How to install the SEO Pack All In One

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How to install the SEO Pack All In One Plugin configuration - Check out the list of highly recommended WordPress Plugins, you'll find the All In One SEO Pack mentioned there. We will continue to share with you step by step instructions to Configure All In One SEO Pack Plugin and how to use this plugin effectively to optimize SEO for the website. All In One SEO Pack automatically optimizes WordPress for Search Engines.

How to install SEO Pack All in one plugin:

Download and activate the plugin as usual - you use the auto plugin installer or FTP program to upload it to the wp-content / plugin directory into the top level directory.

How to configure the SEO Pack Plugin all in one

The first will show you the ideal settings you should use.

  • Browse the settings -> All In One SEO.

  • Under Plugin Status: Click Enabled.

  • Fill in global information such as Homepage title, Homepage description, Keywords.

  • When adding a new post, you get more SEO options.

  • Enter all the global SEO information needed for the website required for initial configuration.

  • This includes Title, Description, Keywords, standard URL, etc.

  • That's it, this plugin has been set up.
For more Options to fill out, refer to the following image to make the recommended settings.


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Homepage title


The Homepage title is the meta title on the homepage. Please write the title carefully, as this will be a title that users will see in the browser as well as search bots use this title. Homepage title must be 60 characters or less. The wrong title will adversely affect the ranking in the search engines

Homepage description


Homepage description is also known as meta description. Homepage Description must be 150 characters or less. Google displays up to 167 characters in the description when a user searches on a particular keyword.

When someone searches for a keyword in Google, something like this appears:

Meta descriptions will be seen below the title. It should be 150 characters or less. If not, you will see a cut version of the description.

Key word


Add keywords related to the website content. Separate them with commas. Select the Google Keyword Tool before targeting keywords. Google doesn't consider keyword meta tags while Yahoo does.

Personal post settings

Other options to fill in for each post are Tags, Title, Keywords, Post description as below:

Following the steps above, you will improve your SEO and traffic. We really appreciate the support. If you like this article, please consider sharing it with others with social bookmarking buttons.

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