The 11 most common e-commerce mistakes to avoid


The 11 most common e-commerce mistakes to avoid - Doing business online is a difficult task. With no location, low maintenance costs and a wider market, Ecommerce is an extremely popular business option. When you start, it will be viable income for years.

Of course, there is also a lot to be done. We will help you and mention some of the biggest mistakes often made when creating their own store.

  1. Customer base


This first point should be done when you start creating your web store. Research needs to focus on the product you are about to start selling and targeted demographics. If you focus on a certain group, you will have a greater success rate, because it will be easier to find and attract customers.

do not want to go with specific demographics, but toward people. This is incorrect, because you will likely waste marketing resources on a demographic that is not paying attention to the goods. So focus on one goal at first and then you can always expand to another area if the work starts well.

Of course, some products are universal and bought by anyone.

  1. Marketing


This section goes hand in hand with the previous section. When you find targeted demographics, you need a way to let them know you're in business. The more people know about it, get more customers.

The important thing in this day and age is to be available on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Promoting stores on these sites is very important. Stores should have their own media pages to inform about any changes made.

Some web hosting providers have great tools to help you spread the word on the Internet. These tools include Google or Yahoo advertising credits, which you choose to promote the store on various sites that are primarily your designated demographic visitors. Sometimes these packages are sold separately, but are worth the money because they have a higher chance to increase traffic.

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)


It is important that the website is found easily when people need to buy the product you have. Most notably is Google's search engine. It scans the Internet and places relatively web pages as results on pages.

To increase page rank requires a good SEO plan. Websites must meet the standards set by Google if you want to be found easier.

The rules must be followed to make the most of this platform. Even small errors will cost you a lot and bring the page down.

The system is measured by the website design, the tags and keywords selected and the ability to access the website, etc.The more the search results will follow the rules. There are plugins that will help clean up some mistakes.

  1. Poor site navigation


Now that customers have found the website, the next big mistake is caused by poor site navigation. It should be elegant and easy to use, with as few clutter as possible. The buttons, links and other things you find on a web page are visible and clear.

For example, the product image on the previous page will also act as a link to the specified product they are displaying. If your pages have articles displayed, put a button on the button at the top of the page or for pages with more than one page, select the Home button to see from the pages.

There are many things to consider about this point, so if that is not your strong point, hire a professional designer.

  1. Search options are incomplete


Now, this is similar to SEO, but it only focuses on websites. Many stores do not have the search function option. These tools help people find the right product. It is there to help users find they want in a single step. You just need to enter it into the website. However, it is better to check that the keywords and tags are optimized and work on the website as usual.

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  1. Designed for desktop only


Today people use mobile phones as a primary means to browse the Internet.

Your site must be mobile-ready, so when you lower the resolution, the site will remain fully operational and you will not lose mobile phone customers for these things.

This optimization is currently available to the hosting providers. But it should still be tested, because if it is not reserved, it affects the business.

  1. Photos and bad product description


This relates to website design. It is the end of the online business.

Firstly, do not choose stock images of the product you are selling. The general picture can't be sure the product you're selling is actually there. The same goes for the product description. Try not to post uninteresting copy / paste text to read. Try to be creative and describe your items verbally. It will add personality to the store and also increase your chances of selling that particular item.

If images and descriptions are done correctly (they contain relevant keywords and tags, necessary SEO), it will have a great impact on website rankings and will help stand out from the crowd.

  1. Complex buying process


If the shopping cart module is not done correctly, everything you have done so far will be nothing.

Try to contain registration and checkout processes into one page and in a few clicks. The complicated purchasing process scares customers, because no one likes it when things are hard and not really transparent.

Try to have as many payment methods as possible.

Shopping for guests also does not matter, so people do not have to create an account to buy something. You should always encourage account shopping, with well-placed programs over time. It is always great when you receive the reward.

  1. Shipping options


This is quite simple, people do not want to mess with many shipping companies, so they stick with one company. This is a big mistake, because the diversity in shipping companies will be towards success.

Because on the web, you're not limited to one area or city and that's why shipping companies are needed. Different companies offer different prices and delivery times depending on the location of your order, so keep that in mind.

Also, when a shipping company stops working for reasons, you will always have an alternative option.

  1. Lack of customer service


For some people, dealing with another person is much easier than dealing with computers, online stores have only one way to do it. So customer support is always needed.

Like other points, this point is also quite easy to find and use. It is a simple but effective tool. Start with something small, where people can post questions, complaints and hope to receive feedback in a short time. There are many ways to do this, such as emails, chat rooms, tickets sent on your website or on one of the media pages or by phone support in certain areas.

Get ready to deal with product returns and refunds because everything happens anytime and a lost sale is much better than losing one or more customers.

  1. Do it yourself


Even if it's easier to do business online, it's better not to do it alone. Because there is no one to share the burden, or to assist you with daily activities. Managing everything yourself will take time and effort, the problems that occur will be done by you personally.

The solution to problems and jobs comes in the form of outsourcing (outsourcing for temporary help), which is data entry or website design.

In addition to human help, there are also some automation functions to help the store operate 24/7. You will find additional utilities to improve your store.

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We have deals to improve the online business. And to succeed, you should start with a good idea and a long-term plan, which will keep it active for years.

You need to spend a lot of time and effort, but eventually it will be valuable, because there will be many things on the World Wide Web, where everyone can find and use it.