What is Kingdom Game 4.0 (KDG)? Details of KingdomGame and KDG token

 Recently, after the strong explosion of the Play to Earn trend , many projects were built to support and develop the fields related to this trend. Among those projects, we can't help but mention Kingdom Game 4.0 , a platform that supports the operation, construction and development of complete and quality game projects. Let's find out with ReviewInvest what this project is.

What is Kingdom Game 4.0?

Kingdom Game 4.0 is one of the pioneering projects in providing infrastructure in the blockchain game and NFT market, helping to bring blockchain game projects closer to the community with its products. Kingdom Game 4.0  focuses on creating a multi-functional platform where users can also earn income while having fun.

What is Kingdom Game 4.0?
What is Kingdom Game 4.0?

Highlights of Kingdom Game 4.0

Kingdom Game 4.0 creates a platform that will connect game developers, gamers and investors in the gamefi universe industry.

  • Sharing economy model: game developers will use Kingdom Game 4.0 as an intermediary through which players can earn rewards from watching or playing games in KDG's ecosystem.
  • Watch & earn:  by watching on Kinglive livestream platform, viewers can earn free KDG tokens
  • NFT marketplace:  is a place that provides high liquidity for users to donate, buy, sell or auction NFTs of idols.
  • Streaming & NFT donation:  is a platform that allows users to stream their content and receive donations using KDG tokens or NFT gift cards.
  • Game development:  Kingdom Game 4.0 will participate in investing and providing solutions for potential game projects under development.
  • Blockchain-based payment system:  Kingdom Game 4.0 will use KDG token as currency in all operations in its platform.

Kingdom Game 4.0 products

Kinglive Streaming

Kinglive NFT Streaming is a great channel to help game content creators, streamers or players to share their content directly. In addition, users can also upload their videos conveniently. The platform will lead the way in NFT art and gaming content streaming platforms.

At Kinglive users can:

  • Build your profile: users can customize their profile picture, page content or improve their stats.
  • Live streaming:  users can go live to share their creations.
  • Post videos:  users can post videos to attract viewers to follow them.
  • Donate for your idol:  users can donate to their favorite idols with KDG tokens or NFT tokens purchased on Marketplace.
Kinglive - the livestream platform of Kingdon Game 4.0
Kinglive – the livestream platform of Kingdon Game 4.0

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace is a place for all users of Kingdom Game 4.0 platform to exchange with each other. In addition, KDG also develops for its NFT Marketplace new, but useful, low-cost features such as:

  • Private NFT Mining:  allows users to create their own NFT creations. Those NFTs can be videos, images, pictures or audio files, etc.
  • Auction:  auction form will make the sale and purchase of NFT works more attractive and valuable.
Kingdon Game 4.0's NFT Marketplace
Kingdon Game 4.0's NFT Marketplace

KingdomStarter IGO Launchpad

KingdomStarter is a gamefi launcher and huge game marketplace for gamers. It is designed to allow the most promising projects to launch their ideas and push their products to the market, giving investors the opportunity to access token sales at an early stage. . Projects will be carefully selected before being sold on KingdomStarter.

The benefits of participating tiers (IGO) on KingdomStarter Launchpad are summarized in the following table:

Tier (Tier) to participate in IGO on KingdomStarter
Tier (Tier) to participate in IGO on KingdomStarter

Kingdom Game Hub

Kingdom Game Hub is a place to create opportunities for game developers to bring their work to the community to deliver exciting NFT games to gamers.

Kingdom Game Hub
Kingdom Game Hub

Staking Launchpools

Kingdom Game 4.0 Launchpool was created with the purpose of distributing tokens to more users and investors having more opportunities to own KDG tokens, generating daily passive income for token holders of the platform. .

Launchpool of Kingdom Game 4.0
Launchpool of Kingdom Game 4.0

Incubation Program

(This program is under construction and will be revealed in the future).

Earning Program

(This program is under construction and will be revealed in the future).

What is Kingdom Game 4.0 token (KDG)?


  • Token Name: Kingdom Game 4.0.
  • Ticker: KDG.
  • Blockchain:  Binance Smart Chain.
  • Token Standard:  BEP-20.
  • Decimals: 18.
  • Contract: 0x87a2d9a9a6b2d61b2a57798f1b4b2ddd19458fb6
  • Token type: Ultility.
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 KDG.
  • Circulating Supply: 98,793,771 KDG (13rd Dec, 2021).

Token Allocation

KDG tokens with a total of 1,000,000,000 KDG allocated:

  • Public (5%): 50,000,000 KDG
  • Advisor & Partnership (5%): 50,000,000 KDG
  • Liquidity (8%): 80,000,000 KDG
  • Marketing (10%): 100,000,000 KDG
  • Backup Fund (10%): KDG 100,000,000
  • Team (15%): 150,000,000 KDG
  • Private-sale (17%): 170,000,000 KDG
  • Ecosystem (30%): 300,000,000 KDG
Allocation of KDG tokens
Allocation of KDG tokens

Token sale

Seed and Private sale rounds were carried out in Q4/2019 but details have not been disclosed.

Distribution schedule

The distribution schedule of KDG token I will summarize below.

KDG token distribution schedule
KDG token distribution schedule

Application of KDG token

KDG is a utility token used in the foundation of Kingdom Game 4.0 to:

  • Make vehicle fees on Marketplace.
  • Staking receives interest
  • NFT card minting fee
  • Eligible to join IGO launchpad
  • Donate in Kinglive platform

Price of KDG token today

Market Cap Rank#1468
Market Cap$5,674,743
24H Volume$282,356
24H High/Low$0.02640483/$0.02106017

How to earn & own Kingdom Game 4.0

Currently, to be able to own or earn KDG tokens, you can buy them on Pancakeswap, MEXC.

In addition, later when the features are released, you can make money by livestreaming, playing games or watching content on the platform.

Wallets & Exchanges

Storage wallet

KDG token belongs to BEP-20 standard, so you can store it in wallets like Metamask , BSC Wallet, Coin98 Wallet, etc.


KDG token is currently sold on Pancakeswap and MEXC

Team, Investors & Partners


Kingdom Game 4.0 development team information is still being left open.

Investors & Partners

Kingdom Game 4.0 investors and advisors are big names and "hot" in recent times.

Investor and advisor of Kingdom Game 4.0
Investor and advisor of Kingdom Game 4.0


After a long time of development, Kingdom Game 4.0 is in the process of launching its products.

Kingdom Game 4.0 development roadmap
Kingdom Game 4.0 development roadmap


So I have introduced to you a foundation project to support the development of the blockchain game field, after a long development time and completed for myself the construction steps, Kingdom Game 4.0 is capable of will be very hot in the near future when KingdomStarter is receiving the attention of many investors in the market.