Top 5 best WordPress eCommerce website plugin

Are you looking to build a WordPress eCommerce website? Want to know the best WordPress eCommerce website plugin?
Choosing the right Ecommerce plugin is important for your business because a better platform means your website will have more development opportunities. Often users lose money because they didn't conduct research before choosing an eCommerce platform to build their stores.
In this article, HOSTVN will compare the 5 best WordPress eCommerce plugins for 2019. We will also explain their pros and cons to help you find out which e-commerce plugin is best suited for your business.

What do you need in an ecommerce website plugin?

There are many WordPress plugins that help create e-commerce websites in the market. But not all of them have the right set of features to suit your needs.
For example, some Ecommerce plugins are created to sell digital goods like ebooks, photos, music, etc. Others are better suited to sell physical products that need shipping.
If you want to run a business selling products that need shipping, then you'll need an ecommerce solution that provides better support for shipping.
Basically, you need to consider what you will sell and what kind of features you will need to run your website effectively.
Also, here are some of the most important factors to look for when choosing an Ecommerce platform.
  • Payment solution - Your ecommerce plugin should have support for your preferred payment gateway by default or through extensions.
  • Design and customize - How to design your website will help customers have the first impression when accessing the website. The ecommerce plugin needs to make sure that there are many interface templates and customization options that allow easy interface customization.
  • Application and integration - Integration testing is available for third-party applications like email marketing services, CRM software, accounting software, etc. You will need those tools to manage and grow your ecommerce business more effectively.
  • Support options - Make sure support options are available. Good support can save you a lot of money.

What do you need to run an e-commerce website?

Ecommerce websites are resource-intensive, so the first thing you'll need is the best WordPress hosting hosting service at a reasonable price.
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Top plugins to create the best WordPress eCommerce website

Here are our top picks for plugins that help create the best e-commerce website for WordPress users.
To install plugins for WordPress, please see HOSTVN's plugin installation guide for WordPress.

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce - create ecommerce website

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin. It is also the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. WooCommerce was purchased by Automattic (the company behind blog hosting service) in 2015.
There are a large number of addons and skins available for WooCommerce. They also have a thriving community behind it. Recently, several hosting companies have started creating hosting solutions WooCommerce dedicated.
Advantages of using WooCommerce
Here are some advantages of using WooCommerce as an Ecommerce plugin:
  • Extensions and interfaces - There are hundreds of extensions and skins for WooCommerce, making it easy to add new features to your eCommerce website. The large collection of themes means you have a wealth of options when choosing your site's design and layout.
  • Support both Digital and Physical Goods - With WooCommerce, you can sell digital goods (such as ebooks, music, software, etc.) as well as physical goods.
  • Selling links or external products - Using WooCommerce, you can add download links to products sold in the form of providing download links. Affiliate marketers can create product websites and provide users with a better experience.
  • Complete warehouse management - WooCommerce is equipped with tools to make warehouse management easier.
  • Payment and delivery options - WooCommerce has support for popular payment gateway integration and you can add many other payment options using extensions. It also supports calculation of shipping charges and taxes.
  • Support and Documentation - WooCommerce has a very complete and excellent user support and documentation community.
Disadvantages of using WooCommerce
  • Too many options - WooCommerce is easy to use, but the number of options available on the settings page can be quite challenging for new users.
  • Search for Addon - There are many addon available for WooCommerce, sometimes users may not find suitable addon for the features they need.
  • Interface support - WooCommerce works with any WordPress interface, but is not always easy to install or compatible with all themes. You need a WooCommerce support interface to take full advantage of its features without too much hassle.
WooCommerce is the perfect choice for any type of e-commerce website. It has a large community of developers and users, lots of addons and skins, great support for multilingual websites and the best free and paid options.

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce - create an ecommerce website

BigCommerce is an Ecommerce platform that provides seamless integration with WordPress. This allows you to use the scalable Ecommerce platform while using WordPress to manage content and run your website.
It has a powerful integrated plugin for WordPress, making it easy to embed your products into WordPress. It automatically creates login pages, shopping carts, accounts and other important pages for you.
Let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using BigCommerce as your WordPress eCommerce platform.
Advantages of using BigCommerce
  • High scalability - It includes all the features you'll need with enterprise-class security, high performance, and easy scalability.
  • Run the website easier - Separating your ecommerce tool from other content makes it easier to run your WordPress site.
  • Sell ​​on multiple channels - You can use it to sell not only on your website but also on other channels like Facebook, Instagram and Amazon.
  • There are no transaction fees - Unlike some other eCommerce platforms, it does not charge you per transaction. You can choose from dozens of top payment gateways and pay only transfer fees to payment service providers.
Disadvantages of using BigCommerce
  • Integration is limited - BigCommerce integrates with all leading third-party applications and tools. However, its app store is still growing and you probably won't find integration for some less popular apps.
  • There is no mobile application - Currently, it has no mobile application to manage your store via smartphones.
BigCommerce is an extremely powerful and very easy to use eCommerce platform. It helps reduce the difficulties in website management. At the same time, you do not have to worry about security, performance or finding extensions to optimize SEO and create a website cache.

3. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads - create ecommerce website

Easy Digital Downloads allows you to create a website that sells digital products such as ebooks, music, software, etc. It is easy to use and comes with powerful features to create a digital goods store. Nice number and fully functional.
Advantages of using Easy Digital Downloads
Designed to sell digital goods - Downloadable software such as theme, plugins, source code. Unlike eCommerce plugins that can be used to sell all kinds of products, EDD provides a much better experience for selling digital goods.
  • Easy to use - Easy Digital Downloads Easy to use, from the outset you'll immediately find out how to add products and display them. This is really useful for users without a lot of experience.
  • Extensions - There are hundreds of extensions available for Easy Digital Downloads, including add-ons for payment gateways, marketing platforms and services.
  • Display - Easy Digital Downloads Compatible with most WordPress themes, but if you haven't already, then Easy Digital Downloads There is an interface built specifically for it.
  • Great support - The plugin has free support forums, videos, tutorials and even an IRC chat room. There is also a priority support option for paid users.
Disadvantages of using Easy Digital Downloads
  • Easy Digital Downloads - As the name implies, Easy Digital Downloads Only suitable for websites that sell digital products such as ebooks, music, software, etc.
  • Selling external products - If you want to add an external product or an affiliate product to your EDD store, then you will need to install a third party plugin for it.

4. MemberPress


MemberPress allows you to sell digital products and services based on membership registration. It is the best WordPress membership management plugin with lots of integration options. It can even integrate with WoCommerce.
Let's see Let's see the pros and cons MemberPress.
Advantages of using MemberPress
  • Sell ​​products based on membership registration - Allows you to easily sell products based on membership group, pay per view content, etc.
  • Strong access rules - Powerful access control allows you to define user access levels and restrict content. Only authorized users can access restricted content.
  • Powerful extension - You can integrate it into WooCommerce store or LearnDash LMS. There are many extensions to connect MemberPress with third-party services.
Disadvantages of using MemberPress
  • Payment options are limited - MemberPress only supports PayPal, Stripe and
  • Pay annual fee - To use MemberPress You will have to pay a yearly fee.
MemberPress is the perfect e-commerce plugin to sell products based on member registration, selling courses or building a membership website. It's beginner friendly and can easily be expanded with addons that allow you to grow your eCommerce website in any direction you want.

5. Shopify


Shopify is a fast growing e-commerce platform, it will handle everything for you. Shopify is an all in one solution.
Let's take a look at Shopify's pros and cons.
Advantages of using Shopify
  • Very easy to use for beginners - No need to worry about the e-commerce store's technical aspects like setting up SSL, integrating with various payment gateways, handling shipping, worrying about taxes, etc. Shopify will handle it all.
  • Support both Digital and Physical Goods - Whether you Sell physical goods like shirts or digital downloads like music, Shopify can handle it all.
  • Managing inventory - Shopify Comes with a stock editor and bulk importer combined with an order tracker to make inventory management easy.
  • Payment and delivery options - Shopify makes it easy to accept credit cards both online and in person. Their shipping system streamlines your execution process with direct integration with popular vendors like USPS.
  • Facebook store - Shopify Integrate with everything. If you want to create a Facebook store, you can do it with Shopify.
Disadvantages of using Shopify
  • Pay monthly fee - Shopify Use fee per month.
  • Shopify Payments - Shopify Encourage you to use their payment platform provided by Stripe and is a very good option for beginners. However, if you want to use external systems, then Shopify will require you to pay.
If you want a strong foundation without having to worry about technical issues, then Shopify is the solution for you. While the monthly fee may sound awful at first glance, it is well worth it because it allows you to focus on growing your business without having to worry about technical issues!
Shopify There is no separate integration with WordPress. The BigCommerce solution on our list gives you everything Shopify has to offer and you can integrate it with your WordPress site.

Conclusion: Which WordPress eCommerce plugin is best?

If you want maximum control of your site, flexible customization with lots of features, then WooCommerce is the best solution for you.
If you don't want to have to manage all the technical stuff, then BigCommerce is the best option for you. It allows you to use the SaaS Ecommerce platform in tandem with WordPress as your content management system.
If you only sell digital goods, then Easy Digital Download May be the best option for you.
HOSTVN Hope this article has helped you find the best WordPress eCommerce plugin for your website. You may also want to see WordPress's Top 7 Worpdress drag and drop interface builders. In addition, you should also see 5 more helpful tips to improve your wordpress product page
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