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How to retrieve facebook account when hacked and lose registration email

In real life, no one knows the word "ngu", so is Facebook. On a beautiful day, you were hacked out of your facebook password, and your email account was hacked and completely lost control of your precious facebook account. How to get back to your facebook account most quickly?
Note: Currently the interface and experience of facebook has changed a lot, this article has been written since 2015, so it has a lot of differences compared to the current facebook version. To view the tutorial to find the facebook account for the latest facebook version, you can go to this link:  Instructions to retrieve the facebook account password (version 2018)
Here would like to guide you the easiest way to retrieve your facebook password that has been hacked and lost the email that has registered your facebook account.
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    • 0.1 If you can't do it, try it below
  • 1 How?
    • 1.1 1. Use ForgetPassword function
    • 1.2 1+. Find your account
    • 1.3 2. Use functions: No longer have access to these
    • 1.4 3. Enter your email address with Facebook to contact you
      • 1.4.1 Note: If you cannot access this step.
    • 1.5 4. Restore your account via friends
    • 1.6 5. Ask your friends to confirm
    • 1.7 Video. Watch video tutorial
    • 1.8 6. Completed

If you can't do it, try it below

  1. How to retrieve the password via the Code Generator on the facebook application
  2. How to retrieve the password for your Facebook account
  3. Get back the lost facebook account using Trusted Contacts
  4. Instructions for retrieving your facebook account password with your identity card


Difficulty level: 7/10

1 . Use ForgetPassword function

Now you just have to click on " Forget Password " (Vietnamese: Forget password) and enter your email or facebook username to help facebook identify the account you are having problems. Facebook will follow the default procedure to ask you an email to release the password reset information (You can directly access the address: )

1+ . Find your account

Skip this step if the facebook has been shown on the account profile you want to retrieve the password (see Figure 2)
Then enter your email or account number you want to retrieve your password.
Find and confirm the account
Click Search (Find or Search) to continue

2 . Use functions: No longer have access to these

Continue clicking No longer have access to these ( No longer accessible? )
However, at this time your email has been hacked and entered as well as not, because you can't enter the email and get the reset information!

3 . Enter your email address with Facebook to contact you

The new screen asks you how to get Facebook to contact you
You will have to fill in a new email that you have not registered facebook with in the following form so that facebook will send you password reset information after you have verified the account holder. Then click Continue.
Note: If you cannot access this step.
Please go directly to the address New Email Address
In which Address_Email_You must enter the URL_ENCODE form. The simplest is that you replace @ = % 40
For example: will replace the password, % 40

4 . Restore your account via friends

The next screen appears asking you to take three steps to Restore your account via friends
*first. Choose 3 trusted friends
After each selection, click Continue to continue
*2. After you've selected 3 friends to receive the security code, click Send Codes to Friends (Send security code to a friend)
* 3. Please contact your friends to receive the security code and enter 3 boxes in the correct order on the picture (can call, chat or text it depending on your means of communication)
Click Submit Code to return

5 . Ask friends to confirm

Facebook will send a notification and an email to your 3 friends
After your friends click on the confirmation link on the email or notice on the facebook page , a code will appear

6 . Finish

After you have entered the correct 3 security codes, a new screen will appear asking you to enter a new password.
So you have successfully regained your facebook password . Protect your passwordsmore carefully, avoiding troubles that may come to you in the future.
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