[Hotline FE Credit] Phone number FE switchboard 24/7 installment

Customer Service Department (Customer Service) Notice from date 01/01/2020phone number Hotline FE CREDIT 24/7 customer support will change as follows:

Old number*New number
(028) 39 333 8881900 234 588

  • Price is 1,000 VND/minute

  • Operating time: 24/7 even day TET holiday

You want to contact the FE Credit Call Center to directly meet the Fe Credit operator who can answer your questions about the service, such as:

  • You want a personal unsecured loan or open a FE Credit credit card.

  • You need look up FE Credit contract to pay or close the dossier.

  • Or contribute ideas about service, staff quality…

But you don't know the number hotline FE Credit how much? How to contact customer care hotline? How to contact the FE Credit hotline?

In this article, banktop.vn will help you answer all these questions in the most complete way!

Latest updated FE CREDIT PBX phone numbers: 1900 2345 88

Note: 1900 2345 88 is the phone number of FE Credit bank staff to support 24/24, answer all questions about FE Credit's products and services.

About FE Credit Finance Company

FE Credit (Vietnam Prosperity Bank Finance Company Limited) is a credit finance company under VPBank, started operating in 2010 specializing in providing key products and services including:

  • Loan to buy goods in installments

  • Installment cash loan (find out packages borrow money FE Low interest rates)

  • Credit

  • Buy a car on installment

FE Credit is one of the largest and most prestigious financial companies in Vietnam, next to HDSaison, Home Credit…

What is Hotline FE Credit?

Fe Credit's Customer Service Center immediately called the phone number *5678 or 1900 234 588

Any bank, any company has online customer care departments by hotline.

FE Credit Customer Care Call Center is an online connection channel between care staff and customers, operating for the purpose of supporting service and taking care of customers.

In other words Hotline FE Credit is a direct communication portal between FE Credit and customers. Through the Hotline, customers can ask FE customer service staff to assist in answering service questions including: how to apply for a loan application, interest rate, contract lookup, payment date, all accounting records…

Hotline FE Credit
Fe Credit – Unsecured consumer loan

FE Credit operator always on duty Hotline FE Credit To be able to answer all customer questions in the fastest and most enthusiastic way.

In addition, the customer care and support switchboard system also has an email inbox to quickly solve and handle questions from readers and customers.

Contact information for FE Credit Customer Service Department:

  • Hotline: *5678 or 1900 234 588

  • Address: Ground floor, 144 Cong Hoa, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCMC.

  • Support time: Monday - Friday (08h30-11h30, 13h30-16h30)

  • Email: [email protected] Website: www.fecredit.com.vn

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FECREDIT.VN/

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What is the function of FE Credit Call Center?

FE Credit Call Center
What is the function of FE Credit switchboard?

When you contact FE Credit hotline, you will get answers to questions about loan services. Specifically the following information:

  • Answering and consulting questions about all service programs for installment loans and credit cards currently supported by FE Credit.

  • Support to answer questions about interest rates and look up payment schedules or cases of bank interest rates.

  • Assist in providing questions about preparing documents, preparing necessary documents when taking out a quick loan or opening a card at FE Credit.

  • Support in providing information about application addresses when applying for a quick loan of the day in provinces and cities across the country.

  • Look up contracts, look up outstanding balances.

  • Payment Guide, final settlement loan application at FE.

With the above information about Hotline FE Credit help you get answers to all your problems. If you have any questions, please contact the hotline directly to receive the most accurate answer!

Instructions for contacting the hotline number of VPBank Customer Care 24/7

The Fastest Way to Contact the FE Credit Claims Call Center

So what is the information of the FE Credit switchboard? And phone number of FE Credit staff What is regular customer service? Below is information about the switchboard that you can refer to when you need it most.

FE Credit phone number
FE Credit deploys many customer service phone numbers

Phone number of FE Credit Call Center for installment payment via Hotline 1900 2345 88

FE Credit call center installment payment: 1900 2345 88

This is the fastest FE Credit hotline 24/24 to support and answer all FE Credit services. To meet the operator, follow these steps:

  • Press the "first“: Meet the operator to support installment loans or credit cards 1

  • Press the "3“: to see the operator in charge of reporting lost credit cards

  • Press the "4“: to meet the operator of Fe Credit in charge of card activation

  • Press the "5“: to meet the operator in charge of payment methods and methods

  • Press the "6“: for instructions on looking up information

  • Press the "7“: to report a credit card problem

  • Press the "8“: to comment on service quality at Fe Credit.

However, because the number of customers contacting this hotline number is very high, in some times there may be congestion or a long wait. Therefore, customers can wait patiently or refer to the phone numbers of other FE Credit bank staff below.

Find out the number of Holtine Eximbank Customer Care 24/7

Phone number of FE Credit bank staff

Currently, FE Credit is applying two landline phone numbers to be able to meet FE Credit agents, each number has its own function, specifically as follows:

  • FE Credit hotline number 028 39 333 888: this number has the main function of taking care of customers, answering service questions.

  • FE Credit hotline number 028 39 111 555: this number has the function of directly contacting the FE Credit operator to borrow money online.

FE Credit Hotline *5678

Since April 20, 2018, FE CREDIT officially applies a new Customer Service Call Center number: *5678 with regular telephone charges.

In addition, customers can download the mobile application Star Phone on Android and iOS and dial *5678 to contact FE CREDIT's Customer Service Department for a reduced fee of only 1,200 VND/minute.

  • How to contact: Dial *5678 and dial

  • Fee: 1,200 VND/minute

FE Credit Card Call Center

The new credit card call center FE Credit has been added by FE Credit to specifically support credit cardholders, in order to ensure the best support and answer questions for customers, officially applied from 15/10/ 2020

FE Credit Service Complaint Phone Number

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact customer service immediately:


  • Hotline: *5678

  • Information about the loan contract: 1900 234 588

  • Credit card information: 1900 6939

Note: Support time: from 7:00 to 19:00 including weekends and holidays.

The complaint information will be transferred by the customer service department to the relevant departments for settlement

Complaint form should be sent to:

  • Email address: [email protected]

  • Directly at the office: Ground floor, 144 Cong Hoa, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, City. Ho Chi Minh

  • Note: Support period: Morning from 8:30 - 11:30; Afternoon from 13:30 to 16:30 Monday - Friday.

FE Credit Installment Call Center at the Branch

Fe credit Ho Chi Minh

  • Address: 144 republic, ward 14, Tan Binh, hcm

  • fecredit hotline number: 1900 234 588

Fe credit Hanoi

  • Address: 229 Tay Son, Crossroads, Dong Da, Hanoi

  • fecredit switchboard number: 1900 234 588

Fe credit Da Nang

  • Address: K294/35 Dien Bien Phu, Chinh Gian Ward, Thanh Khe, Da Nang

  • fecredit operator: 1900 234 588

Fe credit Khanh Hoa

  • Address: Box IV, V – 5th floor of VCN building, A1 street, Vinh Diem Trung urban area, Khanh Hoa

  • Call center fe: 1900 234 588

Fe credit Dong Nai

  • Address: K19 Vo Thi Six, Thong Nhat, Bien Hoa City.

  • Phone number fe: 1900 234 588

Fe credit Ca Mau

  • Address: 10 Trung Nhi, Ward 02, Ca Mau City

  • Call center fe credit installment payment: *5678

Fe credit Tien Giang

  • Address: 09 Le Van Pham, Ward 06, My Tho City

  • fecredit hotline: *5678

Fe credit Vinh Long

  • Address: 71/46/1 Lot A11 Eucalyptus house, cluster 2, ward 03, Vinh Long city.

  • hotline fe credit : *5678

Meet FE Credit Operators Directly at the Branch

If you want to go directly to the FE Credit branch to complain about the service, apply for a loan instead of applying unsecured loan You can refer to the list of FE Credit branch addresses below:

  • FE Credit Ho Chi Minh: 144 Cong Hoa Ward 12 Tan Binh District

  • FE Credit Hanoi: 229 Tay Son, Nga Tu So, Dong Da District

  • FE Credit Da Nang: K294/35 Dien Bien Phu, Chinh Gian Ward, Thanh Khe District

  • FE Credit Khanh Hoa: Plot IV, V VCN Building, A1 Street, Vinh Diem Trung Urban Area, Nha Trang

Note When Contacting Hotline FE Credit

When contacting FE Credit call center, customers should note the following issues:

  • There are many ways to meet FE Credit customer service staff, so customers can try different ways in case they can't be contacted.

  • Hotline 1900 2345 88 and *5678 are the two most recommended ways to contact the FE Credit hotline.

  • Customers should prepare information such as ID number, Contract number, questions before contacting FE Credit support staff.

Is there a fee to call Fe Credit Switchboard Number?

From January 1, 2020, when you call Fe 1900 234 588, you will be charged a fee. The fee will be 1,000 VND / 1 minute.

Other Fe Credit Customer Support Channels

Website FE Credit

Fe Credit homepage is the official homepage through which we can look up information, step-by-step instructions, and use all Fe Credit's services, in addition, we can also text online to receive support. fast.

Website FE Credit
Website FE Credit

Fe Credit App

In addition to direct contact forms or by phone number, there is also a Fe Credit application with functions such as:

  • Added Plus feature (Selfie+, Edu+, Fuel+),

  • Activate the Card on the app – Issuing a supplementary card

  • Card Lock/Unlock – Report lost card

  • Easy installment conversion of expenditures

  • Check Account Statements and Manage Transactions


Above is the information of the switchboard hotline FE Credit You can contact when you need to use the loan service of the bank. For more details on how to contact the FE Credit call center, customers can directly visit the FE Credit website to learn more. Hope this article has provided you with useful information.

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