Strategy corner: Become the Best Lu Bu with only the following tips

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Hello everyone, back to blogchiasekienthuc.com. After I introduced General Lu Bu, today, I will continue to show you a few tips, but can help Lu Bu as a tiger grow more wings.
So I will call the article sharing tips is Tactical corner okay. Coming to the tactical corner, I will introduce, share, and analyze the tactics of usefulness in Lien Lien Mobile. And the first tactic today is about the general Lu Bu.
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As you all know, the rapid cooldown in the Coalition is a very important advantage. You may not know that, in a fight early in the game, in about 8-10 seconds, Lu Bo can surf 6 times Chiêu 1.
It sounds ridiculous, isn't it. But no, you didn't hear wrong. And today I will guide you to do that. Of course, do not use hacking or tools.
To do this, use your badges Masculine.
First, the phantom badges are badges that when used last ult, reduce 50% of the remaining cooldown's cooldown reduction, besides unti.
For Lu Bu, when he used the god of war, it was no different from a tiger, now surfing Chiêu 1 6 times, what if the tiger has more wings?
Next is how it works. Once up Level4, Before fighting, use technique 2 to poke the opponent's blood.
Next, use up technique 1 but rushed to knock the opponent up. Do not worry, when used all the way to close, there is no way to fight.
Once rushed in, you use immediately Zhao 3, then technique 1 Only 3s of cooldown is left (That's when in level 4). At that time, you are free to sweep the battle in a state of war.

- You should remember that use up technique 1 and technique 2 before using Zhao 3. If you haven't used it all yet technique 1 that was hastily used technique 3 then after you use up 1, the cooldown is still not reduced! So please note this, you feel secure to use up technique 1 have gone before using the last move. Then Lu Bu will be very strong.
- The second is Lu Bu is afraid of hard control such as Stun, Splashes, knocked out, so be careful when rushing into the hard-controlled champions. Lu Bu was especially afraid of Ormarr, Gildur, Payna, or Alexter. So please wait for control or choose a suitable time offline!
- To hit Lu Bo well, you should go to settings and select Hit the nearest. Because when God of War, the ability to suck blood is very hegemony. So fight all surrounding opponents to recover!
Here, I will introduce Lu Bu's Builts:
best-lu-bo-chi-with-meow-after-day (2)

  1. Search for souls.
  2. Thick resilience.
  3. Frequent break.
  4. Complex sword.
  5. Hercules gloves rage.
  6. Guardian armor.
You priority go to the forest to have level4 so fast to sweep the fight early!
So I have finished sharing with you tactics play Lu Bu to sweep the fight See you in the future Tactical Corner next one!
I wish you success and don't forget to continue to support the Knowledge Sharing Blog. Thank you, cordial and goodbye.
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