Is online savings safe? Which bank should I send to?

You have some money to spare and intend online savings for quick. However, you are still wondering whether this form is safe or not? And which bank should choose to deposit money? All your questions will be answered by Banktop in the article below.

What is online savings?

Online savings deposit is a form in which customers can perform operations such as opening a savings book, transferring money to an account, checking interest rates, paying off savings, etc., using devices connected to the internet at all times. , anywhere without having to go to the bank's transaction office.

The entire process of online savings deposit is done via e-banking service on computer or phone. No bank staff intervention, done by the system and secured across multiple layers.

Is online savings a safe solution?

Is online savings a safe solution?
Is online savings a safe solution?

Sending savings online is safe is the question of many customers when they hear about this form. In fact, savings deposit transactions are done by savings customers, without the intervention of bank staff.

Moreover, when performing the steps to send or finalize savings through the application, the system will ask customers to authenticate through many layers (password, OTP code...). The orders customers make online savings are backed up and saved on the system, if there is any problem, it can still be restored.

It can be seen that online savings are a solution that is not only convenient and suitable for modern life but also ensures absolute safety for customers.

Why should you send savings online instead of direct savings?

Instead of going directly to the bank to open a savings book, today most customers when in need choose online savings because:

Convenient, save time and effort

This is the biggest advantage that online savings are dominant compared to over-the-counter savings. When saving online, customers can open books, transfer money, close books and check information without having to go to the bank. Sending is extremely fast, only takes a few minutes, no signature of the trader is required.

Easy balance tracking

Why should you send savings online?
Why should you send savings online?

Just by accessing the internet banking account, users can easily check account balance fluctuations. Easily control and manage the monthly interest that the bank returns.

Absolutely safe and secure

All banks today apply modern technology with extremely high security. Customers' deposit and withdrawal operations are secured through many layers and all operations are saved and strictly managed.

What are the conditions for online savings?

To deposit online, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  • Register to use electronic banking (Internet Banking/Mobile banking) at the bank where you want to open a passbook.

  • Must have a checking account at that bank.

  • The balance in the checking account is enough for savings.

How to send savings online using Internet Banking

Once registered to use Internet Banking at the bank, to save online, users follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to your bank's website or your bank's mobile app and log in to your account.

  • Step 2: At the main interface on the homepage, select "Online savings".

  • Step 3: Choose the type of savings that suits your needs, including: deposit amount, deposit term, etc.

  • Step 4: Choose the form of receiving interest on deposit: Interest on principal or receiving interest periodically.

  • Step 5: Check the information again and then click “Confirm” and wait for the notification from the system.

  • Step 6: The transaction ends and exits the application.

Which bank has the highest interest rate for online savings?

Most banks now apply online savings to bring convenience to customers. Each bank will have different regulations on interest rates for each term. To bring the highest benefits, customers should choose reputable banks with high interest rates.

Below is the latest updated deposit interest rate table in 2022 at some banks that you can refer to.

Bank01 month (%)03 months (%)06 months (%)12 months (%)18 months (%)24 months (%)36 months (%)
North Asia3.
Bao Viet3.453.555.856.356.66.66.6
Hong Leong33.1544.6
Kien Long3.
South Asia Bank3.953.956.

Note: This interest rate may be adjusted by the bank from time to time. So do not forget to update regularly to keep up with the latest interest rates.

Do you need any documents to send savings online?

When sending savings online, customers will not receive a physical passbook like the traditional method. However, you will receive a message or notification to a confirmation email from the system. At the same time, you can also check your balance and interest at any time.

If needed, customers can also go to the bank to ask for a certificate of savings account balance. This document is also very important, no different from a physical book to make documents to prove income, borrow capital ....

Experience safe online savings, highest interest rates

Experience safe online savings, highest interest rates
Experience safe online savings, highest interest rates

In order to ensure a safe online savings deposit, and to maximize the benefits of depositors, Banktop will summarize for you some of the "bloody" experiences of those who have experienced it:

Choose a reputable bank

This is one of the important first factors that determine the benefit and safety of the money sent out. Because reputable banks will have extremely good security systems, helping to minimize the intrusion of bad guys. Moreover, prestige makes a brand, which will help customers feel more secure in the process of sending money.

Set multiple layers of security

Each layer of security will help increase the safety of the savings account. Therefore, install multiple layers of security for the highest security deposit.

Regularly check the status of your savings account

Doing this will help you better manage your deposit. If unfortunately there is a problem of money loss, it will be detected early and corrected promptly.

Notify the bank when detecting abnormality

If you discover an unusual problem such as: losing your phone, revealing account information, etc., please contact your bank immediately for support.

Contact the bank when needed

In the process of using the online savings service, if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact your bank immediately for assistance.


With the information that Banktop has provided to you above, you must have felt more secure when online savings. Because this is a form of saving that is not only safe but also convenient. Wish you choose a reputable deposit bank with the highest interest rate.

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