Vietinbank Money Transfer Fee Schedule Latest Update 2022

Money transfer is one of the services most registered by customers at Vietinbank. Not only the manual procedure, but the problem of Vietinbank money transfer fee How much is quite a lot of people interested to learn. Does the customer already know which form of money transfer is most suitable for his needs?

In the article below, let's find yourself the most detailed answer.

Update the latest Vietinbank money transfer fee schedule
Update the latest Vietinbank money transfer fee schedule

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Vietinbank waives all fees for money transfer and account maintenance

With the orientation to become a bank serving the whole people, from January 1, 2022Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam (VietinBank) extends the unconditional free policy to all customers – waiving all fees on digital banking channel – VietinBank iPay without participating in the transaction. plan or maintain a minimum balance in your account.

Specifically, 0 fee for all transfer transactions inside and outside the system via VietinBank iPay; 0 payment account maintenance fee/payment account package; 0 iPay service maintenance fee; 0 fee to maintain account balance fluctuations via OTT; 0 domestic/international debit card issuance fee.

Ways of transferring money from Vietinbank

Currently, Vietinbank provides you with 2 money transfer services including domestic money transfer and international money transfer.

Transfer money within the country

Customers can transfer money at the bank without having a bank account. With various money transfer channels such as:

  • Offline money transfer: money transfer at PGD/Branch, money transfer at ATM, hotline…

  • Online money transfer: transfer money via Internet Banking/Mobile Banking/SMS Banking

  • Fast interbank money transfer 24/7.

International money transfer

Customers can transfer money abroad without a bank account, but only need identification documents and money transfer codes to make international money transfers. (Money transfer code is provided at Vietinbank's transaction points)

  • Deposit type: USD.

  • Receipt currency: USD or VND.

Update the latest Vietinbank withdrawal fee schedule

Update the latest Vietinbank money transfer fee schedule

Fee schedule for transferring money from Vietinbank to the same bank

At Vietinbank, if a customer registers to perform a money transfer service package with the same bank. Level Vietinbank money transfer fee now it will be:

  • In case the two sender and receiver accounts are registered at the same branch system, the money transfer service is completely free.

  • In case the two bank accounts of the sender - the recipient are registered with different branches, the lowest fee is 10,000 VND.

  • In case the sender transfers money directly to the recipient's account, the transfer fee is completely free.

Vietinbank money transfer fee schedule is different from other banks

If the recipient's bank is outside Vietinbankthe money transfer fee will have specific changes.

  • In case the recipient registers to open a bank account at the same branch as the sender's account. The transfer fee will now be 10,000 VND for transactions under 500 million. For transactions over 500 million, the transfer fee will be calculated as 20,000 VND.

  • In case the recipient registers to open a bank account at a branch other than the sender's bank account branch. This time will calculate Vietinbank money transfer fee is 30,000 VND for each money transfer transaction.

The above fees are applied directly at all transaction counters, branches and offices of Vietinbank. Note that this form of money transfer is only available during the bank's office hours.

Fee schedule for transferring money from Vietinbank directly at the counter

firstTransfer money in VND and foreign currencies within the same system (not applicable to 02 accounts of the same customer)
1.1In VND
At the branch holding the Account0 VND
At another branch CN holds the Account5,000 VND
1.2In Foreign Currency
At the branch holding the Account0 USD
At another branch CN holds the Account2 USD
1.3Transfer money to recipients in cash in VietinBank system
Deduct money transfer account0.03%10,000 VND1,000,000 VND
Customers pay cash to transfer0.05%20,000 VND1,000,000 VND
1.4Submitting national budgetAccording to VietinBank's regulations from time to time
2Transfer money in VND in other countries
2.1Deduct from transfer account
Same province/city0.03%10,000 VND1,000,000 VND
Different province/city0.03%10,000 VND1,000,000 VND
Free counting0.02%10,000 VND1,000,000 VND
(collected for the amount of cash paid to transfer)
2.2Transfer money from outside the system, pay in cash0.03%10,000 VND1,000,000 VND
3Adjustment/Checking of money transfer20,000 VND

Vietinbank money transfer fee through Vietinbank Ipay

If customers need to transfer money quickly and easily without going directly to the counter. Then use the service Internet Banking of Vietinbank (Vietinbank Ipay) is the appropriate choice at this time. The condition to make an online money transfer is to have previously registered to use the service.

Level Vietinbank money transfer fee Using Internet Banking service applies as follows, for money transfer within the same Vietinbank system:

  • Under VND 1,000,000, the fee is: VND 1,100.

  • From 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 VND, the fee is: 2,200 VND.

  • From 3,000,000 to 50,000,000 VND, the fee is: 3,300 VND.

  • Above VND 50,000,000, the fee charged is 0.01 transaction fee.

Transfer money to other Vietinbank system:

  • From 1,000,000 to 50,000,000, the fee is: 9,900 VND

  • Over 50,000,000 VND, the fee is: 11,000 VND.

Service fee schedule of Vietinbank Ipay
Service fee schedule of Vietinbank Ipay

With other forms of money transfer, note that the recipient's bank account must belong to the bank associated with Vietinbank to be able to perform the transaction.

Vietinbank international money transfer fee in foreign currency

If the recipient's bank account is registered abroad, the sender can still make international money transfers. However, the fee will be subject to specific changes as follows:

  • In case the recipient's account belongs to Vietinbank foreign branches, a transfer fee of 0.15% of the total amount transferred will be charged.

  • In case the recipient's account belongs to a bank in another country, the transfer fee will be:

  • Education/health related transfers charge 0.18%, with a minimum fee of 2 USD.

  • Transfers for other reasons charge a fee of 0.20%, a minimum fee of 2 EUR applies.

Update the latest foreign currency transfer fee table at Vietinbank:

4Transfer money in other foreign currencies
4.1Transfer money
4.1.1Transfer money domestically0.03%2 USD50 USD
4.1.2Transfer money abroad
Transfer money to study abroad/medical treatment0.15%5 USD 200 USD
Other money transfer0.2%5 USD 200 USD
4.1.3Agent bank fee (VietinBank collects on behalf of customers who choose OUR fee) money domestically5 USD money abroad
Payment Order in USD
+ Usual OUR fee to Correspondent Bank6 USD
+ OUR Guarantee fee to the Bank to enjoy22 USD
Money order goes through VietinBank Laos0.08% VAT6 USD
(+ 5 USD if the beneficiary bank is different from VietinBank Laos)
Payment Order in JPY0.05% GTD + JPY2,5005,500 JPY
Payment Order in Other Foreign Currency30 USD
4.1.4Tally fee when transferring money in cashBy cash deposit to Foreign Currency Payment Account
4.1.5Cancel the money order5 USD
4.2Transfer money to
4.2.1Transfer money to
Money coming from abroad0.05%2 USD150 USD
Money source from abroad is forwarded by VietinBank branch0.03%1 USD150 USD
Funds coming from abroad are forwarded by domestic banks and branches of foreign banks in Vietnam2 USD
4.2.2Remittance of money order
Domestic5 USD
Foreign10 USD
4.2.3Transfer foreign currency to receive in cashBy cash withdrawal fee from Foreign Currency Settlement Account
4.3Adjust/checkUSD 5 + Foreign bank fee (if any)
(transfer money to and from, not including electricity)
4.4Electricity (SWIFT fee)
Domestic3 USD
Foreign5 USD
5Transfer money with VietinBank abroadEqual to 70% of the corresponding foreign currency transfer fee
6Checks, mandates
6.1Check provided by VietinBank (collected from drawer)
Czech Supply20,000 VND/book
Coverage or suspension of checks10,000 VND/sheet
Notice of loss of check200,000 VND/time
6.2Other Czech Service, Tax Mandate20,000 VND/sheet

Fee for transferring money from Vietinbank via ATM

To transfer money at a Vietinbank ATM, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Insert the card into the card reader slot

  • Step 2: Select language Vietnamese English

  • Step 3: Insert code THE BATTERY (need to ensure security should cover with hand)

  • Step 4: Choose Transfer

  • Step 5: Enter the recipient's account number (if different, the bank will add a step to select the bank to transfer)

  • Step 6: Enter the amount to transfer and make the transfer.

Transferring money at an ATM may incur a few fees depending on the amount you are transferring specifically as follows:

  • Transfer money within the same system in the same province: Free

  • Transfer money to other banks: at least 11,000 VND/1 transfer (applicable when transferring under 30 million, over 30 million charged 0.2%/transfer amount)

When is Vietinbank free of charge?

In some specific cases below, customers will be free to transfer money to Vietinbank:

  • Transfer money with Vietinbank branch.

  • Transfer money by application (iPay/iPay Mobile) of VietinBank.

  • Transfer salary from enterprises through Vietinbank (with prior cooperation with the bank).

How long does it take to transfer money from Vietinbank to another bank?

  • If you transfer money at PGD/Branch: 30 minutes at the latest at 5 am.

  • If transferring money to Vietinbank Ipay (internet Banking): 5 minutes at the latest 1 hour.

  • Quick money transfer 24/7: Receive money immediately after sending.

How much is the deposit fee to Vietinbank account?

  • At Branch Vietinbank account management: 0 VND

  • At other Vietinbank branches, Account management branches: 0.03%


Vietinbank money transfer transactions are quite diverse in terms of service packages. Attached is the level Vietinbank money transfer fee dissimilarity. Above is the reference information about the transfer fee apply now. Hope this article will be a useful reference for readers.

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