Green Island Tour 2 days 1 night: A unique experience

DAY 1: Quy Nhon - GREEN COLOR (Lunch + dinner)

07:30: Quy Nhon Tourist's car and guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you to Ham Tu Wharf to prepare to board a canoe to depart for Cu Lao Xanh. You follow the instructions of the guide during the journey to the island, watching the beautiful scenery of Quy Nhon sea and island.

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Out Thi Nai Gate - You admire the statue of Saint Tran and Phuoc Mai Lighthouse (At Hai Minh Fishing Village). This lighthouse was built by the French more than 100 years ago, 8m high from the ground and 52m above sea level, as a signal to welcome and say goodbye to ships and people going in and out of the city. You will be impressed by this small island in the middle of the East Sea covered with green trees, blue sea color next to white sand beaches with undulating rocks that look very wild. Quy Nhon city from afar is beautiful and peaceful.

Arrive Green IsleYou will feel the wild beauty, peace and tranquility of a fishing village. You continue to move to the restaurant to rest and drink fresh sugarcane juice / salted lemonade under the shade of cool trees, preparing for the journey to discover Cu Lao Xanh.

08:30: Car and HDV take you to visit the top Green Island LighthouseThe "Eye of God" of the Seawith an age of over 100 years with a unique combination of East - West architecture.

The lighthouse was built during the French colonial period, it is not only associated with the history of Nhon Chau island commune but also a worship, belief, pride and living ideal of many generations of people here.

Next, you will come to visit National flagpole - A spiritual fulcrum, helping fishermen firmly reach out to sea and cling to the sea.

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Green island flagpole

10:30 am: The car continues to carry you to visit Thao Nguyen rock beach with various shapes of different rock formations. Stones are scattered, scattered, seemingly "disordered but very tidy and iconic. This is the place to help you unleash your Selfie imagination to get one-of-a-kind photos.

After admiring Thao Nguyen Rock, the guide will take you to the next attractive destination which is Green Island picnic area and Gala BeachHere, there are many beautiful scenes that make visitors unable to take their eyes off, together taking unique photos that only this place has.

Quy Nhon green island picnic area

11:30 am: You have lunch with the Seafood dishes of the sea have just caught from the sea and are made extremely delicious by the rustic fishing village people. You relax and relax.


  1. Sweet and sour steamed fish

  2. Seaweed soup

  3. Fresh squid steamed with coconut water

  4. Grilled shrimp with salt and chili

  5. Grilled oysters with onion fat

  6. Steamed Sea Crab or Steamed Snail

  7. Seafood Hot Pot

  8. Nhon Chau fish cake (Specialty)

  9. Dessert: Fruit, iced tea, cold towel

(The menu can change the menu depending on the weather situation and your request)

14h00: After having a meal, you can rest or freely visit and take photos at some places such as Harbor Bridge, Hoan Bang Cape, Breakwater embankment

wharf - wave breakwater on Quy Nhon island

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15h00: In the midst of the sweltering heat, this is also the time when the coral reefs are most vibrant and vibrant, you quickly change into appropriate clothes under the guidance of an experienced scuba diving guide to move to the beach. Small Beach Diving to see the diverse and vivid world of marine life under the ocean.

In addition to swimming and snorkeling to see the coral, you also enjoy taking virtual pictures on the colorful giant swimming buoys only available at Quy Nhon Tourist such as Swan buoys, Rainbow buoys... (If the weather is good and the buoys are still enough, )

Quy Nhon green island tourism

5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.: Visit South Beach watching the sunset on the white sand.

18h00 - 20h00: Enjoy BBQ with fresh Seafood dishes of Cu Lao Xanh: Fish, Jumping Squid, Sea Snail, Shrimp… Then go to the Jetty Experience how to catch squid at night of the people here.

BBQ Dinner Menu:

  1. Sweet and sour steamed fish

  2. Steamed or steamed crab

  3. Grilled squid

  4. Grilled shrimp

  5. Steamed synthetic snail

  6. Seafood hot pot + vermicelli

  7. Fish cake Nhon Chau

  8. Grilled onion fat

  9. Dessert: Fruit, iced tea, cold towel

(The menu can change the menu depending on the weather situation and your request)

20h00 - 22h00: Participation Campfire program and Team Building games Very special only at Cu Lao Xanh. Quy Nhon Tourist offers more Seafood Porridge to warm your stomach

23:00: Move back to Homestay/guesthouse or sleep in a backpacking tent, watch the starry sky and listen to the sound of the waves, feel the peace of nature.

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