What is HSK? Introduction to HSK . Exam

In order to take the HSK exam effectively, you should learn about the exam structure, exam format, scoring method, etc. Or you just need to register for the HSK mock exam experience at SHZ, before taking the real HSK exam. Now, SHZ would like to share all about HSK exam to help you pass easily!

1. What is HSK?

HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Khaoshi (汉语水平考试). It is a Chinese language proficiency test for foreigners. Or Chinese living abroad. HSK certificate is an international Chinese language certificate, which is held and awarded by the Chinese Foreign Language Office of China.

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According to the new regulations applied from 2021 of the Chinese Mandarin Office. Candidates who register for the HSK exam must take the exam with the HSKK certificate, as follows:

HSK 1 – 2 do not take HSKK

HSK 3 exam with HSKK beginner

HSK 4 exam with intermediate HSKK

HSK 5-6 exams with advanced HSKK

So when you want to take the HSK test, you should learn about Chinese Certificate HSKK for good test results.

2. Why take the HSK . exam

– If you are a high school student with an HSK3 or higher Chinese certificate, you will be exempted from taking the foreign language test. And 10 points are counted for this test to consider high school graduation. (Stipulated in Clause 1, Article 32 of Circular No. 04/2017/TT-BGDĐT of the Ministry of Education and Training).

– If you are a university student with HSK certificate, you will be exempted from the foreign language exam. (If the school is not required to learn English or exempt from foreign language exam 2). And you can graduate on time if the school requires a second language when you graduate.

If you want to study in China or Taiwan, you must take the HSK (or TOCFL) exam. To apply for a scholarship, you must have a high HSK score to have a chance to win a scholarship. Universities in China usually require HSK4 for undergraduate, HSK5 for masters and doctoral degrees.

If you want to apply for a job in Chinese, the HSK certificate is the standard for employers to pay attention to. Your Chinese proficiency is high, with high HSK certificate, your job opportunities will be more.

HSK Certificate HSK certificate of students of SHZ Chinese language center

3. Exam structure of HSK1 to HSK6 . levels

To participate in the HSK exam at any level, you must master the structure of the HSK exam to arrange the exam time. Before taking the test, you must fill in all the information on the test. Such as name, exam number, nationality, test place, registration number, check the gender box, etc. In this part, you should write according to the content on the contest card to record correctly.

HSK1 – HSK2 . exam structure

In the HSK 1 - HSK 2 exam, you have 5 minutes to fill in your personal information and 5 minutes to fill in the exam answers.

  • HSK1 has a total of 40 questions with 2 parts, test in 30 minutes

– Listening part with 20 sentences (15 minutes)

– Reading section of 20 sentences (15 minutes)

Many of you wonder if HSK 1 does not need to take the exam, right? Exactly, HSK1 does not hold the exam.

  • HSK2 consists of 2 parts, with 60 questions in 45 minutes.

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– Listening part of 35 sentences (25 minutes)

– Reading section of 25 sentences (20 minutes)

At SHZ Chinese Language Center, only after 1-2 courses (depending on the course) can you take the HSK exam. And you will easily get HSK 2 certificate.

Exam structure HSK3 – HSK4 – HSK5 – HSK6

In the HSK Level 3 - HSK 6 exam, you have 5 minutes to write personal information and 10 minutes to fill in the answers.

  • HSK3 consists of 3 parts with 80 questions in 75 minutes

– Listening section 40 sentences (35 minutes)

– Reading section of 30 sentences (25 minutes)

– Writing section of 10 sentences (15 minutes)

  • HSK4 has 100 questions, time 90 minutes

– Listening section 45 sentences (30 minutes)

– Reading section 40 sentences (35 minutes)

– Writing section of 15 sentences (25 minutes)

  • HSK5 consists of 3 parts, HSK 5 exam has 100 questions, time 110 minutes

– Listening section 45 sentences (30 minutes)

– Reading section 45 sentences (40 minutes)

– Writing section 10 sentences (40 minutes)

  • HSK6 has 3 parts, time 125 minutes with 101 questions.

– Listening section with 50 sentences (35 minutes)

– Reading section of 50 sentences (45 minutes)

– 1 sentence writing part (45 minutes)

4. How HSK . is calculated

In the HSK exam, the maximum score for each part of the HSK exam is 100 points.

HSK1 and HSK2 have a total of 2 sections (listening and reading) so the maximum score is 200 points. A total score of 120 points or more is passed. And you get the HSK certificate with the corresponding exam level.

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From HSK3 to HSK6 there are a total of 3 sections (listening, reading, writing) so the maximum score is 300 points. If the total test score is 180 or higher, you will pass and receive the HSK certificate.

Note that there is no minimum score required for each section. Exempting the total score of the sections above 120 or 180 points is to obtain the HSK certificate.

5. Learn about the HSK exam on computer and on paper

The paper-based and computer-based HSK exam format has the same test content, time, and test method. When preparing for the HSK exam, you should understand the format to choose the right test method. Each test format has its own advantages and limitations.

  • When taking HSK on paper, the test is pre-printed on paper, so it is easy to read and give an overview of the whole test. You can easily choose the answer and compare it faster in the listening part. The drawback is that the exam room is large and crowded with candidates, the radio plays the listening section at the front desk, so it won't be heard clearly. If you do not remember and write the correct kanji, the writing part will be a bit difficult.

  • The computer-based HSK exam, also known as the online HSK exam, requires you to have your own headphones so you can hear it clearly. For the writing part, you just need to remember the phonetic transcription to be supported by Chinese percussion. It's just… the screen doesn't display all the content, you have to pull up and down it takes time. Once done, the computer automatically locks right away, if you don't pay attention to the time, it's hard to check again.

Students taking the HSK . mock exam Students participate in the HSK mock exam organized by Hoa Van SHZ

6. Time to receive HSK . certificate

After the HSK exam, from the test date to 30-45 days, the online test results will be available. You rely on the personal information in the HSK test sheet to look up test scores at Chinesetest. 1-2 months after the test date, you can receive your HSK certificate at the place where you originally registered for the exam.

7. How long does it take to study for the HSK . exam?

To take the HSK exam with the desired test level, you must have a certain level of Chinese. With about 300 HSK words, you can pass HSK1 (150 words) and HSK2 (300 words). Particularly for HSK level 3, you need to master 500-600 HSK words.

As long as you know 1200 HSK words, you will be completely confident to take the HSK 4 exam. Over 2500 words, you can take the HSK5 exam. And to take the HSK 6 exam, you need more than 5000 words.

At the HSK SHZ training and preparation center, after only 1-2 courses you can pass the HSK2 exam. And need 1-1.5 years with good self-study ability, you can immediately get HSK4-5 certificate.

8. Experience the HSK mock exam at the Chinese language center SHZ

To have an effective HSK exam, get a high score, what do you need to prepare?

  • Choose the right test level, to practice content and optimize exam time.

  • Practice solving sample exam questions to learn vocabulary, grasp grammar, types of lessons, etc. to gain experience in doing tests

  • Keep your mind at ease, do your best, avoid stress and fatigue

  • Practicing exam skills is still limited to be able to do well in each part of the exam.

If you want a strategy for each section? Quick test method? Small "tips" to take the initiative in exam time? Register for the EXPERIENCE HSK experience at SHZ!

The HSK "trial" exam at SHZ is held on a large scale, according to international HSK standards. The exam is carefully compiled for each level. The examination room is strictly supervised by a supervisor. Just sign up for the experience of your choice, SHZ helps you take the “real” exam!

After the test results are available, SHZ advises you on the appropriate test level and gives you suggestions to improve your weak skills. SHZ's goal is to help you confidently achieve your certification in the next HSK exam.

9. Notes when taking the HSK

– In addition to learning about HSK, you should also learn about HSKK to prepare well for the exam.

– You must monitor and update the registration time, receive the Registration Card and the official exam time.

– Because the HSK certificate is valid for 2 years, depending on the purpose you choose the appropriate HSK exam. Most recruitment agencies do not pay attention to the validity of the HSK certificate. But if you want to apply for scholarships, foreign language exams, etc., you should consider the exam time.

– For the HSK exam on paper, you need to bring a pencil and eraser to record information and answers. It is not necessary to take the HSK test on a computer, but you can bring a pen to draft.

– While doing the test, you should be comfortable and keep your spirits up, do a certain part of that part. Because HSK scores do not require a minimum of points, it is only necessary to have a high score and total score.

If you have any questions about the HSK exam, please contact SHZ immediately for advice! View the most updated HSK exam schedule now.

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