Instructions to open Eximbank online savings book safely, highest interest 2022

Saving money online at a bank is a form of money storage that has never shown signs of cooling down in the current 4.0 technology era.

So, today's article nganhangonline will Instructions to open Eximbank's online savings book safely, with the highest interest in 2022. If you have some idle money in hand but don't know how to invest profitably to be effective, follow the content below.

Instructions to open Eximbank online savings book safely, highest interest 2022

To Open safe Eximbank online savings book, highest interest rate 2022people just need to follow the following procedure.

Step 1: Log in to the Eximbank application installed on the phone.

Step 2: At the main interface, select the "Online savings” with the pig icon.

Step 3: Click on “Open a term deposit account".

Step 4: The screen displays branch information, savings deposit amount, products.

Step 5: Section "Productselect the desired deposit term.

Step 6: The system will provide information about the interest rate and the minimum amount you can deposit if you choose this term.

Step 7: Enter the savings deposit amount.

*Note: The deposit amount must reach the minimum required by the bank.

Step 8: Enter the OTP code sent to your phone SMS to confirm the transaction.

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Instructions for safe depositing more money into Eximbank Online savings book

In order to meet the maximum needs of customers who want to deposit more money into their opened savings accounts conveniently and quickly. From 20/06/2015, Eximbank has improved banking services and implemented more features "Deposit more money into the opened time deposit account".

Thus, when this feature is introduced, customers can transfer money on Internet Banking from their current deposit account to their savings account. The biggest advantage is that you don't have to go to Eximbank's branch/transaction office to still be able to deposit more money into your account.

To make a transaction, the customer needs:

Step 1: Access Eximbank Internet Banking.

Step 2: Select item "Products and services".

Step 3: Continue to select “Deposit more money into the account".


  • Term deposit: Add money on the same day as the opening date or the due date.

  • Cumulative deposits in installments: To add money on any day when the customer needs, the additional payment must be >= the amount registered for monthly deposit.

  • Salary Accumulation Deposit: to pay more money on any day when the customer needs it, the additional payment must satisfy the following conditions: Amount registered for monthly deposit <= Extra payment amount <= 05 times the amount registered for monthly deposit .

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Benefits of opening Eximbank 2022 online savings book

After the feature of opening Eximbank's online savings book was implemented, many customers gave positive feedback about the benefits they received, specifically:

+ Interest rate for online savings is 0.1%/year higher than deposit at transaction counters.

+ Have the right to pay more money to the opened online savings account without having to pay off the old account to reopen.

+ Send money / deposit payment anytime, anywhere, including weekends and holidays.

+ Customers can open a term deposit account at the counter and then make payment on Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking and vice versa.

+ Customers can provide services on Internet Banking, register for Eximbank to automatically transfer interest from Term Deposit to Demand Deposit.

+ Have the opportunity to participate in many great promotions with high prizes such as SH cars, refrigerators, cameras, ...

+ To register for the deduction and transfer of interest on term deposits to be automatically converted to payment deposits.

+ Query, view bonus points, redeem bonus points online on Internet Banking when depositing Salary Accumulation Deposit.

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Frequently asked questions about opening Eximbank's online savings book

Latest Eximbank online savings interest rates

When choosing Eximbank's online savings method, customers enjoy many outstanding incentives and competitive interest rates.

Term (month)1 month2 months3 months6 months9 months12 months15 months18 months24 months
Maturity interest4.
Monthly interest

*Note: This Eximbank savings interest rate will change from time to time as it is adjusted by the bank. Therefore, when there is a need to open a book, people can contact the hotline 1800 1199 for information.

Notes when opening Eximbank's savings book

Before opening a savings book at Eximbank or any other bank, people should note the following main points.

+ Deadline for sending: The first thing that you need to pay attention to is the term and the product sent in accordance with your conditions and needs. In some cases, you have to withdraw money before the maturity date, so you should divide it into small parts to withdraw. Here's how to minimize the loss of interest that you need to know.

+ Deposit interest rateInterest rate is considered as the customer's benefit when making savings at a bank. Therefore, please refer to the interest rate of many units at the same time, then make the final decision so that you can enjoy the highest profit.

+ Check the information carefully: In order to limit errors, in the process of making a savings deposit transaction online/at the counter, everyone should also carefully check the entered information before completing.

Which bank card (ATM card) should I make Best, free

Information about Eximbank

Vietnamese transaction nameJoint Stock Commercial Bank for Import and Export of Vietnam
English transaction nameVietnam Export Inport Commercial Joint Stock Bank
Head office address8th floor – Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline number1800 1199
Email[email protected]

The fastest way to find ATMs and Eximbank transaction points

In some cases, customers want to go to Eximbank's ATM/transaction office to save/finish deposits. At this time, everyone needs to look up the address of the nearest transaction point to facilitate the moving process.

Steps to find ATMs and Eximbank transaction points

Step 1: Visit website:

Step 2: At the main screen, people need to fill in the following information:

+ Searched object: ATM/ Transaction point.

+ Province/city.

+ District/district.

Then click on the “Search" beside.

Step 3: Results displayed with the following contents:

+ Name of ATM/branch/transaction office of Eximbank.

+ Working hours.

+ Address.

Alternatively, people can click on the “See the way” in the displayed results to get detailed directions from Google map.

Is it possible to pay electricity and water bills at EIB?

Customers can completely request Eximbank to automatically deduct money from their current account to pay monthly electricity, water, telephone, cable TV and internet bills.

In addition, customers can also use international payment cards opened at Eximbank to transfer money for the above services via Eximbank's e-banking at website

*Note: For electricity bills paid to Ho Chi Minh City Electricity Company, customers can transfer from their accounts to pay via Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking.

What is VN Top up service?

VN Top up is a service to recharge mobile network subscribers via SMS. The simple deposit syntax is as follows:

EIB NAP {Deposit face value} {Deposit phone number} {Password} to 8049

*Note: Customers can recharge phones for all telecommunications networks on the market today.

Here is all the information Instructions to open Eximbank online savings book safely, highest interest 2022. If you are wondering how to invest - accumulate idle money, you should not ignore the content of this article. Set a goal of owning your own finances in the future from opening this bank passbook! Good luck!

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