What is 18k gold? Is it Western gold? How much is the price?

There are many different types of gold on the market. In particular, 18K gold is popular for making jewelry with reasonable price and beautiful shine. So What is 18K gold? The 18K gold distinction and the latest updated 18K gold price in the article below.

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What is 18k Gold?

18k wine is wine
18K Gold – 750 Gold

18K gold is also known as 750 gold or western gold. This is a type of gold with 75% pure gold composition and the remaining 25% is other alloys. The letter “K” means Karat which is the purity indicator of gold. Purity = K/24 x 100%.

Pure gold is 24K gold (see details of 24k gold here), and 75% pure gold is 24×75% = 18K

18K Gold How Old?

18K gold has a purity of 75%, so it is often called 7 and a half or 7.5 years old gold. You can refer to the age of gold in the table below:

Gold ContentGolden AgeFollow %Karat
99.99%10 years old99.924KCK
91.66%9 years old 1791.6722K CZK
87.50%8 years old 7587.521KZK
75.00%7 years old 57518K*
68%6 years old 86816KCK
58.33%5 years old 8358.3314K CZK
41.67%4 years old 1741.6710K CZK
33.33%3 years old 3333.38 CZK

Is 18K Gold Western Gold?

Western gold is a type of gold made from gold mixed with other metals. Therefore, 18K gold is Western gold. In addition, 10K gold, or 14K gold is also Western gold.

18K Gold Price How Much 1 Just Today?

The buying and selling prices of gold with the largest decrease of 190,000 dong/tael in both directions were recorded at PNJ system today.

Gold price 18K CZKAreaYesterday's session 7/7Today's session 7/8Deviant
Buy intoSold outBuy intoSold outBuy intoSold out
Unit: Million VND/taelUnit: Thousand VND/tael
Saigon JewelryHo Chi Minh City36.8938.8936.7738.77-120-120
Doji CorporationHanoi37.7839.7837.6639.66-120-120
Ho Chi Minh City37.7839.7837.6639.66-120-120
PNJ . SystemHo Chi Minh City37.4938.8937.3038.70-190-190
Mi HongHo Chi Minh City33.7035.7033.7035.70

Distinguishing 18K Gold From Other Types of Gold

18k wine is wine
18k gold jewelry

Customers need to know how to distinguish different types of gold because each type of gold has a different value.

18K Gold With 24K Gold

18K gold is 75% pure gold, 25% other alloys, bright, shiny and hard. And 24K gold is our own gold with 99.99% pure gold, metallic yellow color and quite soft. 18K gold costs less than 24K gold

18K Gold With 14K Gold

14K gold has 58.3% pure gold, the rest 41.7% is other metals. 18K gold is darker in color than 14K gold and has a higher value than 14K gold.

18K Gold With 10K Gold

10k gold is a type of gold with 41.7% pure gold and 58.3% other metal components, which is brighter than 14K gold. 10K gold costs less than 14K gold, 18K gold and 24K gold.

Why Is 18K Gold Popular In Jewelry Making?

24K gold has the highest value, has a deep metallic golden color, is not very shiny and is quite soft, difficult to process into jewelry with stones. Therefore, 24K gold is often used for hoarding because of its high price and not worrying about devaluation.

Meanwhile, 18K Gold has a lower price, suitable for many customer segments. In addition, 18K gold has a shiny, hard, and durable color, so it is often used to make sophisticated and highly aesthetic jewelry. Besides, 18K gold can also be used to store jewelry because it is less depreciated and discolored after a while.

Experience Choosing 18K Gold Jewelry Should Know

To choose 18K gold jewelry, customers should pay attention to the following:

  • Choose a reputable trading address, long experience, and a good name in the market. When buying and selling, there are clear documents, a golden guarantee paper. You can refer to the store with the best price to buy because each store will have a slightly different price.
  • Know how to calculate the age of gold and distinguish the types of gold to buy the right type, right quality and right price. Avoid being deceived by an unscrupulous store, selling cheap products at high prices.
  • Properly store and clean your jewelry so that your gold is always shiny and beautiful. Can be cleaned by mixing soap solution with water or brought to a Gold shop for staff to polish.
  • Note world gold price when buying 18k gold

Some of the Best 18K Gold Jewelry Models

18k gold ring with CZ stone
18k gold ring with CZ stone

18k Gold Bracelet
18k Gold Bracelet

18k gold bracelet
18k gold bracelet


Hopefully through this article, customers have had more information What is 18K gold? and how to distinguish 18K gold as well as the latest updated gold price today. 18K gold is often used to make luxurious and durable jewelry at a reasonable price.

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