How much is 1 Won in Vietnam Dong 2022? Where is the reputable place to exchange Won money?

Everyone knows Won is the currency of Korea. But not everyone knows How much is 1 Won in Vietnam Dong?. In the era of integration, the number of tourists to Korea or exchange between the two countries is increasing. Knowing the exchange rate between Won and VND is essential. Immediately update the latest exchange rate between these 2 currencies in the article below.

Learn about the currency in Korea – Won

Won(원) (Symbol: ₩; code 4217: KRW) is a currency unit issued by the Central Bank of Korea. In the past, the won currency unit was converted to the Joen unit. But now this unit is no longer in use and is only visible in the exchange rate.

Until 1946, the Bank of Korea issued banknotes of 10 and 100 won. And in the years that followed issued more 1 and 1000 won banknotes. And in 2016, the Korean bank announced that it would no longer print 1000 won denominations.

Below is a summary of information about the Korean Won:

  • Won: Korean: ,

  • Vietnamese: owl

  • Sign: KRW and ₩.

  • The international symbol is .

  • The ISO 4217 code for the Korean Won is KRW,

How is the Korean won in the shape of a Korean coin?

Although the coin will have a low denomination, many people still use it today as change money. For the Korean coin movement, here are the details:

  • 1 Won: With the Korean one won coin has aluminum quality and is white in color.

  • 5 Won: This coin is made of quality copper and zinc and has a golden color.

  • 10 Won: With a 10 Won coin made from a copper needle box with yellow zinc, it will create a pink color.

  • 50 Won: This bronze is a combination of copper, aluminum and nickel alloys and is silvery white in color.

  • 100 Won, 500 Won: The other two bronzes are made of the same quality, an alloy of copper and nickel, and are silver in color.

What is the status of Korean coin usage?

DenominationsRelease dateUsage Status
1 Won19661980
5 Won19661992
10 Won1966 Still in use
50 Won1972 Still in use
100 Won1970 Still in use
500 Won1982 Still in use

How is the Korean Won in the form of banknotes?

The presenter at the Kim Chi mission is now using more paper money than coins. Because the face value of paper money will be much higher and suitable for consumer demand. Here we will provide everyone with the current Korean banknotes. Please refer below:

  • 1000 Won: Paper money and blue color.

  • 5000 Won: The banknote has a picture of a famous Confucian named Yi L. This note is paper material and colored red and gold.

  • 10000 Won: On the banknote is printed the image of the most famous king in Korean history named Sejong. This bill is green.

  • 50000 Won: Finally, the word 50,000 won is printed with the image of the mother of the family no Yi L. And is printed in striking orange and yellow.

Working status of banknotes:

Good value for moneyDelivery dateUsage Status
1000 Won1975Still in use
5000 Won1980Still in use
10000 Won1979Still in use
50000 Won2009Still in use

How much is 1 Won in Vietnam Dong 2022?

How much is 1 won in vietnamese

People often think of Won as something very special and valuable. But actually that thinking is completely wrong. Won money and VND have not much difference in value. 1 Won is just over 20 Vietnamese Dong.

Specifically, each bank will have a different exchange rate, but the difference is not significant. The data below is learned from the latest exchange rate of Agribank.

1 won = VND 2022:

1 KRW = 18,7100 VND

When we know the exchange rate of 1 won in Vietnamese dong, it will be easy to calculate how much 100, 1000 won is in Vietnamese dong.

Selling rate

The selling rate is the exchange rate applied to the sale of won currency. That is, when you have won money and want to change it to VND, this exchange rate will apply.

  • 1 won = 20.86 VND.

  • 2 won = 2 x 20.86 = 41.72 VND.

  • 3 won = 3 x 20.86 = 62.58 VND.

  • 100 won = 100 x 20.86 = 2,086 VND.

  • 1,000 won = 1,000 x 20.86 = 20,860 VND.

  • 10,000 won = 100,000 x 20.86 = 208,600 VND….

Buy-in rate

The buying rate is the exchange rate when you want to buy won currency. That is, the amount of VND must be spent to exchange for the corresponding amount of won.

  • 1 won = 18.84 VND.

  • 2 won = 18.84 x 2 = 37.68 VND.

  • 3 won = 18.84 x 3 = 56.52 VND.

  • 100 won = 18.84 x 100 = 1,884 VND.

  • 1,000 won = 18.84 x 1,000 = 18,840 VND.

  • 100,000 won = 18.84 x 100,000 = 188,400 VND.

Where is the reputable and legal place to change won to Vietnamese currency?

How much is 1 won in vietnamese

Currently in Vietnam there are many places to receive Convert Vietnamese Dong to Won and vice versa. So where is the legal and reputable foreign currency exchange? The main answer is at the State Bank of Vietnam and joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam. Only banks are allowed to legally exchange Korean currency and the rates are updated every second. Customers do not worry about being scammed or disadvantaged when exchanging Korean money.

It is illegal for many customers to change their own money or at private gold shops. If discovered, they will be severely punished according to the provisions of the law.

In case customers travel to Korea, they can bring Vietnamese money to Korea and then change it into won. You can go to the bank to change, or change money at the currency exchange counters at the Korean airport.


This article will answer your question How much is 1 won in Vietnamese Dong?. Won (Korea) is not so valuable as many people speculate. 1 won is only about 20 Vietnamese dong. Please regularly monitor and update the latest exchange rate of WON/VND on