Introducing Premium Cloud Hosting service at Mat Bao

Premium Cloud Hosting is a solution to help optimize website access speed and security. With a variety of features and efficiency, these service packages are increasingly trusted by many people.

So what is the difference between the upgraded version and the previous versions? What modern technologies are added to the premium version? Join Mat Bao to learn about the premium version of Cloud Hosting through the following article.

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Premium Cloud Hosting Service at Mat Bao

Premium Cloud Hosting Service at Mat Bao

1. What is Hosting? What is Cloud Hosting?

Hosting or web hosting is an online data storage and sharing service. This is the space located on the server (server) installed, connected to internet services such as mail, world wide web, file transfer... to store data and website content.

Cloud Hosting is hosting that works on a cloud server of cloud computing technology. Compared to other web hosting, Cloud Hosting is equipped with many superior features, stable operation, high access speed and better security.

Web Hosting supports online data storage and sharing

Web Hosting supports online data storage and sharing

2. Introducing Premium Cloud Hosting

Premium Cloud Hosting Mat Bao, officially launched in June 2022, is a Cloud Hosting service that inherits the outstanding features of the old version. Specifically, the premium version still has 100% copyrighted software, automatic SSL security, Enterprise SSD hard drive, anti-Local Attack, instant data backup and restore. Besides, this version is also equipped with many other outstanding features.

3. Compare the technology Premium Cloud Hosting uses

The premium version of Cloud Hosting is equipped with many new technologies, which is the optimal solution for website performance. Supported technologies for this upgrade include:

3.1 LiteSpeed ​​Web Server – 5T Standard for Cloud Hosting

LiteSpeed ​​Web Server is a complete replacement for Apache, reducing users' worries about Traffic. The 5T strengths of this technology are:

  • Resource optimization

LiteSpeed ​​Web Server technology in Premium Cloud Hosting use RAM/CPU resources by specialized algorithms. With this way of operation, the system can handle smoothly even when the website has many simultaneous visits.

Optimize resources on RAM / CPU

Optimize resources on RAM / CPU

  • Get the most out of your hardware platform

By optimizing resource operation, LiteSpeed ​​Web Server Technology can increase performance by 2 - 5 times compared to Nginx or Apache. With this strength, storage solution providers will be able to serve more customers on the same hardware platform.

  • Enhanced security capabilities

LiteSpeed ​​Web Server's server system can be fully compatible with Apache's ModSecurity. This combination will help minimize the harm caused by security holes and DDoS attacks.

  • Increase website processing speed

With the integration of LiteSpeed ​​Web Server technology, the service Premium Cloud Hosting This will help speed up website processing significantly. In particular, the LSCache tool effectively supports the WordPress source code when switching to a system with LiteSpeed ​​Web Server.

Speed ​​up website processing thanks to LiteSpeed ​​Web Server technology

Speed ​​up website processing thanks to LiteSpeed ​​Web Server technology

  • Extremely high compatibility

LiteSpeed ​​Web Server technology is compatible with most Control Panels. Popular Control Panels such as Direct Admin, cPanel, Plesk can all work effectively with this technology.

3.2 Security technology Imunify 360

The premium version of Cloud Hosting is equipped with Imunify 360 technology – a security solution developed on the Linux platform. This is a technology that is operated by self-learning mechanism (AI), has 6 layers of security, ensuring absolute safety for Web Hosting server system.

Premium Cloud Hosting is equipped with Imunify 360 . technology

Premium Cloud Hosting is equipped with Imunify 360 . technology

Imunify 360 is equipped with many advanced features, helping hosting to be protected early. This technology can proactively detect malware, fight cyber attacks, and prevent website data theft. In addition, the protection of Imunify 360 in the version Premium Cloud Hosting also appreciated for its automaticity and zero latency.

4. Highlights that Cloud Hosting premium version brings

Cloud Hosting premium version is highly appreciated by Mat Bao's customers thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

  • Extremely powerful infrastructure

Mat Bao's Cloud Hosting service uses 100% SSD hard drive, providing access speed up to 40 times faster than conventional hard drives. The replication mechanism and virtualization power of Virtuozzo technology are fully utilized, ensuring that the system always operates smoothly.

  • Easy to perform and easy to manage

The premium version of Cloud Hosting is good for non-technical users. The operations on cPanel are quite simple, making it easy for administrators to manage and operate.

  • Increase website speed

Premium Cloud Hosting Mat Bao is built on the most powerful server systems today. At the same time, with the support of Litespeed Web Server technology, performance and access speed also increased significantly.

  • Maximum security

With the premium version, the website will be equipped with the security solution Imunify 360. This is a technology that helps the website to be absolutely protected, avoiding hackers from entering the server, infecting or spreading malicious code.

Enhance website security

Enhance website security

The upgraded version is integrated with an automatic backup feature to store important data. In case of emergency, users can still find previously saved data.

  • Own 100% copyright

All software, operating systems and integrated features are copyrighted by Mat Bao. This provides an optimal user experience and avoids unnecessary problems.

Mat Bao currently provides 6 resource packs Premium Cloud Hosting with different features and prices. Depending on the actual use needs, customers can choose the appropriate service package. For any questions related to Cloud Hosting, please contact Mat Bao immediately for advice and support.

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