What is Taobao goods, are goods purchased on Taobao good?

What is taobao goods?

What is taobao goods?

With the strong development of e-commerce networks in China, the way of doing business online is becoming more and more popular. That's why ordering taobao has become a formality Import Chinese goods at wholesale prices loved by many customers in Vietnam. So What is taobao goods?

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Taobao goods are products that are sold and exchanged on the website taobao.com of Alibaba group. The characteristics of taobao goods are:

  • Diverse models and types

  • Abundant supply of goods

  • Guaranteed quality, censored

Due to the high demand for quality goods by consumers, Taobao currently has two main services, which are Taobao and Tmall electronic markets.

Taobao.com electronic market operates under the C2C model and sells all kinds of items from costumes, bags, cosmetics, shoes... for all ages and genders. Items on taobao are usually new and have a pre-listed price.

And Tmall is an e-commerce site operating under the B2C model with the booths of the world's leading brands such as Adidas, Nine West, Lenovo, Dell, Nokia... Tmall's goods censorship is extremely tight, So most of the goods here are genuine and of high quality.

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How to buy at taobao

How to buy on Taobao

To buy taobao genuine you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Create an account

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Step 2: Search for products

  • Use the translation tool to type the product keywords you are looking for in the search bar: you can use Chinese translation or search for taobao goods by pictures.

  • You can use the filter under the search bar to easily and quickly select products that match your requirements.

Step 3: Order and pay

  • Once you've finished choosing, you place an order

  • When paying, you have payment methods such as: Chinese domestic bank card or via Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, ...

Step 4: Track orders and receive goods

  • When the payment is successful, you need to enter the delivery address in China and then contact an acquaintance to transfer to Vietnam.

  • If you do not have a domestic Chinese bank account or a delivery address here, you need to choose a reputable Chinese - Vietnamese shipping company to have the goods shipped to the location you need.

Attention when buying taobao order

note when buying taobao

  • Taobao website uses Chinese, so it will cause some customers who do not know foreign languages ​​to face many difficulties in communication.

  • The point of contact and interaction with suppliers also requires the ability to communicate in foreign languages ​​to negotiate prices

  • Taobao accepts payments by Alipay, this requires a lot of skills in using domestic banking and location verification operations.

  • Long waiting time (15-30 days)

  • Goods are prone to risk, easy to lose

  • Many places do not provide delivery service

  • Shipping and customs fees are expensive.

To overcome those difficulties, you can immediately choose Import Chinese goods as the ordering service buy taobao goods and shipped to Vietnam. Our customer service staff will help you negotiate absolute wholesale prices to receive high profits.

Buy taobao fastest at nhaphangchina.vn

Buy Taobao with Nhaphangchina

Import Chinese goods to provide ordering services, order goods from Taobao Cheap, safe. To use the service of nhaphangchina.vn you can follow the following ways:

  • Contact customer service directly at hotline 0377102962 – 0377102962 to receive information about goods to be ordered at Taobao. If you want to order through this form, you must have full information of: type of goods, name of goods, quantity.

  • Another way is that you can send the link of the item you want to order via email [email protected] At this time, our staff will check the order and quote. In case the customer does not have a source of goods, the product link is not available on Taobao China, the China Importer staff will give suggestions on reputable items and shops.

  • After agreeing on a payment method, customers pay in advance for the order by sending it directly at the China Import office or by bank transfer according to the account number information provided by our staff.

  • The China Importer will make the purchase right after you complete the payment for the order.

  • When the goods arrive at China Import's warehouse, we will assist you to check your order, quantity or check if there are any errors in shipping. After that, we will directly pack and do customs declaration procedures to ship the goods to Vietnam.

You can pick up your order by visiting our offices and branches in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. If you want to use door-to-door delivery, you will need to provide an address for delivery and pay for the shipping fee.

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