Manage File with FileManager on Host Cpanel

FileManager in cPanel allows direct management of files in your website instead of using FTP.
Click the FileManager button to go to the FileManager screen: 
The screen interface of FileManager is like this: 
Above is the toolbar. On the left is the directory tree, and on the right of the content of the folder you selected on the left.

Create a new folder

To create your directory, locate the directory and click " + Folder " on the toolbar. A dialog box pops up. You enter the directory name and the location to create the directory

Upload a file

To upload a file, click on the folder you want to upload. For example in the image below, I choose "cache" 
Then, click " Upload " in the toolbar as below: 
On the next screen, I just need to drag and drop the file I want to upload or simply click the " Select " button. File "then select the file to upload.

How to see hidden file .htaccess in cPanel

As you know by default in File Manager you will not see the .htaccess file. You only see this file when using FTP. But there is a way to display this hidden file in File Manager.
Inside the File Manager screen, click Settings in the top right corner. A popup will pop out. Select the option " Show Hidden Files (dotfiles). ”Click the Save button. You should now see the .htaccess file and edit it like any other file.
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