Understanding the Bohemian style and the secret to matching the "boho girl" standard

Blooming in festive seasons, on catwalks and street fashion, Bohemian style expresses the voice filled with love of life of free and liberal souls.

What do you understand by Bohemian fashion style?

Bohemian is a rewrite of a French word: Bohémien – referring to people living everywhere in Europe. Bohemian style also comes from that with the characteristics of nomads, but the wide skirts sweeping the ground, wreaths, characteristic curly hair...

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Bohemian style has been around for more than 200 years, conveying the desire for freedom and the desire to break the rules of the nomads.

There was a time when this style was seen as a satire when stylish girls learned to dress sloppily and have no concept of fashion of the poor. Later, this is the style that represents the liberal and a bit rebellious, very popular personality.

The typical images that are easily seen are boho girls in romantic motifs, maxi dresses or loose blouses. Tassel motifs or blonde hair also become a feature for girls who love this style.

Fashion style with more than 200 years old

With a history starting more than 200 hundred years ago, the Bohemian style has gone through many historical periods and variations to better suit the breath of each era. To better understand the concept of Bohemian fashion style, one needs to find its starting point.

19th century: The name Bohemian first appeared

Around 1948, the Bohemian concept began to emerge. At that time, the "Bohemians" were those who chose to live simply, contrary to the luxury of the bourgeoisie.

One of the prominent features of Bohemian women's dress is the abandonment of frame braces and tight bust corsets. They prefer loose, bohemian outfits. The loose long dresses dotted the ground with striking colors, hand-dyed motifs are common images.

20th century: Bohiemian and the boho-chic . style

In the 20th century, a branch of the Bohemian movement emerged called boho-chic, with inspiration drawn from the hippie lifestyle of the 60s. Hippie fashion took the throne during this period because of its support for the hippie lifestyle. peaceful lifestyle, gender equality and prioritizing clean energy sources.

This style was also promoted by the top stars of the last century, including such cult names as "Rock'n'Roll Queen" Steve Nick, pop star Cher or music queen. Disco Donna Summer.

Steve Nick is honored as the icon of Bohemian style

It's not hard to see pop star Cher in Bohemian outfits

Disco Queen Donna Summer is also extremely "promoting" this style

Today: Festive boho-chic style

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With the development of fashion that emphasizes practicality, Bohemian clothes are greatly influenced by the hustle and bustle of modern life and are a continuation of the boho-chic style.

Bohemian style today has become simpler and more streamlined to fit the modern rhythm of life. Photo: Mango

The features of this style must be mentioned are the thin and light designs with nomadic motifs, comfortable shapes combined with boots, wide skirts or shorts. Modern materials are applied to this style, showing the uniqueness, both with a country and hippie vibe but also with a nostalgic look to the past.

The aforementioned characteristics of Bohemian are closely related to the spirit of music festivals. So many people today consider Coachella - a multi-day music festival, usually held in April in the US - to be the paradise of this style. The image of girls with flowing costumes, colorful motifs, wearing crystal glasses dancing on the endless grass has become an image associated with the cult music festival.

Coachella space island - the largest music festival on the planet, nothing but wild Bohemian style

On the catwalk, Bohemian style has blossomed all over the catwalk since 2013, a series of fashion houses Versace, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Roberto Cavalli… all simultaneously “promote” nomadic inspiration in performances.

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Characteristic elements of Bohemian style

Through many development periods with different variations, the "Bohemian girls" still have the common characteristics of the desire for freedom and dare to be different from the common standards. To become truly outstanding in the true Bohemian spirit, you cannot ignore the following characteristics.

Items that are as light as flying

You will rarely see “boho girls” in tight clothes. Instead, there is a natural charisma in floating maxi dresses, loose robes with thin fabric. Overalls or wide-leg pants also often appear on the favorites of girls who love this style.

Unique printed and embroidered motifs

Besides form, Bohemian is also a game of romantic motifs in the form of flowers, leaves, feathers... These motifs are also combined together to create characteristic outfits, easily recognizable among the crowd.

The rise of the earth tone palette “Earthy”

Honoring the rustic, Bohemian girls also love the earth tones such as nude, orange, brown, moss, black...

Fabric material

The light and airy fabric is one of the hallmarks of this style. Besides, coarse fabrics such as denim, wool, lace or suede are also frequently incorporated in boho styles.

Characteristic details of the outfit

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Bohemian girls also have a special love for loose designs. Widely spread layered skirts, puffy arms with wide open cuffs… are details commonly seen in boho-chic outfits. Tassel details, torn or unique knitting textures are also often applied to enhance the Bohemian spirit.

What to pay attention to to coordinate beautiful and genuine boho style clothes?

Dressing in Bohemian style is one of the ways to express your inner freedom, and also a way to help you become very attractive and outstanding. However, you can also become a charming girl if you don't dress properly.

Here are some tips to help her dress Bohemian style in the most proper way:

Choose a Bohemian item as the main highlight

You can choose a floral print shirt, patterned maxi skirt or tie-dye pants as the main highlight for the outfit. More than one highlight item easily makes you flashy, always sloppy if you're not careful.

Combine with solid colors

Solid-colored items will make the overall outfit more balanced when applied in everyday fashion. You can use a pair of white ripped jeans to combine with a patterned blouse, combine loose pants with a linen shirt. A smooth leather belt tied around the waist can also become a moderate, impressive highlight for a maxi dress.

Choose the right accessories for Bohemian style

The "boho girl" is also indispensable for accessories bearing bold Bohemian spirit. Feather accessories, flower headbands, tassel bags... will be the perfect combination to honor the spirit of the outfit.

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How to "turn on" Bohemian mode instantly

The kimono-style beach jacket is an item that helps you transform any outfit into a Bohemian style. You can easily combine this item when wearing bikini surfing on the beach or wearing casually with comfortable, solid colors.

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Above are summaries of the concept as well as suggestions for Bohemian style outfits for stylish girls. If you have fallen in love with this style, don't forget to visit ACFC right away to buy attractive fashion items to mix & match right away.

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