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All google adsense publishers complain about CPC (cost-per-click), how not because One of the main factors that will determine a lot or a little income for Google Adsense publishers is CPC (Cost Per Click), or often known as CPC (Cost per click) on the Google Adsense IDR account. As the name implies, cost-per-click (CPC) is a value that will determine the costs and results given by the Google Adsense where every time a valid click occurs from the results made by visitors to the ad clicked. We need to know that the value of Cpc or CPC given to each ad will vary in value, it all depends on the height and magnitude of the bid value given by the advertiser itself. smartpricing .

From the Google support site, I translated that  Smartpricing or in its Indonesian language smart pricing  is a Google feature that can reduce cost-per-click (CPC) bids on the Google Network. The following said the giant Google company. 
Application admob high cpc

We constantly analyze data in our network with various factors. If our data shows that clicks from Google Network pages are less likely to turn into actionable business results such as online sales, registrations, phone calls or marriage registrations we might reduce the bid for that page. 

We will take into account many factors, such as a list of keywords or concepts that trigger ads and the type of page where the ad is displayed. For example, let's say you advertise a digital camera. Your ad appears on two different pages - the Google search page for the keyword 'digital camera' and the Google Network page about digital cameras. If Google determines that your ad won't appear well on Google Network pages like on Google search, the AdWords system can reduce the maximum CPC bid for that site. Google saves time and hassle by estimating certain click values ​​and adjusting bids on an ongoing basis. Without extra effort for you, Google technology helps ensure that you get a strong ROI from your AdWords ads. 

In other words, Smart Pricing is a feature created for advertisers so that they do not spend high funds to click on ads that will be unexpectedly unnatural or intentional clicks (click exchange). For google adsense publishers, smartpricing can cause harmful negative effects because it will make the bid value from the web or blog detected to be a low CPC. 

CPC Indonesia 
CPC (Cost Per Click) In Indonesia, the normal value of clicks given by Google to each click made on the advertisement is valued at a range of $ 0.03 - $ 0.08 or if the value is around 300 to 800 rupiah per click on a valid ad . It should be understood that if the CPC (Cost Per Click) value is lower than that, then you can say that the google adsense publishers with their blogs are being detected and affected by  smartpricing. But for all google adsense publishers, even though the monetizing blog is not affected or detected by the effects of smartpricing though, the normal value of CPC is not too satisfying for the publishers, especially for those who depend on their income from Google Adsense. That is because, apart from the cost per click that is not so satisfactory due to Indonesian cpc, and if traffic from Indonesia there are only a few visitors who want to spend their time clicking on advertisements for publishers, this makes suffering (publisher) increasingly -so, maybe in this case myself included.

I myself think and continue to learn after various experiments that I have tried. By seeing the fact that Indonesian cpc is low, and I see maybe in this case it also includes myself, many start trying and looking for loopholes to maximize revenue from Google Adsense in various ways done, starting from looking for various information about how to increase the CPC, increasing organic blog traffic and also the number of clicks, increasing the value of clicks or CPC, to never cheat by doing blackhat Adsense to be able to increase their income on google adsense to many -fold fold, but ends with banned accounts ... sad not playing, that's the struggle.

Increase Google Adsense CPC 
Increasing CPC google adsense is the dream of all adsense publishers, after I searched the Google SERP there were many ways to increase the CPC Value without using blackhat techniques. The following are ways that I have applied:

1. Play a High Cpc Niche Blog

Niche is the category of blogs that you discuss, niche blogs are very decisive for google adsense publishers, how not, with the niche that you are discussing, the ads that appear on your blog depend on the niche you specify, so I suggest that you determine the niche blog that the cpc high and that can bring up elephant ads. but any niche blog that the CPC is paid is expensive. Following this niche blog is a high CPC.

Niche Blog Adsense High Pay
Marketing (online business) 
Niche Automotive 
Niche Insurance (Insurance) 
Niche Health (Healthy) 
Niche Technology (techno) 
Niche Finance (Finance) 
Property Niche 
Niche Fashion and Beauty 
Traveling Niche 

2. Block Low CPC Ads

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, adsense ads have different values, there are also high ad values ​​and there are also low ad values, depending on the bid determined by the advertiser itself. We need to know in spreading advertisements on our blog, the google adsense free for publishers to be able to choose which ads will be displayed on each of our blogs. If you want to increase your high CPC, then the ad filters that are low in CPC and try to only have ads that have high CPC, I don't mention which ads have low CPC because later it can worsen the image of the ad, it's smart for you yourself 

3. Creating a Bule Blog

Maybe in making a white blog not everyone can afford it, because I am not able to master English, I myself, too, only rely on google translete ... hehehe.

but even so we must learn if we want to get maximum results.

Caucasian blog is very effective to be used as a money site with google adsense, because different countries have different results, that's the thing that applies in the world of adsense.

But if you are
able to create a bule blog, you must also be able to bring traffic to your blog, if not, then there will be no results. but how to bring traffic to your blog, I can only answer the puzzle by providing quality content, for me content is king, without quality content, you cannot afford to compete with other publishers from various countries. And you also have to be patient in posting articles at least 5 posts every day to 6 months. how tired you are, yeah iob, all of them are not instant, all need effort and don't forget to pray.

Believe it or not, if you are able to bring in traffic from United States (US), then it is most likely if they click on your adsense ad, then the payment is around 1 $ -2 $ if it is around 13000-26000 per click or more. imagine friend, if you can increase thousands of traffic from US visitors to your blog, then feel the maximum results. so I don't wonder if there are many publishers in Indonesia who are able to earn thousands of dollars per month with their blog, like Ika Lasmana, Mas Sugeng, Dian Umabara, and there are still many other bloggers who have succeeded, one of them ... kidding bro. I'm still a beginner.

4. Increase Ad Visibility 

In my personal experience, the higher the visibility of the ad, the more likely it will be the higher Cost Per Click provided by the Google system for each ad that will have high visibility.

The ad visibility that I mean here is the percentage of ad visibility in the eyes of visitors to your blog. The percentage of the ad's visibility will increase if the duration of your blog visitors see ads that you post on each blog longer or longer.

Well To check how much the value of the ad visibility on our blog, you can see directly on your Google Adsense dashboard performance report. Ad visibility will be marked as "Active View Viewable" or "Active View Visible" and the value of the ad will be displayed in units of% (percent).

According to my analysis, maybe google adsense will feel happy if there are visitors to your blog who see ads for a long time or after they click on your ad, and they will play long in your ad, then it can increase your CPC. that's my analysis I have done experiments.

Note: I did it not to cheat, but to analyze it so that I know why the CPC is high, I have tried clicking the same ad on a different computer with a different duration of viewing minutes, but the results are clearly different, much higher if the duration the longer we play in the ad.

5. Ad placement

As we know, the placement of ads on our blog may be more familiar, which is referred to as one of the techniques to increase the CTR value, as well as the percentage of ad clicks by our bloig visitors. But it is likely that only a few of the publishers are aware of this, that the placement of ad positions also greatly affects the CPC (Cost Per Click) value.

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When the google adsense publishers position the ad above the fold, or in Indonesian can translete as the 'upper half page', and spots that have a 'very important role to apply', then the giant company system, Google will give the value of advertising with a relatively higher CPC value.

This 5th point does have an element that is almost in common with point 4 in this article, where when ad visibility increases, then the value of cpc in ads on our blog will also be increased by Google.

6. Meet the Blog with quality content

When I first blogged in 2011, I once asked my teacher at that time with bg arif Abdul Ghafur, how to get the maximum results in blogging, he said posting quality articles and of course information-rich ones, but what was the relationship between CPC and content quality, yes, obviously there is a connection, for example, you post an article about marketing, then the ad that appears on your blog is clear about marketing, because every ad that appears depends on what your blog is, so I said, before blogging, determine your niche first. Try your niche marketing keyword research with various keywords and see the CPC, and not just niche marketing, the health niche is also very high in CPC. 

But what you need to remember is, making content as unique as possible, with your unique content, then increasing your quality in search engines, bg Ahmad raj is also my blogger teacher, he once motivated me. "Be yourself then you will be more unique, the more you are unique, the more people will pay attention to you, the more attention you have, the more visitors to your blog" the key is ... hehehe the point is content is king.

7. Don't Overload Ad Units

It has become a natural law of all things there are rules. Waw, it turns out that Google Adsense limits its publishers to advertise with a maximum of 3 content ad units, 3 link ad units, and 2 search boxes, but some time ago, Google abolished this rule policy and released its publishers to install as many ad units as possible they like on their blog.

Because of this, many publishers think "if we put a lot of ads on the blog, surely this income will also be able to increase too much," and I am one of the many publishers.

But if you are one person like me or us, then I remember you need to be vigilant.

Google's policy now is to free its publishers to be able to place a large number of ads on a blog page / post, but that only applies within reasonable limits.

When you fill your web or blog with Google Adsense ad units, from the beginning to the end, even to cover the content that visitors want to find, then there is no doubt that you will be banned from the advertiser's network, sooner or later.

In addition, when you place the ad unit too much, Google will give a penalty in the form of giving smartpricing to your blog, which makes the CPC drop to $ 0.01.

8. Increase Organic Visitors

Now this is the most important point among the other points, because with organic traffic it can clearly increase your Google adsense CPC, but to bring in organic traffic you have to master Seo knowledge, you can read the Full Seo Guide 

Maybe in seo science I have not been so proficient, but this blog has already won 2nd place in the SAIL SABANG 2017. SEO contest You can read the official website of Disbudpar Acehprov

SERP Google expects its publishers to be able to bring in traffic and visitors from search engines using organic keywords (Keyword) to anticipate invalid activity or invalid clicks that can harm advertisers who advertise to them (Google giant company).

Based on the analysis and experience that I feel, I can conclude that Google SERP is much more like organic visitors than non-organic visitors.

Well, the above is an article that I like and I am interested in making this article on my personal website. I hope the people aren't angry, ha .... !! happy to learn. 


What is CPC bids?

What is CPM bids?

Maximum CPC bid: A bid that you set to determine the highest amount that you're willing to pay for a click on your ad

There are two main types of bidding within Google AdWords – Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM).
Within this blog I’m going to give you a breakdown of what both these bidding strategies mean and when you would best use each one.
What is CPC bid

  • If someone clicks your ad, that click won't cost you more than the maximum cost-per-click bid (or "max. CPC") that you set. For example, if you set a $2 max. CPC bid, you'll never pay more than $2 for each click on your ad. The actual amount that you pay is called the actual CPC and is shown in your account's "Avg. CPC" column.
  • A higher bid generally helps your ad show in a higher ad position on the page.
  • You'll choose between manual bidding (you choose your bid amounts) and automatic bidding (you set a target daily budget and the Google Ads system automatically adjusts your max. CPC bids on your behalf, with the goal of getting you the most clicks possible within that budget). With manual bidding, you'll set one maximum CPC bid for an entire ad group, but can also set different bids for individual keywords.

Cost Per Click (CPC) Bidding

CPC bidding is where you only pay if someone clicks on one of your ads.
In most cases people will generally use CPC bidding as it is designed for the Search Network. It’s also the recommended bidding strategy when trying to drive traffic to your website and you know how much you are willing to pay.
Within CPC bidding there are two separate bidding options available:

Automatic Bidding

Where you set a daily budget and Google AdWords will attempt to bring you as many clicks as they can for your set budget. You can also set a maximum cost per click to make sure Google doesn’t spend more than you would. If you use automatic bidding I would highly recommend setting a maximum CPC!

Manual Bidding

You only pay when someone clicks on your advert but this option allows you to control your maximum bids. You can set bids at the Ad Group level, keyword level or placement level. I personally like this option as I feel it gives you more control over what you spend per click.

Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) Bidding

Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) is totally different to CPC as your bidding is focused on the number of impressions of your advert receives rather than the number of clicks. CPM is charged per thousand impressions your ad receives.
CPM bidding is the most common option for advertisers who are targeting the Display Network as this is the best option if you are trying to increase or improve your brand visibility.
There is one downside that this bidding strategy brings which is the fact that you could potentially pay for a thousand impressions but receive no clicks to your website.
On the other hand a benefit of CPM ads are that the display network is solely judged on price so if it has the highest bid it will rank at number 1, whereas CPC bids are judged on CTRQuality Score and other relevance factors.
To summarise, both bidding strategies are different but both have their own benefits and drawbacks. They can be used for different campaign goals such as driving traffic to your site or driving brand awareness. CPC bidding is mainly used for Search Network campaigns and CPM bidding is primarily used for Display Network campaigns.
Check out new ways to improve your AdSense RPM . RPM means that each Mille revenue is no longer an indefinite term, as we have learned that it is like an AdSense term and definition Your page's RPM is not the amount you will earn on it; instead, it's only used to measure the value of your earned impressions for 1000 ad impressions.

Improve your AdSense RPM

Note the difference that effective CPM (eCPM) is measured by page impressions, while RPM is calculated by the number of ad impressions. Just like the smart ways to improve your Adsense CTR or CPC, these are the best ideas to increase the Adsense RPM that you need to follow.
Basically, the page RPM is only determined by the estimated earnings that are increased. Depending on how much the advertiser tends to pay for ad impressions. So when the number changes, the page's RPM also changes frequently. That is why, as a publisher you make money with the Google Adsense program , you need to track the number of oscillations displayed according to the page RPM.
Improve page RPM: Optimize Google Adsense
At this point, we consider a smart way to increase RPM, if you are looking to improve the RPM of Adsense quickly, just make sure you are allowing the best advertisers on your site, By blocking or removing any low paying advertisers from your AdSense account settings. In addition, it may be convenient for you to attach Google Analytics to your AdSense account. This will show you one thing that you can check from where income improves.
It often happens when a page on the site spikes abruptly in the search rankings. In some cases, if your search volume is not charged, they are more likely to click on AdSense ads if they're coming from Google than from social or referring sites. traffic . Google search visitors will be directed to target your page's topic. Instead of looking for ways to get clicks on your Adsense ads, you can learn how to increase your average AdSense RPM.
Before you know the tips and tweaks quickly, you need to know the basic terms and definitions of Adsense that any blogger or publisher can ignore. There is no doubt that  Google AdSense is the best way to make money from blogs  and that is why most users as well as you are here to read about to increase their estimated earnings by improving Adsense RPM .

Improve page rpm efficiency - Optimize Google Adsense

If you are looking to monetize all of these CPC, PPC or Google Web Ads ad networks effectively, then you need to know the basic ideas explained below to make money from advertising. Further, you can test and test how to improve your site or blog with proven techniques for optimizing Adsense, thereby improving your RPMto increase your estimated earnings. .
Improve page RPM: Optimize Google Adsense
Follow the best ways to improve your AdSense RPM :

# 1 Improve content quality and focus on targeted issues

Try to provide up-to-date and creative information on keywords and well-managed layouts without any grammatical or spelling errors.

# 2 Always focus on improving traffic

Improve Site RPM: Optimize Google Adsense cai-thien-rpm-1
Posts are polished to find and load more traffic at no charge. RPMs can be improved by using high cost keywords , but relatively relative keywords will not significantly affect the quality of your content. Focus on writing original content, new and quality to create l priority traffic counter targeted.

# 3 Choose high CPC keywords

Choosing high CPC keywords is also more effective in increasing your Adsense earnings. Try adding keywords that you have to charge a high and relevant to the content to be published. The higher the keyword , the higher the PPC ratio and it gives you more revenue for your business as well as for your business.

# 4 Collect information

Check out Google 's webmaster tools regularly This is one of the best free search engine controls ever made to analyze the crawl structure of any website.


In order to increase traffic or increase the RPM of your site, please optimize  Google Adsense immediately. Although improving page RPM does not give you the same profit as you would expect, it will greatly contribute to increasing your site's revenue for you. Do not take lightly the RPM of the page, ignore it, because then you've made a mistake and indirectly engulf your site on every "front" of Google .
Insert ads after the first post in Blogger
Taking advantage of the available vacancies to place ads earning extra income is something that everyone is looking forward to. In addition to familiar positions such as top, sidebar or end of posts, there is another good place to put ads after the first post.

Adding ads after the first post in Blogger is quite simple, just follow these few steps: 

Log in to Blogger ~> Go to Template ~> Edit HTML 
Find the tag
<b:include data='post' name='post'/>

Next, insert this code immediately below the tag
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
<b:if cond='data:post.isFirstPost'>

Place ads here


Finally save the template and visit the blog to see the results :)