Sacombank's Tet holiday schedule with the latest information 2023

Sacombank is ranked in the top of prestigious banks and has a record number of customers transacting in a day. Especially near the Lunar New Year, customers coming to Sacombank's transaction offices and branches can reach thousands of transactions in a day. Therefore, Sacombank's Tet holiday schedule 2023 is always very interested by customers.

Sacombank's New Year holiday schedule in 2023

Sacombank is the trading name of Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank) with many attractive financial products/services to bring customers the most positive experiences, contributing to building make the country stronger.

Up to the present time, Sacombank has not given exact information about the time of the Lunar New Year holiday in 2023, but it is expected that the break time will be as follows:

  • All branches and transaction offices of Sacombank will be closed for the 2013 New Year holiday from January 1, 2023 to the end of January 2, 2023. year 2023.

  • On January 3, 2022, Sacombank's branches and transaction offices will return to normal operations.

Sacombank's Lunar New Year holiday schedule in 2023

Sacombank's Tet holiday schedule with the latest information 2023
Sacombank's Tet holiday schedule with the latest information 2023

In 2013, Sacombank did not have many changes in the Lunar New Year holiday schedule. Moreover, the Tet holiday schedule at Sacombank is similar to that of banks and other administrative agencies in our country.

Sacombank also has not announced the exact information about the 2013 Lunar New Year holiday, but the estimated time that customers can refer to is as follows:

The bank will be closed from January 18, 2023 (Tet 27) until the end of January 27, 2023 (January 6, Lunar New Year) and return to normal work from January 28, 2023.

Note, during the Lunar New Year holiday 2023, ATM systems, internet banking, mobile banking and call centers of Sacombank will still be operating normally.

Can Sacombank transfer money during Tet holiday?

During Tet holiday, all transaction offices and branches of Sacombank are closed, so customers cannot go directly to the counter to transfer money. However, Sacombank's online banking services are still operating normally to help you transfer and receive money through your bank account anytime, anywhere.

However, customers should note that if there is any error when performing an online money transfer transaction, it will not be immediately supported by the bank, but you have to wait until after the Tet holiday, when the transaction offices and Sacombank's branches will work again to be resolved.

How long does it take to transfer money to Sacombank on Tet holiday?

Can Sacombank transfer money during Tet holiday?
Can Sacombank transfer money during Tet holiday?

If you choose 24/4 fast transfer at Internet Banking service or Sacombank's Mobile Banking application, the beneficiary will receive the money within a few minutes from the time the transfer is completed successfully. labour.

In case of transferring money to another bank, customers should note that the service fee at Sacombank is quite high, ranging from 6,000 VND to 8,000 VND.


Here are the shares about Sacombank's Tet holiday schedule In 2013, hopefully, it has helped you gain the necessary information to be more proactive in choosing the time to go to the bank to make successful transactions. In addition, Sacombank's switchboard is always open 24/7, ready to answer all questions of customers so that customers can feel more secure when using this bank's services.

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