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DLS is an acronym for Dream League Soccer - a form of extremely hot football management game on mobile devices. But if the device is not available on hand or simply wants to experience the game in a different way, you can finance and install Dream League Soccer on your computer .
There are quite special gameplay, unlike any football game but Dream League Soccer really is not inferior to any Top Eleven , FIFA Online 3 , FIFA 09 or Power Football ... about the attraction, battle art as well as the thrill of each beautiful ball.

Download and install Dream League Soccer on your computer

Since the game does not have an installation for the Windows operating system, if you want to play on a computer, we must have two conditions:
  • Any Android emulator software has been installed (as in this post, we will use the Droid4Xemulator ).
  • Google account to log into the app store.
After having these two conditions, you do the following in turn:
Step 1 : Launch the Android emulator on your computer, then access CH Play or as in this case the AppStore .
Step 2 : Enter the keyword Dream League Soccer game name in the search bar and then Enter .
Search games in the utility store
Step 3 : Find the corresponding results then click Install to start the installation.
Step 4 : Click Accept to accept the conditions that the game requires and continue to install.
Step 5: Notice the game is quite large, so players need to confirm the download using WiFi network to ensure maximum quality and efficiency. Choose Proceed to agree, if you're using 3G, select Cancel to skip and reload at another time.
The game requires players to download using an Internet connection (wired or WiFi network)
Step 6 : Wait for the download process to complete, click Open to open the game and start playing.

Play Dream League Soccer game on computer

Step 1: After entering the game, you will be asked to connect to your Google account . If you have previously logged in to the emulator, you will receive the following message, select Allow to allow the game to link to this account. If not, you will have to log into Droid4X .
Step 2: Confirm the link successfully, we left click on Touch to continue to continue playing.
tiếp tục
Notice of successful account connection
Step 3 : Can see the Dream League Soccer game interface on this computer (or more accurately on the emulator) is exactly the same as the version on Android, so you can do the usual operations to play game
Now everything depends on your ability, how to arrange your team, buy and sell players, tactics ... will determine whether you can become a talented coach or not?
Play game
If you are a new player or have not had much experience with this type of football management game, you can refer to the following articles:
These are all very basic instructions and can help you initially explore the game more easily.
I wish you all success!

Color Bump 3D is an arcade game that looks simple but requires ingenuity and clever tactics of players. Color Bump 3D is really suitable for entertainment when you are free or need to relax your mind.
Coming to Color Bump 3D , your task is to control a white sphere to cross the road full of colorful obstacles. However, you can only let the ball touch white objects or the same color. If not, the ball will shatter into millions. The game does not have a replay mode from the "game over" point. Therefore, if you lose, you have to play again from the beginning.
The following article will give you how to play, tips and tactics to know to quickly win the Color Bump 3D .
Instructions for playing Color Bump 3D
  • Protect yourself : A simple but memorable tip - make sure you use solid objects as a shield to protect yourself against the obstacles ahead.
  • Wall use : When using walls to protect yourself, pay attention to its shape. You can easily push small objects to the desired location, but with larger objects, you need to be clever and react faster.
  • Straight forward : Sometimes, you just need to lift your finger off the screen and let the ball go straight forward. This may be the best tactic in some stages. How to move is extremely important when playing Color Bump 3D . Sometimes a small motion makes it hard for you to pass through a set of difficult obstacles. Therefore, be careful and consider each path, step by step.
Instructions for playing Color Bump 3D
  • Shape : Pay attention to the shape of the objects. Color Bump 3D has many multi-shape objects. They interact with each other in many different ways. For example, the normal Domino blocks fall while the movement of other balls is extremely difficult to guess - especially when they collide with other spheres.
  • Back and forward : Remember, you can move in all directions when playing Color Bump 3D - up, down, right and left. Don't limit yourself to thinking that you have to go at a certain speed through stages.
  • Top : If you want more time to observe objects, go to the start position at the top of the screen. Here, you always find a way to move through all the "hard" obstacles ahead.
Color Bump 3D has brilliant graphics
  • Increasing power : Swipe a line behind the ball if you want to attack something with real power. This action can cause your sphere to pop up and bounce through the obstacles ahead. It is really useful in many cases, so using this real trick is smart.
  • Notice the gray button : You can watch the promotional video to restart the game at the exit location. But that is annoying and not funny at all? You can find the option to restart the playing stage but not simpler advertising. You will see the " No thank you " option displayed in seconds. It is light gray so slightly hidden, so watch carefully. Don't waste time watching ads if you don't want to.
Press the gray button to remove the ad view in Color Bump 3D
  • No connection : You can really choose to restart video ads and not watch it without an Internet connection. This action is extremely useful if you are in a difficult game, can not pass. At this point, the game will restart almost exactly at the time you just left.
  • Slow and steady : Don't be rushed to be the most useful advice you need to remember. Rushing in Color Bump 3D will only make you soon a loser at the beginning stages. Try to move the ball steadily, slowly on the road to overcome the increasingly difficult roads ahead.
These are fun 3D Bump 3D gaming tips for Android and iOS. Hope they are useful to you.
FIFA Online 4 is Garena's latest football management game , allowing players to immerse themselves in the top matches, conquer the ball. Similar to FIFA Online 3 , FIFA Online 4 also has shortcuts for individual gamers to manipulate more easily.
Each technique, such as the player's skill during FO4 play , is supported by the corresponding keys or key combinations. If you practice fluently and memorize the shortcuts in this online football game , you will surely become a player with the best skills.

FIFA Online 4 keyboard shortcuts

  • Shortcuts function
  • Shortcuts to control goalkeeper in FIFA Online 4
  • Shortcut controls the players in FO4
    • Shortcut attack
    • Defensive keyboard shortcuts
    • Shortcut key when throwing throw, corner kick
    • Shortcut when direct kick
    • Penalty control (Penalty)
  • The default joystick in FIFA Online 4
FO4 game shortcut

Shortcuts function

  • Alt + Enter key combination: Switch the game screen from window mode to full screen mode and vice versa.
  • ESC key: Pause, pause the game.
  • Press and hold the Tab key: View the current ping.
  • Number keys from 1 to 10: Team tactics (tight defenses, Pressing, counterattack ...).
  • Key], [: Increase or decrease the attack or defense level of the team.

Shortcuts to control goalkeeper in FIFA Online 4

  • W key (when there is no shadow): Break up.
  • W key (when there is a ball): Drop the ball.
  • Keys A and D: Pass long, play high and strong.
  • S key: Short, light pass.
  • Z + S key: Throw low ball.
  • Press and hold S: Throw the ball away.
Shortcut football game system online FO4

Shortcut controls the players in FO4

  • Z key: Get the ball.
  • Z + A key: Navigate when hitting the ball.
  • Key E: Push up the squad to put pressure.
  • Key A: Long pass, cross ball, head, throw away.
  • Key D: Shoot the ball, move, hit the head, finish, close the throw.

Shortcut attack

  • Cluster arrow keys: Move player.
  • Ctrl key + any arrow key: Support one-touch ball or push long ball.
  • Key combination Q + any arrow key: Stop the ball and observe the target.
  • Key combination E + any arrow key: Accelerate, run fast.
  • Key combination E + any arrow key in opposite direction of movement: Stop the ball suddenly.
  • Key combination C + any arrow key: Hold the ball, control the ball in the leg.
  • Shift + any arrow key combination: Perform technique to bypass people, turn the ball.
  • Key combination C + E: Facing the dribbling player.
  • Key S: Short pass, head.
  • Key A: Long pass, cross ball, head, throw away.
  • W key: Poke the slot, throw the border.
  • Key D: Shoot the ball, move, hit the head, finish, close the throw.
  • Key combination Q + C: Keep the ball customized.
  • C key: Keep the ball and shade (player will turn his back to the opponent defender).
  • Key combination Q + D: Shot the ball, press the ball, lift the ball over the goalkeeper.
  • Q + W key combination: Poke the slot.
  • Q + S key combination: Low range slot.
  • D + D key combination: Shot, head low.
Instructions for playing FIFA Online 4 by key
  • Press D and press S + any arrow key: Pretend to shoot.
  • Press A then press S + any arrow key: Pretend to pass.
  • Z + W key combination: Turn on the wall with teammates.
  • Z + A key combination: Passing.
  • Z + S key combination: Pass the ball low.
  • C + S key combination: Surprisingly.
  • Hold down the Z key: Pass the technique.
  • A + A key combination: Low range ball.
  • Key combination Q + A: Quick ball.
  • Z key: Support required.
  • Key combination E + C: Cancel.
  • Z + D key combination: Crush heart, spin swirl (shot with inner cheek).
  • Key combination C + D: Shoot unexpectedly, shoot fast.

Defensive keyboard shortcuts

  • S key: Change player control.
  • Shift key + any arrow key: Replace player (in the direction of the arrow).
  • A key: Rotate the ball and stand up quickly after the ball is rolled or falls.
  • Space key: Switch the ball.
  • Hold down the Space key when chasing the ball: Push, push, press the ball.
  • Hold down the D key: Close the opponent.
  • D or S: Break the ball, hit the ball to break the ball (when the ball hits the corner, penalty corner).
  • Hold down Q: Ask teammates to support the defense.
  • Key C: Attach people low.
  • Key E: Run fast, move the fence.
  • Z key: Set up the formation.
  • W key: Goalkeeper rushes up, the ball barrier jumps up (when the penalty kicks).
  • Any C + arrow key: Ball dispute.
  • Press and hold C + E: Run and control.
Shortcut in FO4

Shortcut key when throwing throw, corner kick

  • A key: Strong corner kick.
  • A + A key combination (press A twice): Light corner kick.
  • A + A + A key combination (press A 3 times): A corner kick (close to the ground).
  • S key: Thick line.
  • Z key: Change player.
  • Arrow key group: Align, select target to pass or shoot.
  • Key C: Call the player near.
  • Key D: End point, hit head, volleyless.
  • Key S: Close throw.
  • W key: Quick throw (custom).
  • Key A: Throw away.
  • Key combination A + S / S + A: Pretend to throw the ball.

Shortcut when direct kick

  • Key combination D + any arrow key: Swipe (swirl toward the arrow).
  • Key combination Q + D: Custom shot.
  • S key: Pass low ball.
  • A key: Long, cross ball.
  • Key E: Choose who to shoot.
  • Key C: Call the second shot.
  • Z key: Call the third shot.
  • Key combination C + D: Let the 2nd player kick the ball.
  • Z + D key combination: Let the 3rd player drop.
  • W key: The ball barrier jumps up.
  • Key D: Control defensively.
  • C / E key: Move crafts.
  • Z key: Push up the defense.
  • Ctrl + any arrow key: Adjust position.
The default joystick in FIFA Online 4

Penalty control (Penalty)

  • Any arrow key: Move the player or adjust the ball direction.
  • Key D: Shoot the ball, finish.
  • Key E: Choose who to shoot.
  • Z + D key combination: Crush, crush with inner cheek.
  • Key combination Q + D: Press the ball.
  • Ctrl or D + any arrow keys: Control goalkeeper when catching penalty.
Hopefully the above article will help gamers control FIFA Online 4 easily and quickly to conquer the ball in this famous football game!
It has been a long time since I had a feeling of emotional recovery like today. When I wrote this article, the whole sky of my childhood also rushed to my feelings.
Surely you are like me, too intense childhood  also experienced a lot of memories along with countless popular titles for a while, and Counter-Strike 1.6 is one of them. The title of the game is so good that we still can endure the whip of our parents because of running away from school, right?
Counter-Strike 1.6 is a very popular first-person shooter game, especially for the 8X and 9X generations every day. The "Italy" neighborhood is a familiar neighborhood and where we walk every day: D. Let the feeling of magnanimity and intensity once revive with us.
Especially with the Smartphone era which has developed like a storm now, it is very simple to enjoy the feeling of the day immediately on your phone. And this tutorial will help you do that ...
    Let's enjoy it now.

    I. How to install Counter-Strike 1.6 on Smartphone

    + Step 1: Please download the Zip file. Download here or here !
    + Step 2: After downloading, proceed to extract that Zip File.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-thoai (1)
    Wait for the decompression process to complete, guys.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-phone (2)
    Or you can download it on your computer, then connect your phone to your computer and copy the file to your phone.
    + Step 3: Next, move the folder xashto Internal memory ( Internal storage). This is mandatory. Remember that you must do this before proceeding to install the Files APK.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien thoai (3)
    You choose Moveto move.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-phone (4)
    ... and move to the phone's internal memory.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-phone (5)
    Choose DONEto complete.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-di-phone (6)
    + Step 4: Please install 2 File APK below.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien thoai (7)
    Proceed to install as usual, guys.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-phone (8)

    II. Instructions for playing game Counter Strike 1.6 on Smartphone

    + Step 1: After successful installation. Please launch the Game. And the interface as shown below will appear. Please click on the blue text.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-di-phone (9)
    + Step 2: Click LAUNCH...
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-phone (10)
    + Step 3: To play the game, click on the item Multiplayer.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-phone (11)
    Continue clicking LAN game.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien thoai (12)
    Then click Create Game
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien thoai (13)
    Please select the number of players, select the map and press OK.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-thoai (14)
    Next is to choose Team.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-phone (15)
    And here, you will immediately experience this game on the phone.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-phone (16)
    To create a bot to play with, click BOT menuon the screen and select Add botClick the 2 bottom boxes to create a bot for both sides.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-phone (17)
    And this is buying guns to play. To buy a gun, click biểu tượng giỏ hàngon the screen.
    game-counter-strike-1-6-tren-dien-phone (18)
    OK, so I have finished guiding you how to play the game Counter-Strike 1.6 on Android phonesalready.
    Thank you for following the article. Wish you have moments of fun and comfort with the legendary game. Bring you back to the beautiful childhood sky 😛

    Good luck !
    CTV: Phan Minh Sang