5+ The simplest way to check BIDV account balance 2022

Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) is currently one of the most reputable and widely used banks in Vietnam. In recent years, the number of customers registering and using BIDV's services has increased significantly.

However, in the process of using, many customers do not know how check BIDV account balance how. The following article will help customers know a few more ways to be able to check the balance in their account as quickly as possible.

Check BIDV account balanceBIDV SD to send 8149.
Look up the history of the last 5 transactionsBIDV SG to send 8149.
Transaction check fee1,000 VND/time.
Balance change notification fee8,000 VND/month.

How to check BIDV account balance?
How to check BIDV account balance?

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What is BIDV account balance?

BIDV account balance is the amount of money left in your bank account/BIDV ATM card that you can use to transfer, pay when making purchases or withdraw cash at ATMs, branches.... Looking up BIDV bank account balance or checking BIDV account is the way that most customers use to check account number information, check BIDV account balance, payment transaction history, deposit and withdraw money… with other banks.

5+ How to look up BIDV bank account balance

Check BIDV account balance on BIDV Smart Banking

This is the fastest and most convenient way today, previously older customers were not familiar with this form. However, in recent times, with the development of science and technology, not only young people but also older customers have been able to proficiently use phone operations.

Advantages when checking BIDV account balance on BIDV Smart Banking:

  • Testing can be done anywhere, anytime

  • Quick and simple operation right on the phone

Here are some ways to help you understand How to check BIDV account balance? via mobile phone.

Step 1: Download BIDV Smart Banking app

  • Download Smart Banking for Android

  • Download Smart Banking for iOS

Step 2: Install the application and log in with the account provided when registering at BIDV's transaction counter.

Step 3: Click on item Account > Account balance inquiry > select account If you want to see the amount in your BIDV account, that's it.

Look up balance via BIDV Smart banking
Look up balance via BIDV Smart Banking

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Check BIDV account balance by SMS Banking

To use this feature, the first requirement for customers is that when opening an account, they must register for SMS Banking service with the bank, or customers who have not yet registered can register at transaction counters. of the bank BIDV bank.

Check BIDV balance via SMS Banking
Check BIDV balance via SMS Banking

After successfully registering for SMS Banking service with BIDV. Customers can check their account balance via the following message syntax:

Account_Account number_Password to 8149.

In there:

  • "_": Space.

  • Account number: Is the account number at BIDV bank

  • Password: Password includes 6 numbers (if any) – Usually used for transfer transactions.

  • Cost of BSMS service: 9,900 VND/month (individual customers).

Check BIDV's balance via online banking BIDV Online

This method is quite common nowadays, as long as your account registers for BIDV Smart Banking service, you can check your balance and transfer money at any time.

Steps to check account balance via app BIDV Smart Banking as follows:

  • Step 1: Log in to BIDV Smart Banking application

  • Step 2: Select the "account" field on the main interface

  • Step 3: Check BIDV account information at the results that appear including: balance, transaction history...

Check balance via BIDV Online
Check balance via BIDV Online

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Call the BIDV switchboard to check the balance

This is also a relatively quick way to help us answer the question "How to check BIDV account balance?" Easily. However, the downside is that not everyone can remember the bank's phone number to call when they need to look up the account balance.

Customers pick up the phone and dial the number BIDV switchboard according to the syntax:

Dial the number 1900 9247 or 024 22200 588 (1,000 VND/minute) and press Call

After clicking call, do the following:

  • Press 1 on the keyboard to select Vietnamese

  • Press the key 5 to look up the card account

  • Press key 1 if you are an individual customer, key 2 if you are a business

  • After entering the customer code, you will be able to check the balance in your account

When contacting via the switchboard, customers can ask staff to provide them with information about account number (If customer forgets account number), information about BIDV account balance and many other features. again.


  • KYCustomers must provide information related to their registered account number to start looking up such as: Full name, date of birth, identity card number, customer code... when requested by the operator. bridge.

  • Customer code (CIF) of BIDV is specified as a series of numbers consisting of 8 or 9 characters in the card number (16 numbers or 18 numbers), starting from character 7 onwards.

  • For example, BIDV's card number is 9704 1823 4567 8911, then the customer code is 23 4567 89

Look up BIDV bank account balance on Internet Banking

This is a quick way to look up your BIDV account balance right on your computer or laptop. After registering for BIDV E-Banking service, customers can check their account via mobile phone or computer.

  • Step 1: Access BIDV Internet Banking website here

  • Step 2: Login to your account with user and password.

  • Step 3: Select the account to look up to check the necessary information.

Check BIDV account balance directly at the transaction office

Check BIDV account balance at transaction office
Check BIDV account balance at transaction office

This is a way to check BIDV balance that we do not recommend to customers because it is quite inconvenient and time consuming. However, in case your home is near a BIDV branch or cannot use another search method, this is the only option left.

Steps to check BIDV's balance at branches and transaction offices are as follows:

  • Step 1: You bring your CMT/CCCD (ID card/Citizen ID) to the nearest BIDV transaction office/branch.

  • Step 2: Get the automatic transaction code at the information counter (about 1 minute) and wait for your order number.

  • Step 3: After being called the order number, you go to the counter (the counter code is on the ticket you just got) and ask the teller to check your account balance.

  • Step 4: The teller will ask you to verify your identity, give your ID/CCCD and other personal information requested by the teller.

To look up BIDV account balance at the transaction office, customers only need to bring their ID card to the nearest branch to request a lookup and note BIDV's working hours:

  • Hours: 8am - 5pm.

  • Monday - Saturday (8am-12pm)

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Check BIDV balance at ATM

Check BIDV balance at ATM
Check BIDV balance at ATM

To check BIDV account balance at ATM, customers can follow the following instructions:

  • Step 1: Insert the ATM card into the BIDV ATM in the direction of the arrow.

  • Step 2: Click select language Vietnamese to use.

  • Step 3: Insert code PIN/Password.

  • Step 4: Click select "Account balance inquiry".

  • Step 5: Click Print statement to get a receipt.

  • Step 6: Click continue to continue another transaction or return to end the transaction.

  • Step 8: Remember that card and End the transaction.

Is there a fee to check BIDV bank account balance?

Most applications to check BIDV account balance are free, but there are still some fee-based methods. Customers can update details below:

BIDV InternetBanking service: Free

BIDV online service: Free

SMS Banking Service

  • Transaction fee: 1,000 VND

  • Automatic balance change notification fee is 8,800 VND/month (individual customers), 50,000 VND/month (corporate customers).

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Forgot BIDV account number, can I see the balance?

All methods of looking up BIDV account balance do not require providing an account number, so customers do not need to worry too much when forgetting their bank account number. Customers only need to remember the login name, password of the card, BIDV online account can see their account balance.


Here are a few ways to check your account balance for those who don't know How to check BIDV account balance?. Please save this useful information to use when needed. Wish you will have a great experience as well as the most successful transactions.

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