What is email security? 5 most popular email security protocols 2022

Email or electronic mail is the most popular means of communication and information transmission in the digital age. This tool has an important role for work and study, so it is very easy to attack by bad objects.

So What is email security?? Is there a difference between personal and business email security? What is the best security protocol today? Join Mat Bao to learn about simple and effective email account protection methods through the following article.

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What is email security?

What is email security?

1. What is email security?

Email security is the use of techniques to keep an email account and its data from unauthorized access by strangers. Email account security is essential for both personal and business email.

2. Why do you need email security?

An individual's bank and social media accounts are usually registered with an email account. Therefore, hackers often take advantage of security holes to break into emails to collect this information. Besides, after accessing, bad actors also borrow the account owner's name to send phishing emails or perform bad intentions.

For businesses, email is a tool to store important documents about business strategies or customers. This is a "delicious bait" for those who specialize in buying and selling data with bad purposes. If such information is disclosed to the outside, it will have a great impact on the business. In particular, losing access to email accounts also disrupts work.

Important information and data leaked for hacked emails need email security

Important information, data leaked for hacked email

3. How to better secure email?

Realizing the importance of email to business operations, many businesses are increasingly interested in business email security. Currently, business email is usually secured by the following 2 methods:
  • Protect email with a secure gateway SEG

SEG (Secure Email Gateway) is a network security solution that acts as a barrier to prevent email threats. The security gateway will detect malicious emails sent to the mailbox through the following mechanisms: spam filter, artificial intelligence, IP, reputable address list, blacklist and anti-virus engine.

  • Email protection with DMARC

DMARC is an enterprise email security tool that supports email authentication. This protocol will help users know whether the incoming email is legitimate or not by scanning and checking. At the same time, DMARC will also help prevent hackers from using business domain names for fraud or fraud.

Choosing a business email security method

Choosing a business email security method

4. What should users/employees do to secure email

To protect email from intruders, you can refer to the following simple methods:

  • Don't use a single email account

Using multiple email accounts at the same time can distract bad actors, making it impossible for them to know which is your main email. Currently, there are many email service providers to choose from, such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail.

For security, each website account, domain manager, social network can use a different email service. However, you also need to update the security for each email account. Because Outlook email security is also very different from Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

  • Use complex and hard-to-guess passwords

Complex passwords are the answers that many experts give when asked "methods" What is email security??”. In fact, this is also one of the simplest and easiest ways to protect email. Password is considered safe when it has all letters, numbers, special characters and is not close to personal information. In addition, you should also change your email password regularly.

Choosing a business email security method

Use a highly secure password

  • Beware of Phishing Scams

Phishing is a method used by hackers to steal personal information. They often impersonate large websites' emails to deceive users, so you have to be very vigilant.

  • Limit clicking on files or links attached to emails

Malicious codes can hide behind links, attachments in spam emails, advertisements or emails from unknown senders. To protect your email, you should avoid clicking on such content.

  • Use 2-layer email security

2-Factor Security (2FA) protects your email by adding an extra step to the normal sign-in process. With this feature, email will be better secure, even knowing the password, it will be very difficult to penetrate.

  • Avoid connecting to public Wifi

Spyware can access personal information through online trading accounts. The risk of being attacked by hackers is higher if you access unsecured Wifi connections.

Use a highly secure password

Use 2-layer security for email

5. Most popular email security protocols

Before learning about today's popular email security protocols, you need to understand the definition of "protocol". What is email security??”. Understandably, these are structures that help protect email from outside intrusions. At the moment, you will have the following options:

SSL and TLS are application layer protocols that provide a secure framework that works with SMTP to protect users' emails. When a user sends or receives mail, these protocols use TCP to initiate a handshake with the email server.

  • Digital Certificate Protocol

Digital Certificate is an encryption tool that protects email with cryptography. Authentication allows users to receive and send encrypted emails using a predefined encryption key.

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an authentication protocol against domain spoofing. SPF will help the server determine the origin of the domain, avoiding the use of a domain to hide its true identity.

Sender Policy Framework Protocol

How the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) protocol works

DomainKeys Identified Mail is an anti-spoofing protocol, ensuring the security of email in transit. DKIM will use the digital signature to check the sending domain.

DMARC is an SPF and DKIM authentication system to avoid fraudulent actions originating from a certain domain. At the same time, this protocol also helps prevent header spoofing.

S/MIME is a protocol that helps encrypt email content before sending. Only the recipient can decrypt the message body.

  • Protocol PGP / OpenPGP

PGP is an end-to-end encryption protocol and OpenPGP is its open source version. These protocols can be integrated into email security through the applications Gpg4Win.org, Gpgtools.org, GnuPG.org…

Securing your email account is the way to protect personal information and important data. Hope the above article has helped you answer the question "What is email security??” and know more ways to protect your email. If your business needs to use email service by domain name with high security, please contact Mat Bao immediately for more detailed advice.

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