The most concise overview of the development of SEO


The most concise overview of the development of SEO -If you own a website, you are probably familiar with the term SEO. Search engine optimization, it's the ability to display your page on search engines. A well-optimized website will appear high in the search list, leading to increased traffic and popularity.

SEO experts optimize websites for a specific keyword or a series of keywords. When a person enters a phrase into the search field, a well-optimized site will appear before other, non-optimized sites. This is more important than you think.

Internet users are not very patient - if they do not find what they are looking for on the first page (in the first 5-6 results), they will not move on to the next page. Most likely, they will just enter something else in the search field or change some search settings. That's why it's important (for your business) to do anything to show up high in search results.


Another option is to pay for advertising. But this will cost you a bit. In addition, ad blockers block ads and some people do not pay attention to the paid advertising part. Another and much better option is to fit your site into SEO. This is a much cheaper option and, if done right, will list your site high in search results, allowing you to attract huge traffic to the product at a much lower price than when You choose paid advertising.

SEO is very important today. But it was not always so. Not long ago, SEO was an extremely basic thing. But, when people realized the full potential of this Internet marketing branch, it all began to change, quickly. Now, Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of website design, or at least, any successful website design. But, we will take you back to the recent time section, show you what it looks like, and get started.

Slow start


In the 1990s, the Internet continually showed a glimpse of its full potential and more and more people turned their attention to new and developing media. All that changed with the rise of two giants - Google and Yahoo. In these tools, everyone has a powerful tool that helps them browse millions of information easily.

These tools display results based on the keywords in the URL. People realize how this works, and will start to exploit it - keyword spam, excessive tagging, spam backlinks. But, this chaos did not last long.

Google began to realize what was going on pretty quickly. People have trouble finding quality information, because it's hidden. The company has begun to implement rules - if you show unethical activities like keyword spam, your page will be placed lower in the search list. These new rules have changed everything. From that point on, SEO experts not only optimize their site for Google rules but also try to find the hole in it, an advantage that will push their site a little higher in the list. result book.

Shortly thereafter, the search engines introduced personalized results, based on user history and location. This has opened up new opportunities for SEO - local optimization has begun. In addition, they realized that it was better to obey ethical rules, white hats, than try to bend them. This will be given by the search engines and will also help create a better Internet for everyone.

New stuff


As Google developed and started adding new tools, SEO evolved with it. Google Trends and Google Analytics is really a breakthrough in SEO business. The new marketing has allowed to find the intention behind the words people type, leading to optimization never before seen. Suddenly, people can find exactly what they are looking for, with much less effort than before.

Google has continued to implement new and more advanced rules, punishing even worse practices. And Google began rewarding quality content, displaying high results.

But, at the same time, the media increases power and that is another factor to consider when making your SEO website friendly. Marketers who create quality content must follow Google's rules and need to be shared on the mass media. This has led to what we see today - the Internet is personalized, fast and engaging, providing only customized content to our liking - for each of us.

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Without Boundaries


Google has taken the Internet to a level no one ever imagined. We're not sure where the Internet is headed, but there are some signs. It will be increasingly personalized. AI and machine learning will allow for better and more accurate results, thus making SEO even more important. Unique, quality content relevant to the purpose of the search will be the thing to do.

The average Internet user, who is completely impatient will be able to see immediate results, almost immediately after pressing ENTER. Even today, Google is displaying answers to some common questions right in search results, thus eliminating the need for any link.

In addition, mobile browsers have surpassed desktop browsers in recent years - optimization for mobile devices is even more important. In summary, optimizing for user purposes is important in SEO. If you create unique quality content, targeting a narrow but passionate user base, Google will love you.



Google is omnipotent and reads our mind, displaying exactly what you want to see in the blink of an eye. But how far will this go?

In recent years, we have seen a lot of privacy concerns on the Internet. People are still trying to find the right balance between convenience and privacy.

User information is stored somewhere and is a valuable piece of personal preference, helping Google (and other search engines) learn and display results with date precision. the higher. But, what if all that information falls into the wrong hands? What if it was sold, or misused in a different way? Where it all goes, we don't know.

Meanwhile, SEO experts try to understand how the whole machine works, optimizing their site for new rules that Google continues to implement.

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SEO is something appealing that doesn't get noticed, at least not in the eyes of a regular internet user. People will notice if a website looks ugly, or confusing. But no one will notice if it's poorly optimized SEO - because it won't show up in the results. Because people expect to find the site needed in the top 3-5 results and take things for granted, never wonder how the site got there in the first place.

SEO deserves recognition and in this article, we want to explain to you the struggle behind it - an unending battle between Google's (new) rules and SEOs who want to be the first ( in search results). SEO experts are heroes of the modern Internet, and like other heroes, they often go unnoticed.

We hope you understand how difficult it is for an SEO-optimized site and what it takes to display high in search listings.

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