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Latest Google Adsense income tax declaration

 According to new regulations from Google, all accounts making money from Google Adsense are required to pay 30% tax for all advertising display from the US. Please note that tax is only charged from displaying ads in the US and all other countries are not subject to tax. Therefore, you youtubers, content partners, ... making money from Google Adsense advertisers need to declare enough tax information to avoid affecting the receipt of money. Here are detailed instructions for declaring income tax from Google Adsense.

Declare personal income tax from google adsense

If you are an individual who is making money from google adsense advertisers, you need to declare immediately so that until the 21st of every month, Google Adsense "pays" will not be delayed or have legal problems. The specific steps are as follows:

Dowload adsense bot

Step 1: Importing Google Adsense account

In this, Google Adsense informs about your tax declaration -> Click Manage tax information ( Declaration of tax information is also sent by google in your gmail or Youtube Studio)

Step 2: Click Add tax information

Step 3: Choose personal tax declaration

Select tax return for individuals –> Select Non -US citizens –> Select tax form W-8BEN for individuals –> Click USE FORM W-8BEN.


  Step 4: Declare information according to the form

Fill in HO VA TEN in capitals without accents -> Select Vietnam country -> Submit. ( Because Vietnam is not in any trade agreement, you should leave it blank)

Step 5: Add your address

Fill in the steps Tick in the usual address if you will receive a PIN at this address for an account without a PIN (If you have received a PIN, then copy & paste it at the address where you received the previous PIN) -> Fill in the information Necessary information according to 2, 3, 4 -> To look up Zipcode code on to find the location closest to your address, fill it in -> NEXT

Step 6: Choose a tax agreement

is No then Next

Tick ​​the form -> NEXT

Step 7: Certification of declaration

Fill in the signature with your first and last name capitalized without accents -> Select yes, I'm the person listed…. –> CONTINUE

Step 8: Fill in the Affidavit

In this table is the tax declaration for the Google Adsense account that has not been received any money, you follow the table.

If you have already received money, select Yes and I am providing tax information for an existing payment. This profile has previously received payments. Then press SEND

So after completing the Google Adsense tax declaration, it will be successful and the email will be notified in a few minutes.

Tax evasion of Google Adsense

Now there are also services or ways to declare tax from Google Adsense without the account being taxable thanks to Declare to a free trade agreement with exemption to be exempt from tax.

However, we recommend against doing so if you:

  • Not familiar with paying in other countries or receiving money at an address from abroad.
  • Content with few views from the US is not necessary to declare "lies" to evade taxes.

Above are some simple steps to declare income tax from google Adsense. I wish you success and make a lot of money from Mr. Go.

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