Find out why yogurt is dehydrated and how to fix it

Yogurt is a nutritious food that brings many useful uses for everyone. Many people often make their own yogurt at home to ensure safety, but when making many people often encounter the problem of yogurt being separated. So why is yogurt dehydrated? Let's learn the following information to know the cause and how to fix it.

1, The benefits of yogurt

Health benefits

Yogurt is a food that is loved by many people. This is a food made by fermenting milk. This type of food contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health, bringing many useful uses when eaten every day.

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Using yogurt helps the digestive system better by beneficial probiotics, eating yogurt every day is also an effective source of vitamin D as well as calcium, making bones stronger, limiting degeneration.

Yogurt is a food rich in nutrients, which can strengthen the body's immune system. Using every day with a sufficient amount will help the body stay healthy and effectively fight colds and flu.

Beauty with yogurt

In addition to the useful uses for health, this is also a food that many women love in beauty. Yogurt has the effect of eliminating excess fat in the body, helping people get a more balanced physique.

With dark spots, acne on everyone's face can be completely eliminated with yogurt in a simple way. Yogurt contains a lot of vitamin C, which works to treat dark spots and prevent acne well and safely.

Yogurt can be used to make masks, scrubs, and beautify the skin without causing irritation. So many people often make yogurt at home to be more secure. However, people often have problems make yoghurt dehydrate. So what is the reason, please find out the information below.

2, The reason why yogurt is dehydrated

There are many reasons why yogurt is dehydrated

Yogurt brings many benefits to everyone's health, using every day will enhance nutrients, good for the digestive system... However, when doing it, many people often encounter the case of dehydration of yogurt. So why does yogurt dehydrate?let's find out the following reasons:

Brewed by yeast

Yeast fermentation is one of the important ingredients to make the finished product. Therefore, when choosing poor quality yeast, it will make yogurt easy to dehydrate, not freeze or be damaged during incubation.

When using yeast that is too cold, the yeast will not develop, and if the yeast is too hot, it will kill the bacteria in the yeast, causing the yogurt to dehydrate. For those who use yogurt yeast for too long, the bacteria will be few and cannot ferment effectively.

Perform the process of stirring the yogurt unevenly

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Stirring yogurt is also one of the causes of yogurt separation. In the process of making yogurt, if you stir it unevenly, it will cause the yogurt to be powdered or not smooth. This causes the yogurt to dehydrate as it ages and causes the yogurt to spoil.

Annealing temperature too high

Find out why yogurt is dehydrated and how to fix it

The yogurt incubation temperature is too high, which causes the yogurt to dehydrate

When brewing yogurt, temperature is also one of the most important parts. This is something that many people do not notice and often wonder why yogurt is dehydrated. When brewing yogurt at too high a temperature, it is not suitable, it will cause yogurt to be dehydrated, which is inevitable.

Unhygienic tools

When yogurt is dehydrated, there are many causes of this situation. One of the most common causes comes from yogurt making tools that are not thoroughly cleaned or are still wet.

When making yogurt, using tools that are not cleaned and still wet will cause yogurt to spoil quickly, separate from water and become viscous. So people need to keep this in mind when making yogurt.

3, How to fix dehydrated yogurt

Normal use

Yogurt that is dehydrated but still frozen can be eaten normally like other yogurts. This explains the problem Is dewatered yogurt edible?. The water on the top of the yogurt that is separated can be drunk without having to pour it out.

When this situation occurs, people put it in the refrigerator and use it normally. When using, if you do not eat the separated water, you can remove the water and continue to use yogurt as usual, the yogurt below still brings nutrients.

When the yogurt is not too watery, it's not liquid, but it's still frozen, it can't be thrown away but can continue to be used. Dehydrated yogurt has no effect on quality or health effects. So everyone can use it with confidence.

Make another dish

Dehydrated yogurt can be caused by many different reasons. When yogurt is dehydrated, is it edible or not is something that many people wonder. Yogurt when dehydrated can be completely eaten and can be used to make other dishes.

Dehydrated yogurt can be used to make other dishes

If the yogurt is not frozen and liquid, people can use this dewatered yogurt to process into smoothies or eat with fruits. This is a way to keep using yogurt without having to throw it away.

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In addition, people can also use this dewatered yogurt to beautify, make face masks, and facial massages that are very good for the skin. Even though yogurt is broken or dehydrated, it still has useful uses.

4, Note to make the best yogurt

Find out why yogurt is dehydrated and how to fix it

It is necessary to pay attention to the appropriate use of milk yeast for quality yogurt

When you find out the reason Why is yogurt dehydrated? people can know the problems they have in the making process as well as get appropriate solutions to continue using yogurt without having to throw it away.

So how to make yogurt in the right way to avoid dehydration is something that many people wonder. When making yogurt to avoid this situation, people need to do it carefully, need to make sure that milk yeast is used appropriately, not old yeast.

In the process of making yogurt, everyone needs to stir the yogurt by hand, stirring in one direction until the milk is completely dissolved. If the milk is curdled or not smooth, it will easily cause this separation of water.

When brewing yogurt, it is necessary to pay attention to the incubation temperature. The appropriate temperature when brewing yogurt is from 40 to 44 degrees Celsius. Absolutely not incubating yogurt at too high a temperature will cause the yogurt to not freeze or encounter the phenomenon of water separation as above.

In addition, currently on the market there are many types of tools to support simple and quick yogurt making. Everyone can use these yogurt makers to get the best quality and not get damaged.

Yogurt is a dish that brings many benefits to everyone's health, immune system, and digestion. Many people often choose to make yogurt at home to be more secure, but often have problems separating the water. With the above information, everyone can know the cause yogurt is dewatered and effective ways to get better quality yogurt. - Supermarket water purifier Vietnam's largest online - Lifetime peace of mind!

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