How to color video on iPhone without application

To edit videos on iPhone , in addition to installing additional video editing applications on iPhone , users can use the device's video editor right away. On the iPhone / iPad there is an option to edit basic videos, cut videos with a simple way. And in iOS 13, the video editor has been provided with a color filter, creating more unique colors for the video other than using the original color.
The video editing operations on iOS 13 are similar to the predecessor iOS versions, but there are more color filter icons. The newly provided color filter has 9 different styles, and there is also an adjustment to apply the color filter to the video. The following article will show you how to add color filters to videos on iPhone.
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Instructions on how to use color video filters on iPhone

Step 1:
First we click on the Photo app on your device, then click on Album and select the video to proceed with editing.
How to color video on iPhone without application
Step 2:
Display the list of videos in your gallery. Users find the video you want to edit and then click the Edit button in the upper right corner.
Choose video Edit video
Step 3:
Display video editing interface. In the new iOS 13 version, users can also cut video, adjust the light of the image, ... Click on the color filter icon to change the image.
Soon display filters with 9 different styles, including Vivid (highlight video by 1 bright spot), Vivid Warm (choose warm color) and Vivid Cool (choose cool color) corresponding to yellow or blue tones , Dramatic (switch to dark tones and shadow highlights), Warm Dramatic and Dramatic Cool, Mono, Silvertone and Noir (black and white effect).
Color filter icon
Select a filter you want to use for the video and adjust the usage level of the filter, depending on the video.
Customize color filters
Step 4:
Once you've applied the filter that matches the video, click the Done button below to save it. If not satisfied click Cancel and then proceed to select the color filter for the video.
Save video
Although compared to other video editing applications, the video editor on the iPhone / iPad is still at a simple level. However, providing more color filters and some other editing tools in this iOS 13 has also helped users have more options to change videos, create more art and edit their own. Hopefully in the future, Apple will have more features to edit videos and images.
I wish you all success!
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