Key and install Adobe Acrobat XI Professional

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 Currently, there are many ways to install Full Adobe Acrobat XI Professional, DC 2017, DC 2019, DC202x, but today I would like to send you the Key and install Adobe Acrobat XI Professional

1. Download Adobe Acrobat XI Professional and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017, 2019

You download Adobe Acrobat XI Professional or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017 according to the link below
– Link to download Adobe Acrobat Professional XI or Adobe Acrobat Pro XI Link 2
– Link to download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017
– Link to download  Acrobat Pro DC 2019.012.20040 (Fshare) or Acrobat Pro DC 2019.012.20040 (Google Drive)
– Link to download Acrobat.Pro.DC.2020.006.20034 (Fshare) or Acrobat.Pro.DC.2020.006.20034 (Google Drive)
– Link download ACC20GenP2.7  (Google Drive)
– Link to download ACC20GenP2.0 (Fshare)
– Link to download ACC20GenP2.7  (Fshare)

– Link to download  Acrobat Pro DC 2019 full
– Link to download Crack Adobe XI Pro
– Link to download Crack Adobe 2017

If you need you can download more ver 7.0 and ver 8.0 below
– Link to download Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional
– Link to download Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional

Instructions to download files in Share Blog Collection
– If when you access the download link to the Fshare link and there is a 404 Not Found message, stay calm, this is the fault of the Fshare server, just press Enter again. The file download page will appear.
– If popup ads appear and do not know how to block ads, you can refer to the article Block ads from download sites 

2. General Settings Adobe Acrobat XI Professional

After downloading, select the Setup.exe file to proceed with the installation.
+ If you crack in method 1, then choose Spanishish language (Spanish) and select Trial
+ If crack in method 2, just choose English language
Click OK to continue 
Click Next to continue In item 3, enter arbitrary name. In section 4, you select this item so that after the installation is complete, proceed to crack. In section 5, if you have a copyright Serial number, enter it. and click Next to continue. Select Typical, click Next Select Install to proceed with the installation. Wait a moment Click Finish, complete the installation phase.
Key and install Adobe Acrobat XI Professional

3. Crack: in 3 ways
– Method 1: Install in Spanish

Key use 1118-1248-9674-3382-4711-8305
1. Install with Spanishish Spanish. Choose to install with Trial. 
2. After installing, open Acrobat, you will be asked to continue using Trial or enter the key. Select enter Key
Enter the key above. OK
Turn off Acrobat and open it again, press Ctrl+K.
– Select Idioma (under JavaScript, right)
look to the right, in the drop-down menu, select the last line. The meaning of this line uses Acrobat with the language of the current operating system.
OK, close Acrobat and open it again. Accomplished.

Note: If you install in Spanish, but still get Liciense error, you can keep the installation and download  Adobe XI Pro and switch to crack by 2 or use ACC20GenP2.x .

– Method 2: Install in English (A bit confusing)

   + Install normally with English language, remember to choose Trial How to crack - Disconnect internet - Run Adobe, click on Get License - Enter serial: 1118-1285-1786-8246-2923-3814 - Click Next, Connect Later – At menu/Help, click PRODUCT REGISTRATION – Click Problems internet connection (blue text) – Click Offline Activation – Click Generate Request Code – Run keygen X-FORCE.exe – Paste serial 1118-1285-1786-8246-2923 -3814 in the serial box – Copy RequestCode o Adobe and paste it in the Request code box and click Generate – Copy the number range in the Response code box and paste it into Adobe – Add the lines below to the hosts file

(C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc) :
OK. Done.

– Method 3: Crack according to the version of  Acrobat Pro DC 2019.012.20040

Step 1: Download and unzip, go to Adobe Acrobat folder  , run Setup.exe file  Select  Use trial or subscription  and click  Install to  install normally until the Finish
Key and install Adobe Acrobat XI Professional
step  Step 2: Run  AcrobatDCUpd1902120047.msp  to Update the program
Step 3: Go to the Crack folder, copy the amtlib.dll file   to the installation directory, usually in the path this leads  C: \ Program files (x86) \ Adobe \ Acrobat DC \ Acrobat
Step 4: right-click the file  BlockUpdateAdobeAcrobatDC.bat  select Run as administrator
Step 5: Press the 3 key to control-alt-delete in Task Manager> Startup tab> Disable the programs below
Key and install Adobe Acrobat XI ProfessionalFinally open Adobe Acrobat up, go to Edit > Preferences > Update > uncheck the Automatically update item. It is done.

4. Install and crack Acrobat Pro DC 2019.012.20040 using ACC20GenP2.x

+ You install Acrobat Pro DC 2019.012.20040 as usual
+ Download ACC20GenP2.x and follow the video below

+ Tools ACC20GenP2.x is quite powerful, can crack most Adobe products.
+ If Acrobat Pro XI expires, you can use ACC20GenP2.x to crack to use it fully.
+ If you open Adobe Acrobat but automatically exit the program, you can use ACC20GenP2.x to fix the error.
5. Install and crack Acrobat Pro DC 2020.006.20034

You guys do it in the correct order and correctly
– You download Acrobat.Pro.DC.2020.06.20034 according to the link above and proceed with the installation as usual, I will not instruct you anymore.
– Note: Complete the installation, remember to run the program. (Avoiding the case that if you have not cracked it, Acrobat will send online information to the server and anticrack will not be used.)
5.1. Block the Acrobat.exe file from entering the internet (Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules) with the Firewall App Blocker v1.6 program .
+ Download the program, run the program
+ Select the I/O Streams tab in turn and add the path of the Acrbat.exe file as shown below
5.2. Turn off and disable the AcroTray (32bit) program when starting the computer.
You press 3 keys Crtl + Alt + Del on Process tab click cp on AcroTray (32bit) select End task
Key and install Adobe Acrobat XI ProfessionalClick on Startup tab proceed to Disable AcroTray (32bit) not to run when starting Windows
Key and install Adobe Acrobat XI Professional

5.3. Copy the entire ip range below and put it in the hosts file of the computer under the path C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts

5.4. Proceed to Unlock with Tools Unlock Acrobat Pro DC
+ Download Unlock Acrobat Pro DC (Fshare) or Unlock Acrobat Pro DC (Google Drive)
+ After downloading, extract and run the program that matches the x86 or x64 version. Just click Next until it's done.

Key and install Adobe Acrobat XI ProfessionalNote: Remember to turn off or pause your AntiVirus for 1 minute to Unlock because your AntiVirus may block and delete this Unlock program.
OK now you can use Acrobat Pro DC (v20200.006.2034)

6. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017

Installation instructions + Active Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017
+ Download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017 above and extract it
+ Go to the Acrobat_DC_Web_WWMUI file to install
+ Copy the Patch file to the installation folder and activate
+ Run the AcrobatDCUpd1701220098 update version latest version 19/10/2017

Thank you for reading my article Key and install Adobe Acrobat XI Professional.

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