CMS is an acronym for Content Management System, or a content management system that aims to make it easy to manage and edit content. The content here can be electronic news, newspapers or video and video media ... CMS system helps to save management time, operation and maintenance costs so now there are many companies using . Not only the company but also personal blogs are also born with a small number, and they choose the solution to use CMS to easily build websites and manage content, besides saving money. website construction fee.

Main function of CMS

  • Create, store content.
  • Edit content.
  • Move in and share content.
  • Search and decentralize users.
In terms of CMS, it provides us with some features such as media management system, images, text editor and the most remarkable thing is the ability to customize the interface must be high. There are many types of CMS such as (W-CMS, E-CMS, T-CMS ...) but in this lesson we will mention W-CMS, ie Website CMS.
Do you wonder why using CMS? The simplest reason is the community and the construction cost of CMS is relatively smaller than the construction from the beginning. Talking about community, this is a very strong point that CMS has. Suppose you need to build something, you will go to community sites to ask and of course you will get an answer if you are skillful in asking questions.

The current popular CMS

There are many CMSs in the world like:
  • DotNetNuke (ASP)
  • Drupal (PHP)
  • Joomla (PHP)
  • WordPress (PHP)
  • Kentiko (ASP)
  • Liferay (JSP)
  • Magento (PHP)
  • Mambo (PHP)
  • NukeViet (PHP)
  • PHP-Nuke (PHP)
  • Rainbow (ASP)
  • Typo3 (PHP)
  • Xoops (PHP)
However, the most popular is still WordPress, Drupal, NukeViet (in Vietnam), DoetNetNuke.
Each CMS usually meets a specific purpose. For example, WordPress often uses web blog, news, web introduction company. Joomla often does webmasters. Magento is strong at TMTT web. However, CMS is no longer the same as before, meaning that you can use CMS to make many different types of websites by building the plugin system, component, template, theme ... Vietnam now, Wodpress The most dominant is the ease of use, easy to build. Not only in Vietnam but also in Europe, most countries like this CMS.
So you don't need to wonder what CMS is , right? But I think in your head you are currently thinking which CMS to choose to build. According to me depending on the level of the project you choose WordPress, Drupal, Zoomla (dying in Vietnam) or NukeViet (rising in Vietnam). If a big, big project like Facebook (or close) or Stackoverflow, then you should use FWs, combined with technologies like NO-SQL and NodeJS to build.


What is a CMS question belongs to the website knowledge topic and has a high search volume, but in general it is quite wide. Therefore, in this article, I only mention Web CMS and also list the current popular CMS.
The article has references to online resources, especially Wiki .
Source: Freetuts.net .
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