea, it's a "great number"!

7. Fried egg with sausage roll

Fried egg rolls with sausage with simple processing but extremely delicious and attractive suitable for you to cook and change flavors for the whole family.

The finished dish will have a beautiful bright yellow egg layer on the outside, inside we will have a layer of melted orange cheese covered with pink sausage slices that look extremely attractive.

When eating, you just need to dip it with chili sauce, ketchup or mayonnaise, along with a little more salad, it's super delicious!

8. Fried sausage with fish sauce

To change the taste for family meals, you can immediately refer to this fried sausage with fish sauce!

With a rich, iridescent fish sauce sauce that evenly covers the fried sausages, giving off an attractive scent that makes everyone put off all work to enjoy a bowl of hot rice with this attractive sausage dish. .

To increase the deliciousness of the dish you can eat with a cool cucumber, what could be better?

9. Smoked sausage with pepper stock

After being cooked, the smoked sausage with peppercorns will have a strong aroma of green pepper mixed with a rich sauce that is delicately seasoned.

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When eating, we will feel the hot, chewy, crispy sausage that is evenly soaked with spices, served with steamed rice and some familiar raw vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, lettuce. …

10. Deep fried tornado sausage

This is a delicious snack with an extremely beautiful and attractive shape. When eating, we will feel the crispy outer layer of dough, mixed with the soft, delicious sausage inside. Dip it with your favorite sauce such as chili sauce, mayonnaise, etc. to enhance the flavor.

11. Grilled Sausage

Our next dish is this delicious grilled sausage. To grill sausages, you can grill them on a griddle, charcoal stove, air fryer, oven, etc. And after baking, you will smell the attractive aroma of grilled sausages.

When eating, you will feel the delicious crispy taste, fragrant with attractive ketchup and chili sauce. What's better than making this dish at parties and birthday parties?

12. Korean Sausage Sausage With Vegetables

If you are passionate about Korean culture, this will be a great choice for you. The finished dish will have an attractive aroma, the sausage is fried, crispy and attractive.

Stir-fried ingredients such as bell peppers, onions, and chives are rich in colors that bring a sweet and attractive flavor to the dish.

The sauce is made with oyster sauce, ketchup, sugar and salt, so it will be extremely rich. You can drink 1 glass of carbonated soft drink while enjoying it, it's extremely delicious!

13. Sausage fried rice

Making this sausage fried rice for the whole family in the morning is super affordable!

With fried rice grains, crispy not dry, combined with a variety of colorful ingredients such as carrots, green beans, scallions, shrimp and sausages.

When eating, you will feel the soft, fragrant and attractive of egg fried rice, combined with rich sausage mixed with carrots and sweet crispy green beans.

In addition, shrimp meat is stir-fried together, the meat is firm, sweet and chewy. Try this fried rice dish for the whole family!

Hopefully, through this article, you will have more suggestions on delicious dishes from sausages to make and enjoy! Don't forget to visit our Kitchen Tips page for more delicious food suggestions!

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