What is Agribank's VnTopup service? Register how?

What is Agribank's VnTopup service?? What is the function and how to register? And how to register this utility. If Agribank customers are learning about VNTopup, then Bankcuatoi.com will introduce this utility in detail below.

What is Agribank's VnTopup service?

What is the service of vntopup agribank

If you hear about VnTopup for the first time, surely you will not know what this service is, and for what purpose was it born? In fact, VnTopup is a service associated with Agribank bank accounts that performs online phone card top-up. In other words, through this service, you can use the money in your Agribank account to top up your phone card anywhere, anytime. This service has gradually replaced the traditional method of buying phone cards to recharge as before.

VnTopup links with all carriers operating in Vietnam. Whether you use sim card Viettel, Vina phone, Mobi fone, VietNam mobile, Gtel... you can top up the card via VnTopup easily.

In addition to the main feature is to top up the phone card. VnTopup also has an additional feature of buying and loading game cards online. Online games at famous Vietnamese game sites such as GateCard, Vina game, Vcoin, Zinggame... all allow to load game cards directly through VnTopup. Therefore, this service has received great attention from the Vietnamese gaming community.

Conditions for using Agribank's VnTopup service

With the service, customers can make phone recharges deducted from Agribank's bank account. With this service, customers need to have a payment account opened at Agribank. After that, everyone can proceed to register for this service and use it.

Advantages of Agribank's VnTopup service

When using Agribank's VnTopup service, many customers do not know the advantages of this service. Here we will introduce to you the advantages of this service. Specifically, please refer to the article below.

  • Deduct money directly from Agribank account to top up phone cards for prepaid subscribers. Or pay telecommunications bills for postpaid mobile subscribers.

  • No need to use cash to buy cards and then scratch and top up cards like before. So it saves a lot of time and effort.

  • If unfortunately the phone runs out of money in the middle of the night or when it rains. It must be very difficult to go out to buy a phone card. VnTopup will solve this problem. You can top up your card quickly, regardless of day or night, anywhere.

  • Many people when buying a phone scratch card encounter a "bad cry, bad laugh" situation because the scratch card code has been discovered and loaded by others in advance. When using VnTopup of Agribank, that situation will never happen.

  • VnTopup also has the feature of giving phone scratch cards to friends and relatives. You can also use this app to pay bills for online purchases.

Instructions for registering and using VnTopup Agribank service

Above, we will guide and answer you about Agribank's VnTopup service. If people do not know how to register and use this service. The following are detailed instructions.

How to register for VnTopup Agribank service?

If you want to use VnTopup service, bring your ID card to Agribank transaction counter to complete registration procedures. It's very simple, you just need to fill in the registration form to use the service, then sign and return the form. Staff will register an account for you from the system.

Immediately after successful registration. The system will send you an SMS notification. Attached is the service activation instructions. After activation, you will be guided by the system on how to use the basic service. This guide is also sent as an SMS.

What is the service of vntopup agribank

Note: The condition to use VnTopup service is that you must have an Agribank account to link with the service. Later, the phone card recharge amount will be deducted directly from this account.

How to use VnTopup Agribank service?

Before using the service, you must activate it. It is best to change a new password for the service to be both easy to remember and increase security. You use the VnTopup service by composing a message according to the syntax corresponding to your needs and sending it to the 8049 switchboard.

Some basic operations of VnTopup Agribank service:

  • Change the new password for the service: MK_Old Password_New Password send switchboard 8049.

  • Top up phone cards for your main subscribers: NAP_amount to top-up_service password password to switchboard 8049.

  • Top up phone cards for others: NAP_amount_card recipient phone number_service password send switchboard 8049.

where _ is the distance.

In case you don't top up the phone card, you can load the game card online. You will replace the amount to be loaded with the corresponding characters such as VN10, VN20, VN30, VN50, VN100, VN200, VN300, VN500. Equivalent amount 10,000 VND, 20,000 VND, 50,000 VND, 100,000 VND, 300,000 VND, 500,000 VND.

How much is VnTopup Agribank fee?

Just like other convenient banking services. VnTopup has a monthly service fee and is deducted directly from the bank account. VnTopup service fee is 8,000 VND/month.

Particularly for 2 carriers, Viettel and Mobifone. When you compose a message and send it to the 8049 switchboard, it will cost another 500 VND/message. The remaining carriers are free to send messages.

In case customers do not want to continue using VnTopup service anymore, they can cancel whenever they want. You bring your ID card to Agribank transaction counter to cancel the service. If you do not have time to travel, you can cancel via Agribank's hotline 1900 55 55 77. You are free to cancel the service.


Here we have helped you answer the question What is Agribank's VnTopup service?? With the information of today's article, I hope to help you to some extent when registering and using this service. If you have any questions, please leave a comment for a free answer.