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FIFA Online 4 (FO4) gaming shortcuts

FIFA Online 4 is Garena's latest football management game , allowing players to immerse themselves in the top matches, conquer the ball. Similar to FIFA Online 3 , FIFA Online 4 also has shortcuts for individual gamers to manipulate more easily.
Each technique, such as the player's skill during FO4 play , is supported by the corresponding keys or key combinations. If you practice fluently and memorize the shortcuts in this online football game , you will surely become a player with the best skills.

FIFA Online 4 keyboard shortcuts

  • Shortcuts function
  • Shortcuts to control goalkeeper in FIFA Online 4
  • Shortcut controls the players in FO4
    • Shortcut attack
    • Defensive keyboard shortcuts
    • Shortcut key when throwing throw, corner kick
    • Shortcut when direct kick
    • Penalty control (Penalty)
  • The default joystick in FIFA Online 4

Shortcuts function

  • Alt + Enter key combination: Switch the game screen from window mode to full screen mode and vice versa.
  • ESC key: Pause, pause the game.
  • Press and hold the Tab key: View the current ping.
  • Number keys from 1 to 10: Team tactics (tight defenses, Pressing, counterattack ...).
  • Key], [: Increase or decrease the attack or defense level of the team.

Shortcuts to control goalkeeper in FIFA Online 4

  • W key (when there is no shadow): Break up.
  • W key (when there is a ball): Drop the ball.
  • Keys A and D: Pass long, play high and strong.
  • S key: Short, light pass.
  • Z + S key: Throw low ball.
  • Press and hold S: Throw the ball away.

Shortcut controls the players in FO4

  • Z key: Get the ball.
  • Z + A key: Navigate when hitting the ball.
  • Key E: Push up the squad to put pressure.
  • Key A: Long pass, cross ball, head, throw away.
  • Key D: Shoot the ball, move, hit the head, finish, close the throw.

Shortcut attack

  • Cluster arrow keys: Move player.
  • Ctrl key + any arrow key: Support one-touch ball or push long ball.
  • Key combination Q + any arrow key: Stop the ball and observe the target.
  • Key combination E + any arrow key: Accelerate, run fast.
  • Key combination E + any arrow key in opposite direction of movement: Stop the ball suddenly.
  • Key combination C + any arrow key: Hold the ball, control the ball in the leg.
  • Shift + any arrow key combination: Perform technique to bypass people, turn the ball.
  • Key combination C + E: Facing the dribbling player.
  • Key S: Short pass, head.
  • Key A: Long pass, cross ball, head, throw away.
  • W key: Poke the slot, throw the border.
  • Key D: Shoot the ball, move, hit the head, finish, close the throw.
  • Key combination Q + C: Keep the ball customized.
  • C key: Keep the ball and shade (player will turn his back to the opponent defender).
  • Key combination Q + D: Shot the ball, press the ball, lift the ball over the goalkeeper.
  • Q + W key combination: Poke the slot.
  • Q + S key combination: Low range slot.
  • D + D key combination: Shot, head low.

  • Press D and press S + any arrow key: Pretend to shoot.
  • Press A then press S + any arrow key: Pretend to pass.
  • Z + W key combination: Turn on the wall with teammates.
  • Z + A key combination: Passing.
  • Z + S key combination: Pass the ball low.
  • C + S key combination: Surprisingly.
  • Hold down the Z key: Pass the technique.
  • A + A key combination: Low range ball.
  • Key combination Q + A: Quick ball.
  • Z key: Support required.
  • Key combination E + C: Cancel.
  • Z + D key combination: Crush heart, spin swirl (shot with inner cheek).
  • Key combination C + D: Shoot unexpectedly, shoot fast.

Defensive keyboard shortcuts

  • S key: Change player control.
  • Shift key + any arrow key: Replace player (in the direction of the arrow).
  • A key: Rotate the ball and stand up quickly after the ball is rolled or falls.
  • Space key: Switch the ball.
  • Hold down the Space key when chasing the ball: Push, push, press the ball.
  • Hold down the D key: Close the opponent.
  • D or S: Break the ball, hit the ball to break the ball (when the ball hits the corner, penalty corner).
  • Hold down Q: Ask teammates to support the defense.
  • Key C: Attach people low.
  • Key E: Run fast, move the fence.
  • Z key: Set up the formation.
  • W key: Goalkeeper rushes up, the ball barrier jumps up (when the penalty kicks).
  • Any C + arrow key: Ball dispute.
  • Press and hold C + E: Run and control.

Shortcut key when throwing throw, corner kick

  • A key: Strong corner kick.
  • A + A key combination (press A twice): Light corner kick.
  • A + A + A key combination (press A 3 times): A corner kick (close to the ground).
  • S key: Thick line.
  • Z key: Change player.
  • Arrow key group: Align, select target to pass or shoot.
  • Key C: Call the player near.
  • Key D: End point, hit head, volleyless.
  • Key S: Close throw.
  • W key: Quick throw (custom).
  • Key A: Throw away.
  • Key combination A + S / S + A: Pretend to throw the ball.

Shortcut when direct kick

  • Key combination D + any arrow key: Swipe (swirl toward the arrow).
  • Key combination Q + D: Custom shot.
  • S key: Pass low ball.
  • A key: Long, cross ball.
  • Key E: Choose who to shoot.
  • Key C: Call the second shot.
  • Z key: Call the third shot.
  • Key combination C + D: Let the 2nd player kick the ball.
  • Z + D key combination: Let the 3rd player drop.
  • W key: The ball barrier jumps up.
  • Key D: Control defensively.
  • C / E key: Move crafts.
  • Z key: Push up the defense.
  • Ctrl + any arrow key: Adjust position.

Penalty control (Penalty)

  • Any arrow key: Move the player or adjust the ball direction.
  • Key D: Shoot the ball, finish.
  • Key E: Choose who to shoot.
  • Z + D key combination: Crush, crush with inner cheek.
  • Key combination Q + D: Press the ball.
  • Ctrl or D + any arrow keys: Control goalkeeper when catching penalty.
Hopefully the above article will help gamers control FIFA Online 4 easily and quickly to conquer the ball in this famous football game!
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