Summary of 15 delicious dishes from super attractive oxtail that are easy to make at home

1. Taro beef tail hot pot

The hot pot is hot, boiling on the stove, when you eat it, you dip the accompanying vegetables there, it will be very attractive. Hot pot sauce when served with vermicelli is delicious and rich. The oxtail is soft and fragrant, the outer skin is tough and rough, combined with sweet taro, making the hot pot even more attractive.

You can prepare a little more homemade dipping sauce (like chao sauce, chili sauce or satay, ...) to dip with vegetables, oxtail and other ingredients, it will be very delicious!

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2. Stewed beef tail with beer

Let's transform the familiar oxtail into a new stew by combining this ingredient with draft beer to create a delicious, irresistible beer stew at the weekend.

The cooked oxtail is soft, chewy, greasy, not fishy, ​​but instead has the aroma of lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon and anise. This dish has a thick, thick sauce that is perfect for eating with rice or bread.

3. Chinese medicine oxtail hot pot

When it comes to dishes about traditional Chinese medicine, a typical representative, not to be missed, is this dish of oxtail stewed with traditional Chinese medicine! With the use of tonifying gas, nourishing blood, and restoring the body, it is very good for people who have just weakened the body. This dish not only contains many nutrients but also has a rich and attractive taste.

The finished dish has a strong aroma of herbs, hot and rich hot pot sauce combined with soft and fatty oxtail meat, not fishy, ​​with oxtail meat with chao or a little satay!

4. Stewed Beef Tail with Green Pepper

You must have heard more or less about oxtail stewed with green pepper, right? However, to cook this dish in a delicious, standard, non-fishy way, you don't have to know how to do it.

Beef tail stewed with green pepper when finished with hot, aromatic broth spreads the smell throughout the kitchen inviting all diners. Scoop a little broth into your mouth, you will feel the sweetness from the vegetables and the oxtail.

Beef tail has a crispy outside skin, soft and fragrant inside, potatoes and carrots are stewed moderately soft, not crushed, combined with the typical pungent taste of green pepper, making the dish more attractive. .

5. Papaya stewed beef tail

Beef tail stewed with papaya is a delicious, nutritious and attractive soup for family meals. What's more wonderful than when you are tired, you can immediately enjoy a bowl of papaya stewed oxtail soup with crispy, fatty, fragrant oxtail.

The papaya is sweet and tender, the golden color is pleasing to the eye. The broth is sweet and rich with the characteristic aroma of lemongrass and ginger that is both nutritious and warm to the stomach.

6. Kimchi oxtail hotpot

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With a unique and delicious taste, no less than the two dishes introduced above, kimchi oxtail hot pot is also one of the candidates that you should try when having the opportunity to gather and party with your family. and friends there!

The broth has a beautiful bright red color, the sweet and sour taste, the rich spicy taste from kimchi, beef tail and corn along with other toppings is absolutely perfect. When eating, you put in the hot pot a sufficient amount of toppings, vegetables and mushrooms to eat, where to eat, dip there to ensure the deliciousness of the hot pot. Make sure you can't stop chopsticks!

7. Stewed Beef Tail with Potatoes

With very simple steps, you will immediately have yourself a hot, delicious and irresistible oxtail stew.

Beef tail is carefully stewed so it is soft and not chewy, the sauce is thick and smooth, accompanied by sweet potatoes and tomatoes, making the dish extremely delicious, immediately addicted to eating. When eating, dip it with bread to ensure that your whole family will empty the pot at any time.

8. Stewed Beef Tail with Lemongrass

In addition to the stews mentioned above, oxtail when stewed with lemongrass will become a very simple but delicious and strange dish!

The finished stewed oxtail with lemongrass has a very fragrant smell of lemongrass. The oxtail is stewed soft, delicious, and dipped with a little fish sauce or lemon pepper salt, sweet and sour, but also has a slightly spicy taste, what else is better? This dish is also very delicious with fresh bread or vermicelli.

9. Lotus root oxtail soup

Lotus root oxtail soup with a simple cooking method, without spending a lot of time, you can also cook a nutritious and attractive soup for the whole family.

Soft lotus root, fragrant, soft and sweet ox tail will make your family love it. On weekends, let's go to the kitchen to cook delicious and nutritious dishes for the family!

10. Stewed Beef Tail with Black Beans

In addition to the deliciousness, oxtail is also known as a nutritious ingredient for all of us, especially for those women! In this suggestion, invite everyone with Dien May XANH to take a look at the stewed oxtail with black beans to know what its "benefit" is!

Beef tail is carefully simmered, soft, fragrant, chewy, soaked in spices, black beans are soft, sweet, and fleshy. This dish is eaten with hot rice and dipped with a little salty fish sauce, it's delicious!

11. Boiled Beef Tail

A simple way to enjoy the full flavor of oxtail is boiled oxtail.

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When boiling, you can add a little wine, seasoning, salt, lemongrass or crushed ginger to remove the fishy smell and make the dish more delicious.

Standard boiled oxtail, you will feel the tough, lumpy, fatty aroma of the oxtail. To enjoy the fullest flavor, you can also dip it with a cup of super spicy chili fish sauce! Now, try your finished product right away!

12. Beef tail with wine sauce

It would be remiss if today's article omits this wine-sauce oxtail!

After finishing, the wine sauce oxtail has an eye-catching red color. The delicious tender oxtail combines the sourness of wine and the sweetness of carrots and taro. The dish will be more delicious if eaten with bread and dipped with a little salt, pepper and lemon!

13. Beef Tail Soup

The broth is cooked from oxtail and vegetables, so it's very sweet without much seasoning. The cooked oxtail is soft, chewy on the outside, soft and fatty on the inside, served with delicious vegetables such as carrots, beets, and broccoli.

On rainy days, it's great to have a bowl of oxtail soup to enjoy!

14. Stir-fried vermicelli with turmeric with oxtail

Stir-fried vermicelli with oxtail with turmeric is a very new and unique variation, but the taste is guaranteed to be extremely delicious, attracting diners right from the first chopstick!

Stir-fried oxtail with turmeric has a beautiful golden color, soft cooked meat, absorbed with the characteristic aroma of turmeric. In addition, all the spices are blended in each strand of vermicelli with rich flavor, along with bright colors to make the dish more attractive than ever. Try it now!

15. Cow tail porridge

The last suggestion in today's list of delicious oxtail dishes is delicious, easy-to-make oxtail porridge.

The porridge is smooth, rich in spices, mixed with a little bit of mild spicy and the faint aroma of scallions, each piece of cooked oxtail is soft, sweet, and the meat is so wonderful. What are you waiting for without showing off your talent right away!

Recently, Dien May XANH introduced to you 15 delicious dishes from super attractive oxtail that are easy to make at home. Hope the article will help you have more options to go to the kitchen to make delicious dishes for your family!

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