Whether to use UberMenu for your WordPress website


Whether to use UberMenu for your WordPress website - We have created this UberMenu review to help users decide whether this WordPress menu plugin is right for their needs. Here you will find information about UberMenu features and support. At the end of our review, you'll find the pros and cons of UberMenu.

Every website needs to be well organized and your website is not an exception. Especially if you have many items and pages. People will need to have easy access to your content, so you need structure. Bad, non-functional menus are the first thing that all users notice and if they cannot access your site easily, they will find another site.

UberMenu is the best Mega Menu for WordPress, responsive, visitor-friendly and highly customizable. UberMenu helps create and customize complex menu systems in your WordPress site.

This is the most popular premium WordPress plugin with about 50,000 copies sold.

UberMenu is probably the king of all WordPress menus. This plugin is all you need if you are looking to create a more advanced organization for your WordPress site. The default WordPress menu is good on themselves. But UberMenu takes them further, skyrocketing their functionality. It will make your site look not only good but also look very professional.

So if you use WordPress and need to create an advanced organizational system for your website, then UberMenu is the only plugin you need.

Before we get to the main point

You need to know if your WordPress theme works with UberMenu. This menu plugin is only compatible with themes that use WordPress 3.0+ (WP3). Make sure you check that before installing the plugin.

Installing UberMenu is very simple. UberMenu works well with most WordPress themes. You install it like any other WordPress plugin. Just upload it to your plugin directory and then activate it. After you have completed the installation, a brief tutorial will appear and we recommend that you complete it. It is short but will cover the basics of this great plugin.



UberMenu has an online supporting documentation and in it, you will find absolutely everything you need. The people who create UberMenu really do their job very well, so there are no unanswered questions. In this document, you will also find instructional videos. But fear not, using UberMenu is not too complicated. If you've worked in WordPress before, you'll be fine.

There is an automatic integration option and if you choose it, UberMenu will try to do everything by itself. You will have your menus redone in one click. Most themes support this option. But if you don't, or if you want to integrate it yourself, you can do it manually, via the PHP line you need to insert into your topic template.

If you use the ShiftNav Mobile Menu, Bellows Accordion Menu, Menu Management Enhancer, Menu Swapper, UberMenu is fully compatible with these add-ons.

UberMenu feature

As noted, WordPress has a default menu layout and it can get the job done, but not always. It is only good for the simplest classifications, as it lacks features. If your menu contains more items, it will be difficult to navigate through it.

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UberMenu is different. You will be completely free and will be able to create the perfect menu for the site's needs.

You will be able to add images to any part of your menu, including submenus. There is also a very interesting option that allows you to remove the text displayed in your image, which is great for situations when you just need that image. So no need to use third party programs just to cut it out. These image editing controls are easy to find and available under every element.


UberMenu is perfect for large websites, with dozens of pages. With this great menu plugin, you will organize submenus quickly, as you can present your submenus as tabs.

You can orient them differently; Left, right, top or bottom of the table of contents, as you like. They can be accessed by clicking or hovering over them. There is also an option of mouse hover intent. There are two forms of submenus; FlyOut and MegaMothy. FlyOut is a better option if you have fewer items, while MegaMothy is great for mega sections with lots of options.

The only feature that separates UberMenu from the rest of the menu plugin package is undoubtedly the widget feature. You choose the number of widgets you want from the settings panel and then you can place them where needed. These items can be anything; from Google Maps, description and search bar, to contact forms, shortcodes, and the post grid. All in your menus and submenus.

The level of customization UberMenu offers is plenty. There are many powerful CSS3 customizations available in their Style Generator. This will allow you to provide that unique interface to your menus. Font size, shadows, border width, colors, menu bar background, radius, UberMenu all allow you to customize.


UberMenu offers you a range of ready-made templates and you will find everything you need.

Everything in the UberMenu dashboard is black or white, meaning you can turn features on or off. This may sound rude, but it's really great, because it does what it has to do, simple and effective.


Site speed and responsiveness are extremely important today. If the SE bot finds your site slowly, they will lower you in the search list. This will result in fewer visitors and ultimately less conversions. So having a fast website is essential. UberMenu will not cripple your website speed and it will be difficult for you to notice any changes after installing it. Your response time will still be quite the same. This is very important, and the UberMenu team has optimized their plugin very well.

Many of us today use phones and tablets (dedicated) to browse. That is why it is important to have a website that looks as good on your mobile device as it does on your computer. But, even on our computers, we use different browsers, operating systems, etc. But nothing to worry about, UberMenu looks equally good on all devices and platforms. It is very flexible and optimal.


With so many advanced features, fonts, menu types, widgets, adding images, forms and an enhanced user interface, UberMenu is the ultimate menu plugin for WordPress. It has almost everything you can think of. It's no wonder why it is the number one choice in the WordPress community when it comes to menus.

Support UberMenu


While it's relatively easy to do and you can do everything yourself, it's good to know that UberMenu also has great support. That is also one of the reasons why it is so popular.

Even people who know little about technology can find everything they need to solve their problems. It takes you some time, but you understand what it means. Also, knowing a little about WordPress will help, as it will significantly speed up your adjustment time for UberMenu.

We have covered the help directory, filled with information and documentation. Plugin support also provides a great knowledge base, where you'll find answers to all your potential questions.

It also has lively, desirable forums, as it is very popular among WordPress users. The UberMenu YouTube channel is filled with helpful guides and troubleshooting guides. In general, you will find it difficult to find a plugin with better support than UberMenu.


  • Easy to install - works well for many WP3 themes

  • Big custom - many different presets and options

  • The menu has images, with or without description

  • Various submenu options (hover / click, fade / slide, horizontal / vertical, etc.)

  • CSS control menu styles with widgets for easy adding

  • Great support with extensive knowledge base

  • Only available in the paid version ($ 20)

  • It can be a little tricky to get started with inexperienced users in the WordPress environment

Conclusion on UberMenu Rating

If you know how to use WordPress, there is no better option to create menus than UberMenu. And even if you are a beginner, it will be well worth exploring. It offers a lot of features that no menu plugin can match. It has also proven to be one of the most popular and the most popular menu plugins.

UberMenu is worth the investment, both time and money. It will completely transform your site. From a website with no heterogeneity to a site that is well synchronized and easily accessible. UberMenu will give you a lot of freedom and its menu options are almost unlimited.

It is a really great plugin and it is appreciated when it comes to quality, not only with other menu plugins but all WordPress plugins.

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