Which bank is the highest and most reputable online savings bank?

Which bank is the highest online savings account, the best is the problem of a lot of customers. To choose the bank with the best interest rate online savings package, it depends on many factors. You should refer to our tips below.

Currently, online savings deposit form is developing very strongly. Most banks allow saving at home through online banking applications and services. So Which bank is the best online savings bank? prestige, safety, high interest rate? Below, Bankcuatoi.com will suggest to readers a few of the best rated banks in providing online savings packages.

Things to know before sending online savings

Customers should know about some information about online savings products. When we have a good understanding of the form of savings, we will make an assessment and choose the best bank.

What is online savings?

What is the best place to set up an online ticket?

Online savings is a form of online savings via Internet banking services or Mobile Banking applications of banks. Just register to use one of the convenient banking services, you can deposit online. No need to go directly to the bank to deposit cash like before. Online savings are very interested and used by customers.

Deposit will be deducted from checking account and transferred to online savings account. With this deposit method, customers can easily manage their accounts and receive higher interest rates than traditional deposit packages.

What are the advantages of online savings?

The biggest advantage of online savings is that you can send money anytime, anywhere, without going to the bank. If you deposit cash, you have to bring a very large amount of money to the bank for procedures. In the process of moving, there are many potential risks. Online savings help overcome these risks.

Since you don't need cash, you don't need to move. Just sit at home or anywhere, operate on the phone and still be able to send savings. Especially when sending savings online, you can do it at any time, including holidays or holidays.

Sending online savings is simple, compact and still has full proof of customer savings. Depositors also easily monitor their savings accounts, receive notifications of monthly interest. No need to go to the bank to look up manually like before.

Online savers still enjoy interest rates and incentives from the deposit receiving bank.

What conditions do you need to meet to save money online?

To make a deposit online, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Have a debit account at the bank you want to send money to.

  • Registered to use Internet banking / Mobile Banking service.

  • The debit account balance must be more than the minimum amount to open an online savings account.

Specific instructions on how to send savings online

  • Step 1: You log in to Internet Banking/Mobile Banking service.

  • Step 2: In the features select Save online.

  • Step 3: Enter the information that the system requires such as: Select the source account, Enter the amount to send, select the deposit term, select the method of receiving interest...

  • Step 4: Enter the OTP code sent to your phone message to complete the online savings steps.

In fact, these steps may vary depending on the design and interface of Internet Banking / Mobile Banking service of each bank. But basically still just revolve around the operations as above. Please read the terms and conditions of the online savings account carefully before deciding to send money.

Which bank is the highest and best online savings bank?

Which bank should I deposit my savings online? to receive interest and at the same time ensure the safety of the deposited amount. Below we will suggest some big banks that are implementing extremely reputable savings packages as follows.

1/ Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB)

The advantage of Asia Commercial Bank compared to other joint stock commercial banks is that it has a higher interest rate on online savings. Specifically, ACB has a 0.3% higher interest rate than most banks in Vietnam.

You can deposit online ACB through Internet banking service or Mobile Banking application of this bank.

2/ Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development (BIDV)

What is the best place to set up an online ticket?

BIDV is one of the leading banks in applying online savings service. Not to mention the high interest rate, BIDV also has many attractive incentives for customers participating in this service.

BIDV Online savings deposit terms are diverse, the interest rates change according to each deposit term. So customers can choose the package that suits them best. Not only online savings, BIDV also allows online loans for customers who meet the conditions.

3/ Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank)

What is the best place to set up an online ticket?

Until now, Agribank has always been in the top of the largest and most prestigious banks in Vietnam. Agribank's online savings packages have diverse terms and attractive interest rates. Agribank also regularly increases interest rates on online savings packages. Interest is paid in different ways depending on the choice of each customer.

4/ Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank)

Sacombank is a large bank with high charter capital. Bank bankruptcy or financial risk leading to failure to pay deposit contracts to customers is almost impossible. So you can rest assured to deposit online at this bank.

On special holidays and Tet, Sacombank often gives gifts and offers attractive incentives to customers who participate in online savings.

5/ Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank)

The advantage of Techcombank's online savings package is simple, fast and convenient. All is done via Techcombank Mobile Banking application. This is also an application with high security features. So you do not need to worry about any risks in the process of online savings.

The interest rate of Techcombank online savings package is quite high. Even higher than the form of going directly to Techcombank's transaction counters for savings. Moreover, it can be done anytime, anywhere. Therefore, customers gradually pay attention to this form of savings instead of the traditional one.

6/ Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank)

Vietcombank is a large and prestigious bank in Vietnam. Vietcombank's banking services provided to individuals and businesses are highly appreciated. In particular, the online savings service is also of great interest. The interest rate of online savings at Vietcombank is quite stable. In particular, this bank also regularly launches huge incentive packages to attract more customers. When participating in online savings. Customers can also enjoy these offers and promotions.

7/ An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABbank)

Although the size of An Binh bank cannot be as large as the 6 banks above. But ABbank's online savings package has a higher interest rate of 0.2% than other banks. Therefore, many customers have chosen ABbank.

Some other banks that offer online savings packages with stable interest rates include: Eximbank, VIB, VPbank...



So the question? Which bank should I deposit online?? have been answered by us in detail. In general, before choosing any bank, you should research carefully. Especially in terms of policies, terms and interest rates.

If you find it suitable for your conditions and circumstances, then choose that bank to deposit online. During the deposit process, if you have any questions, please call the customer service center of that bank for answers.