9 steps to build a house in Minecraft game

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In Minecraft, you can freely create and build your own projects. But if you want to build bigger constructions, you have to start from small constructions like houses first.
If you are new to Minecraft then houses will be very important to you. It is your place of residence every night when it comes and can store important items.
And in today's article I will guide you through the steps to create a simple, traditional house in Minecraft.
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I. What is a house?

House in Minecraft is a basic construction that must be done by Minecraft players. Houses close together will create a community, which is VILLAGE.
You can use the villagers' houses to save time and effort as well as resources. Because the houses of the villagers also have quite a unique structure.
The houses will be where you live every day. There, you can eat, sleep, rest and hide things very effectively.
Not to mention the time you die, you can revive immediately at home. The shape of the house depends on your own creativity and preferences. In short, the house is indispensable if you play Minecraft for a long time.

II. Steps to create a home in Minecraft

Here are the steps needed to be able to make a house in the game Minecraft.

#first. Build columns to build houses

To create a solid house, you must first build a foundation for the house.
It is considered the skeleton of the house, it determines the stability and shape of the house later. The materials that make up the pillars usually use wood or stone to save resources, in addition to it is also aesthetically pleasing.
Before placing the pillars, you should outline the shape of the house to put the columns appropriately. Columns should be spaced at least 3 blocks apart.
art-craft-in-game-mincraft (3)

#2. Use bricks or stones to build the foot walls

The wall of the house you should divide into 2 parts, is the foot of the wall and the wall above to increase the aesthetics of the house.
Usually you should use bricks or stones to build walls, remember to build all around the house and should use the same type.
fantasy-game-play-mincraft (1)

# 3. Build the wall

After you have built the column and the base of the wall, you should immediately start building the wall. Should use light blocks to build walls.
In my opinion you should use wooden planks to build walls. Bright colors will make the house stand out and more beautiful. Remember to make room for the window.
art-craft-in-game-mincraft (4)

# 4. Make windows for the house

Windows will help your house become more open, more modern (if using glass). Materials for making windows are very diverse.
The easiest is that you just need to leave an empty cell, so we have a window. If you want to look better, you can use glass or door to decorate. In short, it is up to your preferences to design.
art-craft-in-game-mincraft (6)

# 5. Substructure

Next, after the exterior is built, you will go inside to build the floor.
art-craft-in-game-mincraft (7)

Depending on your preference, you can lay the flooring with different materials, but usually it is made of wood or bricks. If using wood or bricks, the house will become more classic.

# 6. Cope

After you build the lower part of the house, you will have to build an additional roof. The roof will help you avoid rain and sun, in addition to it enhances the beauty of the house.
There are many types of roofs such as: flat roof, tiled roof, floor roof, .... The simplest is probably the flat roof, because you only need to use your favorite blocks to rebuild the exposed roof.
But if you want the house to be more beautiful, you better build a tiled roof. Before building you must prepare the ladder blocks.
Then put on the roof so that it is reasonable and eye-catching. This stage is quite complicated and time-consuming for players. Then use the blocks to build walls and fill the exposed roof.
fantasy-game-play-mincraft (5)

# 7. Decorate the outside of the house as you like

After you have finished building outside the house, you can refine it by adding a few small details to make the house more complete, and more beautiful.

#8. Prepare decoration inside the house

If the basic part of the house has been built, then go inside for additional repairs and decorations. First, you should use wood as a attic on the roof to make the house look cleaner.
Then, build the stairs to go upstairs, so you can store your belongings upstairs. At the end of the ceremony, you should decorate the house to your liking, arrange beds, chests, kitchens and other suitable places. When you're done packing, you have a perfect home.
art-craft-in-game-mincraft (2)

# 9. Build a garden

You can make your house more beautiful by building a garden. First, use the fence to surround the house. Then make a path from the outside to the house. Next, plant flowers and dig lakes to decorate the garden. Finally you have a perfect home.

III. End

Above is my article on the steps to build a house in Minecraft. This is just the easiest way to build a house, so you can rely on this pattern and build more beautiful houses. Wish you build the house as you like.
Hope this article will be helpful to you. I wish you happy gaming 🙂
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