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With many potential advantages such as link building from social networks, posting on many news sites from many countries and creating effective link profiles, SENUKE TNG is gradually becoming the leading tool. A lot of SEOer aspire to owning.
So how to use it and what are the requirements when using it? Posts User manual SEnuke TNG Hope to help the seoers in general and the newbie in particular

Introducing SENUKE TNG

Senuke TNG is one of many SEO tools that most Seoers want to own to create high quality backlinks in a short amount of time in order to create backlinks to improve their website's position.
With Senuke TNG there are two options for you that are Turbo Wizard and Wizard.
Wizard is a more manually set up campaign, which forces the user to perform each step as directed. Besides the advantage is that you can easily control the setup process as well as error messages there.
Turbo Wizard is a set-up campaign, where you only need to enter one keyword and six keywords. Then Senuke TNG will create your own content and link to link to your site. . Currently Turbo Wizard is the most used method

Requested when setting up Senuke TNG campaign

First to launch Senuke you need to download and install:
Download here:
Followed by the necessary accounts:
  • Email account: not used to run SENUKE to create accout. Here you just enter email and password, the tool will automatically give you accout on all sites can go link
  • Account exceeded capcha: so that tool can automatically pass Google capcha, this account is costly and you need to buy it.
  • New outlook account and setting POP and MAP open as shown below:

User manual

With the existing requirements, you only need to enter keywords and suggestions with the theme, the campaign SENUKE TNG will automatically create acc on all pages that can allow link and create content with anchotext. You then need to automatically post and link to your site
For more information, please see the video below:

Pay attention

  • The direct impact: Most importantly, email, many sites do not accept emails without the correct information, resulting in the ability to create accounts on the page drops and pull back links pointing to your site less. .
  • Besides you can use tk hotmail, this is Microsoft's account should limit the sticky capcha and avoid getting google error.
  • Note that the tool does not allow proxy and proxy verification email will be caught sticky and Google capcha
  • In case of acc create, you can manually help by "Run" the green check box on the campaign.
So, with Senuke you can easily collect backlinks without the need for daily test measures, from which Senuke TNG becomes a very useful support for the SEOer. Besides, the linking Massively multiplayer games will not have any effect on your web site, so you should not use the links, dirty links, links, etc. that will affect your site. Give the link layer 2 to your website.
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