Where is Mount Everest located?

The harshest environment on the planet

The road to Mount Everest is the border between Nepal and Tibet (China).

Mount Everest (also known as Chomolungma Peak), is a mountain peak with an altitude of 8,848 meters. After the earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015, the top of Mount Everest decreased by 2.4 cm and shifted slightly to the southwest.

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The road to Mount Everest is the border between Nepal and Tibet (China). If compared with the distance from sea level, then Mount Everest is considered the highest mountain.

Due to geological tectonic movements, the top of Mount Everest is still 2.5 cm higher every year. Although it is the highest mountain and has the harshest environment on the planet, Mount Everest still attracts many people, especially adventurous climbers.

The Nepalese call the summit of Mount Everest by another name that is Sagarmatha – which means forehead of the sky; and the Tibetans call it Chomolangma - meaning the Mother of the Universe.

The average temperature in the mountains is -19 degrees Celsius in summer and -36 degrees Celsius in winter.

Mount Everest is home to some of the most extreme environments on the planet. Therefore, climbers of Mount Everest have to go through many difficulties such as falling easily, lack of oxygen, cold of snow and ice, wind and storm...

The snow icicles are huge in size, there are icicles the size of a building and can collapse at any time. Just stepping in the wrong place, or the right icicles moving, can cause terrible danger.

The address attracts many people

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Mount Everest, although very harsh, is still an attractive destination for many people, especially professional climbers, attracting tourists from all over the world. Setting foot on the top of Mount Everest - the highest mountain in the world, you will see the great and wonderful landscapes that nature brings to man.

Mount Everest is also a conquest not for the poor
Mount Everest - a conquest not for the poor

8,848 meters – it is an ideal height to be able to enjoy the lower mountains, but no less majestic. You can enjoy the green trees in the distance, everything becomes so small when looking at it from above.

However, you should remember that conquering Mount Everest is not only for people with good physical strength, perseverance, courage, and experience, but the summit of Mount Everest is also a conquest not for people. poor.

To climb to the top of Mount Everest, one has to spend a small amount of money, about 10,000 12,000 USD. It is an expense, such as hiring a local person who is good at climbing with you and a dwarf buffalo to carry your luggage…

Jumping Spiders in the Himalayas

Jumping Spiders – can move by jumping from place to place at an altitude of about 22,000 feet (about 6,700 meters) above sea level. Jumping spiders can live in the cold of tens of degrees Celsius and can withstand the harshness of the environment.

Jumping spiders are only about 1 cm long, the spider body is covered with a layer of hair. This is a rare animal that can live in such an extreme environment and weather as on Mount Everest. The jumping spider's food can be harmless insects caught in the wind, or it can also be lost mallards.

A big cemetery

According to statistics, the top of Mount Everest is likened to the largest cemetery of the natural world. More and more people want to try their hand at new discoveries, so Mount Everest is also an ideal choice for many people.

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The higher the interest in Mount Everest, the more people come here, it is estimated that more than 200 people have died here and most are still lying on this snowy mountain peak with no bodies yet found.

Garbage on the top of Mount Everest
Mount Everest not only has a lot of dead bodies, but also contains more than 50 tons of garbage

Type in the search box about Mount Everest, you can come across titles such as "delicious mountain with ideal peak", "majestic scenery under the mountain top"… However, few people see the truth behind What are those pictures?

The summit of Mount Everest is not only full of dead bodies, but also contains more than 50 tons of garbage and is still increasing year by year and season by season. On the slopes, you can easily come across piles of garbage such as climbing equipment, food packaging waste, empty oxygen tanks...

Although, people have conducted garbage collection and collected more than 10 tons of waste, but still, the summit of Mount Everest has not been completely cleaned up.

Later, people began to make a rule that each person when going to the foot of the mountain must bring 8 kg of garbage, otherwise they will be fined.

Footprints of a Snowman

There are many stories that have been woven about a hairy giant covered in full body, walking on Mount Everest.

Although it has not been proven that there are real snowmen at the top of Everest, there are still many people who are determined to conquer the summit of Everest, for the reason of "wanting to meet a snowman"...

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