How to fix "0x00000109: selected entry could not be loaded" on Windows

    Error 0x00000109: Could not be selected entry entry is often caused by device driver modifying illegal kernel data. This article will give you some of the causes of errors and how to fix them. 

    How to fix error 0x00000109

    • The cause of error 0x00000109
      • 1. Virus infection
      • 2. System memory has a problem
      • 3. The system driver is not updated
      • 4. File system is broken
    • How to fix 0x00000109 error on Windows
      • 1. Scan the virus
      • 2. Run Windows Memory Diagnostic
      • 3. Install update
      • 4. Update device drivers
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    The cause of error 0x00000109

    The above error occurs due to one or more of the following causes. 

    1. Virus infection

    The common cause of error 0x00000109 is due to virus modifying the system kernel data. To fix this problem you should perform a clean boot and virus scan on the system.

    2. System memory has a problem

    Another common cause is that the RAM module works incorrectly. The module fails due to a power failure or a long time of use, so you should check the system memory periodically to make sure it works correctly.

    3. The system driver is not updated

    Sometimes after reinstalling the system or updating Windows, the system driver is not updated or installed correctly since then it cannot boot.

    4. File system is broken

    The last cause of 0x00000109 error is that the file system is corrupted due to a write / read error, power failure or virus attack.

    How to fix 0x00000109 error on Windows

    Note : The following solutions apply to Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Some require using a Microsoft Windows setup DVD or CD. If the computer does not have an installation disc or does not use the Windows setup media, you can use Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows instead. EasyRE will automatically find and fix many problems like error 0x00000109.

    1. Scan the virus

    If the 0x00000109 error occurs because the virus modifies kernel data, run reliable antivirus software .
    Note : If you delete an infected system file, Windows may not work correctly.
    Open antivirus software and scan the entire system. Without antivirus software, you can use the virus scanner built into Easy Recovery Essentials to run outside Windows from CD / DVD or USB and scan the entire computer.
    The Professional version of Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows has a powerful rootkitand virus scanner , which solves this problem and similar errors caused by viruses, rootkits, trojans or spyware. EasyRE is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and can be downloaded and created on the computer.
    • These Anti-Rootkit tools should and should be in the system
    Step 1 . Download Easy Recovery Essentials .
    Step 2 . Create a CD / DVD or USB boot. Refer to the article How to write an ISO image file to a CD or DVD . 
    Step 3 . Start the computer from CD or USB Easy Recovery Essentials.
    Step 4 . When running EasyRE, select the Virus Scanner option and click Continue .
    Click Continue
    Step 5 . After the EasyRE scan drive computer, determine and select the drive letter for Windows from the list, then click the scan button to begin.
    Step 6 . EassyRE started scanning drivers for viruses, rootkits, trojans, spyware and other malware . Then EasyRE reports and kills the found virus.
    Step 7 . When completed, EasyRE will report the result, click on restart to restart the computer and check for changes.
    Click restart

    2. Run Windows Memory Diagnostic

    Windows Memory Diagnostic tool can check memory to find corrupted data. To run this tool, follow the steps below:
    Step 1 . Launch Windows.
    Step 2 . Click on Start . 
    Step 3 . Type windows memory diagnostic in the search box.
    Step 4 . Click Windows Memory Diagnostic from the list of search results.
    Step 5 . Follow the instructions on the screen. 
    Run Windows Memory Diagnostic
    If you cannot boot into Windows and run Windows Memory Diagnostic, you can run Automated Repair of Easy Recovery Essentials, it has a tool to check RAM and HDD. 
    Step 1 . Boot into the PC from the USB or boot CD created on. 
    Step 2 . Select the Automated Repair option and click Continue .
    Select the Automated Repair option
    Step 3 . After EasyRE scans the driver, determine and select the driver character from the list, then click Automated Repair .
    Select the drive you want to scan
    Step 4 . Easy Recovery Essentials will begin analyzing selected drivers, finding errors and automatically repairing drives, partitions, bootsector, file system, bootloader and registry.
    Step 5 . When the process is complete, EasyRE will report the search results. Click Restart button to restart PC and check for changes.
    Step 6 . The computer will boot again. 
    The computer restarts

    3. Install update

    Windows update may fix 0x00000109 error.
    Step 1 . Open Windows Updates by typing update into the search box.
    Step 2 . Click Update and Recovery .
    Step 3 . Click Choose how updates updates get installed . 
    Step 4 . Select Install updates automatically in the Important updates section .
    Step 5 . Check the Give me recommended box updates updates the same way I receive important updates in Recommended updates section .
    Step 6 . Click OK .
    Update Windows
    • How to keep your Windows computer up to date

    4. Update device drivers

    If the above error is caused by a device driver failure, manual driver updates can fix the problem. Refer to the article 5 basic ways to update and update drivers for computers . 

    5. Run chkdsk

    If error 0x00000109 is caused by HDD failure, run chkdsk to check and repair the hard drive .
    Step 1 . Boot into Windows from the Windows installation disc.
    Step 2. Click Repair your computer after selecting the language, the time, enter the appropriate keyboard.
    Step 3 . Select the Windows installation driver, usually C: and click on Next .
    Step 4 . Select Command Prompt when the System Recovery Options box appears.
    Step 5 . Enter the following command and press Enter .
    chkdsk C: / f: / f 
    Replace the letter C: with your drive letter.
    Run chkdsk
    I wish you all success! 

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